Retired Banker Blows Whistle On “The Greatest Scam On Earth”

27 Sep

Yes, the context is America-centric. But the scam is global.

With a few notable exceptions. Those notable exceptions just happen to be countries that typically get labelled as “evil” “terrorist” “dictatorships”. Did you know that the first big change in Libya, even before the “civil war” ended and Gaddafi was overthrown, was the establishment of a new central bank?

The key part of this exposé — what the ex-banker calls the “3rd part of the scam” — begins at 3:22sec –

2 Responses to “Retired Banker Blows Whistle On “The Greatest Scam On Earth””

  1. Kevin Moore September 27, 2013 at 1:52 pm #

    There is a fact that is missing here –
    They say Money is Created Out of Thin Air – true – but in my opinion they have omitted the fact that it is the “borrowers” promissory note that is bank monetised as an interest bearing debt but with no promise of the return of the on-sold promise. You swap your wealth for their tickets.

    Borrowers fund their own “loans” with their own wealth creation, and pay usury – in my opinion.

    • Ross Johnson September 28, 2013 at 12:19 am #

      Kevin ,you have to understand the basic principle of why new money is created. Expanding populations, increases in productivity and inflation. If all of these are created as debt, this means the more growth we have, the more debt we all incur. Only money that already exists should have debt attached to it.

      China’s banks are 80% Govt owned and even with an economy that is very inefficient and corrupt, it can still out perform our Western Capitalism with cheap labour and Govt created credit.

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