Get ‘Em Naked – Rudd’s Deal To Buy Youth Access

17 Jul

Next, a revival of his 2009 proposal to lower the voting age to 16?

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The Labor Party’s advertising agency has been offering “exclusive” interviews with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in exchange for free pro-Labor advertising and editorial on youth websites.

The deal, which also encouraged journalists to produce “entertaining content on the theme of the inadequacy of the Liberal NBN plan”, had been rejected on ethical grounds by Fairfax Media’s popular culture website, TheVine. Two other youth-focused websites – Vice and – have received the same brief.

The deal was being spruiked by Naked Communications, the online and youth-focused advertising agency for Labor’s campaign.

Labor’s national secretary, George Wright, who is in charge of the election campaign, said he had never seen the advertising-for-access deal, despite the document carrying Labor Party branding…

Earlier a spokeswoman for Mr Rudd had said: “The actions of Naked Communications were conducted without the authority or knowledge of the Prime Minister, or his office.”

However, emails obtained by Fairfax Media suggest the Prime Minister’s office was informed of the negotiations.

After being told his deal for access to Mr Rudd was unethical, Naked Communications executive Nick Kavanagh discussed a compromise arrangement with TheVine’s editor, Alyx Gorman.

“No news from the [Prime Minister’s Office] as yet but we’ll keep you updated,” Mr Kavanagh wrote.


P . R . E . D . A . T . O . R . S.

12 Responses to “Get ‘Em Naked – Rudd’s Deal To Buy Youth Access”

  1. mick July 17, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    Politicians really are the scum of the earth.

    I find the word “unethical” coming from the media which has been running a one sided political campaign where only Labor is hit whilst the opposition can do no wrong. Most recently Tony Abbott was caught out rorting his travel allowance to the tune of $6000. He was asked a single question and he object with the response “come on guys” and that was it. At the same time Peter Slipper was hounded with extended questioning a a campaign lasting weeks. So please do not ever believe that the media is ‘ethical’. It is not.

  2. geoff July 17, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    OK Mick. It has been reported that Tony Abbot returned the money promptly he knew of his staff’s error. Did not hear of Slipper doing likewise. As for lowering voting age to 16 is that age not declared by law to be juvenile? Under 18. The age was 21 when I was first allowed to vote. Gives some chance of education brainwashing to be rinsed off. Even then many are not politically active thinking. Children go to school believing to be taught truth and to think for themselves. Politics should come later.

    • mick July 17, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

      You need to work in the education system for a while Geoff. Your beliefs are a long way from the truth and schools are not places of brainwashing but rather places where both sides of an argument are presented. I can assure you that most teachers NEVER discuss politics unless it is asked for or unless it is relevant to the material being taught.

      Whilst we may all have a degree of bias it is not correct to make such accusations because your view is not being accommodated. I personally find it sad that business people for the most part have a ‘me’ approach all of the time. If they were objective thinkers and listened to the head coalition disciple then how could they ever consider voting for an opposition which is already showing gross dishonesty and corruption. And when you have card carrying people like Alan Jones spewing out their hatred then you get what you get.

      I take your point about Abbott Geoff but please explain how he can simply say “well that’s enough guys” to the media and the pack stops? Does Abbott control the media? Given the past 4 years perhaps his side of politics does!!

      • Geoff Collet July 17, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

        H Cyclops Mick. Pity you do not have another eye to open. Cheers and joint the rest of Canberra press gallery. Or are you already a member.

        • mick July 17, 2013 at 8:57 pm #

          Sticks and stones Geoff.

          Some people are not open to disagreement. Ultimately the facts speak for themselves. Please read what I have written rather than respond with abuse.

          “Canberra press gallery”?? Cyclops?? In the words of one famous politician “please explain” what these slurs refer to.

          • geoff July 18, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

            Hi Mick. Check Cyclops out on Wikapedia Classical mythology. As for balanced education. Perhaps you have not had children come home and question what they have been taught contra to what they may have read or heard elsewhere. Not balanced such as CO2 & climate versus natural causes, Socialism versus democratic capitalism, versus dictatorship Etc. I was brought up to believe schools and universities were to teach how to think, not what to think. Sadly that appears to have changed in many instances, there are many good thoughtful teachers but the percentage appears to be falling. Dedicated, to what ?, that can cover a broad spectrum.They also have a curriculum to follow. I hope that covers the “please explain”. I can see you are not into plain open discussion So will just agree to disagree and leave it at that for now

  3. mick July 18, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

    Have held back for a bit but my turn.

    As I stated before YOU need to practice before you preach. Take up a teaching role and get some hands on experience as you have no idea about education of any sort and simply follow the populous media view which is far removed from reality. Education is certainly about teaching kids curriculum but also about teaching kids how to survive in a rapidly changing non christian world and about how to reason along with many other things. Good teachers work around restrictive (test teaching) curriculum. Always have. Your assertion of putting propaganda into the minds of children is ludicrous and not factual.

    You go on to debunk climate science. Whilst not everybody on this blog will agree on climate change you should understand that the assertion that the science is not widely accepted in the science community is untrue despite those who may believe to the contrary.

    I have noticed over many years that older people generally hold to their beliefs and views come hell or high water. Whilst I do not intend to start a ‘climate’ discussion I will say that bagging out teachers and labeling them as greenies and/or left wing anarchists is propaganda you should keep to yourself as this is not the reality. In fact most teachers do not even get to discuss climate change as it has nothing to do with their subject area.

    You then prattle about “cyclops”. I am not stupid and I was perfectly aware of what a cyclops is (was…or is that could be) and where the word came from. My question was how you come to use this slur in your reference to me. I imply that you were trying to say that I was one eyed and too stupid to see reality. Sadly Geoff I would have to say that the word is more fitting for your position. Sifting through the facts and trying sift the bullshit from the truth is something I am (normally) quite good at. Given that my previous job entailed senior mathematics some of which is highly reasoning based I believe that I generally do a good job of it. The results my charges achieved imply that I was on the money here.

    Perhaps you may now wish to bare your soul. It appears to me that you are more than likely a business person or an ex business person who has spent his life in pursuit of the almighty dollar in the process practicing what many in this line of work are so good at, including deception, lies, demeaning control of workers, self interest, repetitive bleating to get governments to cave in to your selfish money driven demands and outright propaganda. And please keep the old chestnut about ‘business creating jobs’. None of the above were ever tools of my trade and I always acted in GOOD FAITH.

    Are you aware of who Achilles was since you believe that you are up on Greek tragedies? No not the PM of Greece dear boy, although we are certainly seeing a contemporary Greek tragedy at present. We all have to be careful lest we enter into the proverbial fool’s paradise.

    Sorry for playing the man and not the ball Geoff. I do know better. You should have only pressed the buttons once though!! Cheers.

    • geoff July 18, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

      Hi Mick. I was not going to continue with this farce but you seem to persist. Teaching role? does working alongside diesel engineering apprentices and instructing them. Instructing those lads keen enough on coastal navigation, net mending net making, wire and cord splicing and a host of other things qualify? Does Diesel fitter,; marine engineer refrigeration endorsed; Master 4, vessels to 50 meters out to 200 nautical miles qualify me to impart my knowledge? I have had 2 individuals 15 years of age at the time, whose respective fathers have said to me virtually the same words “take him to sea and keep him out of mischief”. The first one, last I heard was a senior NSW fisheries officer in command of the patrol vessel “Tracker”. The other was delivering a tuna long-line vessel to Seattle, Washington, USA. Incidentally neither of them had finished primary school. And another of your errors, my impression of slanted university education does not come from media, PC & taboo to them. It comes from conversation with students and personal observation of results.

      I agree, good teachers work around restrictive curriculum, Unfortunately they are getting scarcer.

      Your stated profession, mathematics. A good and essential subject. Capable of much good if not abused. Could say the same of most subjects I guess

      Natural climate change deniers – Follow the money and the brainwashed. You might be surprised what you find.

      10 years close association with CSIRO Marine division, Hobart, 1950s gave me a good insight into how science worked before politics became involved and 6 years as industry rep on a NSW Fisheries Management Advisory Committee, 2001/2007, gave me a good insight of how political fisheries management ” works ”

      Achilles. Seems his mother dunked him in the river Styx to protect him from enemies. Unfortunately she was afraid to get her hand wet, hence his downfall.

      On prosperous businesses. I certainly do not mean labour exploiters, although they do exist. No where as numerous as business exploiters. A prosperous employer is essential for a prosperous employee to exist. no ifs, no buts, no maybe. Don’t mention government employees although many of them are essential . Ask yourself, where does government get it;s money from. Answer, productive people. Plus borrowing of course which has to be paid back by productive people

      Your third from last paragraph could not be further from the truth. time to brush up on your assessment methods.

      After having spent 60 years as an Australian taxpayer, around half that time also employing taxpayers I have amassed enough to live in Philippines on 75% of an Australian age pension. My Pinoy wife and I are assessed as a couple although she does not qualify for pension and never will. Financial refugee. That is me.

      Still many friends and family in Australia

      • mick July 19, 2013 at 11:11 am #

        I am glad that I fairly well pegged you Geoff.

        We’ll have to agree to disagree on climate change. Whilst I concede your point about business becoming involved in climate the old school of thought is to DO NOTHING because there is not a problem. But the evidence is mounting and the problem with climate doubters is that they want to act when the water is around their knees and when they can no longer venture into the summer sun. Their arguments are always the same as well:

        1. They deny the evidence
        2. They demonise scientists whose studies produce results which confirm climate change
        3. And they put up so called studies from scientists who are little more than employees of big business which does not want change. These studies also have no corroboration or peer reviews which give them validity of any kind

        Scientists who are government funded are not brainwashed. The results are borne in the evidence uncovered in studies. We all know that politics is misleading but suggesting that all studies are corrupt is denial nothing else.

        The only statement on education where you have correctly hit the mark is that good teachers are getting as scarce as hens teeth. The reasons for this are two fold:

        1. Society expects highly intelligent people to work in the profession but refuses to pay proper money whilst business executives of all sort have been shoving their snouts into the feeding trough for several decades now. The bright kids (they are not stupid) go into professions where they can make a buck. Not into teaching. So the average age of teachers keeps going up and those who teach subjects like physics, chemistry and maths are disappearing as the old hands begin to retire. We already have schools which do not have 4U maths or physics teachers in them.

        2. Teachers have been turned into whipping boys. Governments, the media and sections of society have for decades not only kept adding to curriculum to the point where kids are almost defacto children in schools. But the worst part is the never relenting attacks on staff for failing to do which they are prevented from doing by the courts and society in general. And then you have the attacks on staff from belligerent students who make outrageous claims with no evidence. So who in their right mind would ever want to be a teacher? And in the end society will be screaming about lack of teachers when it has destroyed the system. We are beginning to see this happening but it is going to get much worse…..unless you have the money to send your child to a select private school. Funny that really…… leaders have raped the bank for decades and then win a second time by avoiding the public and catholic system which they have helped to destroy.

        Your views on ‘business’ need to be a bit more restrictive and you need to see how these guys operate and FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL. Whilst the interests of business and the community are symbiotic I do not subscribe to the bullshit from business groups, which is routinely given through prime time media. The statement that “business creates jobs” needs to be tempered with the reality that they do not create jobs because they benevolent institutions. They do it to enrich themselves. No other reason. This is evidenced by the other chestnuts which employer groups always come up with whenever there is a measly pay rise awarded to the poorest of the poor…”jobs will be lost” and “businesses will go broke”. They never say that executives and business leaders increase their own remuneration by huge percentages whilst refusing to pay poor workers small irregular increases of around 2%. It is sickening to watch and dishonest greed of the worst kind. I have little time for such corrupt conduct so understand why I have a moral disposition against big business.

        Sorry to have rewritten War and Peace. Tolstoy would have been proud of me but it is unlikely too many followers of this blog would have reached this point. We will clearly not agree on much. Such is the nature of debate. We all need to be careful about generalising about things we have no detailed knowledge about. Of this I am also guilty at times. But more importantly one needs not to take a position if the evidence points in the opposite direction, which I suggest it does on the two topics we have locked horns on here.

        Enjoy your retirement and watch yourself as my limited understanding of your geographical location is that foreigners may be on the menu there. Cheers.

  4. geoff July 19, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

    Hi Mick. Thank you for a mainly rational reply. We seem to be in agreement on many of the problems teachers have. Particularly with discipline. Overkill restrictive laws brought on by rare events of cruelty. Your remarks on business being purely for greed. Sure there are some, just like those in government who grant themselves obscene and extreme payment and bonuses. Although I must ask you this. You mentioned being in the business of maths, Do you do it for free or do you ask a payment for your time , effort and monetary input ?
    Thanks for your concern for me in Philippines. I am 500 Km north of the partly Islamic sector, Mindinao. The remainder christian area goes in for pork as their main meat, so fairly safe.
    As for corruption, political and other, it is no worse than Australia. Main difference, it is reported to a far greater extent. Hence the higher mortality rate among reporters. Australian reporters may have a more deadly hazard. Lawyers here are rather poorly paid relative to Aus.


  5. Kevin Moore July 19, 2013 at 12:51 pm #


    As a mathematician could you explain how selling electronic blips on a computer will lower the Earths temperature. What price does a carbon credit need to be to lower temperature by one degree and how is this monitored? And what do you think of the following statement?

    “Turnbull was heading up HIH when it collapsed. Hundreds of mum and dad investers lost all their life savings. Goldman Sachs bailed Turnbull out to the tune of $400-600Million. Goldman Sachs are the largest carbon credit traders in the world. This is why Rudd and Turnbull put their heads together to bring in an ETS”.

    • mick July 19, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

      Kev: You’re asking me to give you answers beyond that which I can do. I am but a voice in the wilderness pointing at the mounting evidence whilst Rome burns.

      Have a read of the following. It may be of interest:

      We would both agree that business has muscled in on opportunities to make money. Looks more like a bet each way: miners want to have the right to continue to sell coal and big business does not want to pay. Is it ever any different? And then entrepeneurs are happy to move in and make a buck. The latter is not all that bad as long as the routine business corruption does not take over and derail what needs to happen.

      I cannot help you with the mechanism of change and personally I do not like either a carbon price or an ETS because criminal organisations are going to have a field day as they always do when they see easy pickings. Personally I’d go for subsidies and tax deductions to get renewables off the ground until they reach an economy of scale at which stage they will kill the coal industries without protection of any kind. Remember that unlike mining coal renewables are FREE and the only cost is in maintaining and updating equipment…..another opportunity for business!!

      I know how you feel about climate change Kev but my position is that I cannot deny all the evidence which keeps coming along. The above link is but one source which corroborates the position but it will not be the last. I could take your position if it were not for the unrelenting string of information coming from organisations which are not affiliated to any business group(s). The irony of the above link is that NASA is a government department and the US government which is controlled by business interests does not want to confront climate change but one of its own departments have released findings that it (the government) would be less than happy with. I think that you can see where I am going here and I hope that you can let go of your beliefs and accept that you might possibly be wrong. Either way none of us are going to stop what is happening and I believe that it will not be too much longer before arguments against will be futile.

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