Syrian Girl: “Top 8 Reasons Why They Hate Us”

27 Sep

The young lady featured in this article has also appeared on Australia’s own “Insight” TV show, on SBS (video below).

From RT:

A young, soft-spoken girl living the Syrian tragedy spells it out with far more common sense, truth and honesty than powerful Western governments and their money-controlled mass media puppets.

Identifying herself only as “Syrian, Patriot, anti-Neocon, anti-NWO, anti-Zionist”, early last year she set up her own YouTube Channel (YouTube/User/SyrianGirlpartisan).

In a short (nine-minute) video she explains “eight reasons why the NWO (New World Order) hates Syria.” We would all do well to listen in…

Her ‘Top Eight Reasons Why They Hate Us’ is an excellent wrap-up, applicable to just about every self-respecting country in the world: no Rothschild-controlled Central Bank, no IMF debt, no genetically modified foods, oil and pipelines, anti-secret societies, anti-Zionism, secularism and nationalism.

Her brief message unravels as a sort of common sense manual which explains why the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union (especially France) and Israel are so keen on destroying Syria, a country whose leadership just won’t bow down to the New World Order elites embedded deep inside the Western powers’ own public (government) and private (corporate/banking) power structures.

She describes these eight reasons succinctly and convincingly, giving the world much food for thought and should hopefully inspire deep soul-searching. Especially amongst the people of the US, UK, EU and Israel who are the only populations that can put very direct pressure on their elected politicians in Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv and other Western capitals, forcing them to stop behaving like global criminals gone berserk, and to start heeding the word of We the People, in a responsible and democratic manner.

8 reasons the New World Order hates Syria

1) Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned & controlled – In other words, it manages its national currency so that it serves the Syrian people and not the Rothschild-controlled global bankers operating from their New York, London, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Basel and Paris hideouts.

This means that the volume of currency it issues is in proper sync with the true needs of real economy of work, labor, production and all that is useful to Syria’s people, instead of being in sync with parasitic, usurious, speculative foreign financiers. The latter seek to control local central banks so they can artificially limit the volume of currency available for genuine economic needs, especially the no-interest credit needed to finance useful things in the real economy: power plants, roads, gas works, housing, private enterprise and initiatives. This forces productive players – public and private – to have to resort to deadly interest and usury-based private banking loans whereupon the eternal debt chain starts to grow and grow as the so-called ‘sovereign debt crises’ that hit country after country throughout decades of time eloquently show.

By artificially distorting the volume of ‘public currency’ issued by sovereign central banks that generates no interest, countries are thus forced to resort to high interest bearing ‘private currency’ (loans) handled by the monopolistic private bankster cabal in the hands of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, CitiCorp, JP Morgan Chase interests.

Clearly, a very good reason for these parasitic banksters to want to take out Syria.

2) Syria has no IMF (International Monetary Fund) debt. This means that Syria’s leadership understands that the IMF – a public multilateral agency of member governments – is controlled by the global mega-bankers, and acts as their auditor and debt collection police whenever one of its weaker member states runs into sovereign debt trouble, which is another way of saying when those countries reach a point where they cannot siphon enough money out of their real economies – the work, toil and labor of its people – to hand it over to the parasitic private global bankers.

In a sense, the IMF’s real job is to act as the global power elite’s tax office – its ‘IRS’ so to speak – only that it does not tax people directly, but rather through proxy government and nation-states’ tax offices. Are we starting to understand the real roots of the ‘debt crises’ hitting Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, Italy, UK, US, Portugal, France?

Global slavery couldn’t have been better thought out and planned!

Actually, true Islamic nations rightly reject banking fractional lending and interest practices as being immoral. That’s what Libya’s Gaddafi did, and what Syria and Iran presently do.

Clearly, a very good reason for parasitic banksters to want to take out Syria, just as they took out Libya and now target Iran.

3) Syria has banned genetically modified (GMO) seeds – Bashar Assad banned GMO’s in order “to preserve human health,” knowing full well that the Monsantos of this world are out to control the world’s entire food supply, because coming global crises will not only be about oil, but about how much food countries will be able to put on their people’s tables.

That’s why after invading Iraq, the US ordered that only Monsanto seeds should to be used. That’s why submissive client states like Argentina are poisoning their own soil and people by bowing down really low to Monsanto’s demands.

Clearly, a very good reason for Monsanto to want to take out Syria.

4) Syria’s population is well informed about the New World Order – Its media and universities openly debate the global power elite’s influence in things. This means that they fully grasp the fact that real power in the West lies not in the White House, 10 Downing Street, Congress or Parliament, but rather with the complex and powerful grid of elite think-tanks led by New York’s Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Conference, Trilateral Commission, Americas Society, World Economic forum and London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs, which interact with mega-bankers, media, universities, the military, multinationals and the corporate over-world.

As our young friend aptly explains, Syrians dare to talk about secret societies like Freemasonry or Yale University’s Skull & Bone Lodge whose members include top cats like former President George W Bush and current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Clearly, a very good reason for those top cats to order their errand boy Obama to take out Syria.

5) Syria has massive oil and gas reserves – here we go again! Every time the West goes to war to protect “freedom, human rights and democracy,” there’s always the nauseous stench of oil; whether in Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, the Falklands, Afghanistan… Syria has offshore and onshore oil and gas reserves, and is helping to build a massive pipeline together with Iran, but without Western oil giants’ control. Clearly, the full militarization of all oil production and reserve zones, and the militarization of transportation routes to ‘bring oil home’ from everywhere in the world, is a key on-going joint US/UK strategy.

Clearly, a very good reason for BP, Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Texaco, Total, Repsol and Chevron to want to take out Syria.

6) Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel – Israel practices criminal racist apartheid against the occupied Palestinians. Syria’s leadership has no qualms in accusing Israel of being what it is: a racist, imperialist, genocidal entity, as the Wall of Hate Israel erected around Palestine clearly shows. Israel manages what can only be described as an Auschwitz-like mega-concentration camp in Palestine with millions of ill-treated, often-assassinated and humiliated prisoners.

Such geopolitical clarity of mind was shared by Gadhafi’s Libya and Saddam’s Iraq, and today also by Iran, China, Russia and India.

Clearly a very good reason for political juggernauts like AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee), the World Jewish Congress, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), Likud, Kadima and Netanyahu/Lieberman to want to take out Syria.

7) Syria is one of the last secular Muslim states in the Middle East, whilst Zionist Jewish supremacists – in line with born-again-Israel-First-Bushite ‘Christian’ kooks in the West – need for everybody to align to the will of their dark demiurge god which has its own ‘chosen people’.

The Global Power Elite’s implicit order is clear: everybody must believe in Israeli superiority, whilst our young Syrian friend aptly points out that Syria, like Saddam’s Iraq, Gaddafi’s Libya and Iran just could not be convinced of that.

She adds that in Syria, “asking about religion is not polite,” because Syria has bred many of mankind’s prime religions for thousands of years, and those millennia have taught Syrians to be sensitive, tolerant and respectful of all creeds. Something we clearly do not see in the pro-West Arabian sheikdoms, nor in the US, UK and EU with its anti-Islamic paranoia, and where laws are passed imposing the most blatant cultural, political and historical lies demanded by religious bigots who insist that their god will only accept their own holocaust offerings.

Clearly, another very good reason for neocon fanatics and their Orwellian Thought Police to want to take out Syria.

8) Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity – she stresses how Syria “holds on to its uniqueness,” whilst respecting the uniqueness of others. The standardized coming world government simply abhors anybody standing up to its imposed standardization of thought, behavior and ‘values’, where the West’s global megabrands, shopping malls, and fashion & style dictatorships “makes every place look pretty much the same, which leads to a very boring world.”

Today, revolutionary thought in the West even amongst the young, boils down to choosing between Coke and Pepsi.

Clearly, a very good reason for Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Levis, Lauder, Planet Hollywood and Burger King to want to take out Syria.

Our young Syrian friend ends her message by reminding us that “if Syria falls, it could be the tipping point the ends in victory for the New World Order,” adding that today “Syria is the frontline against the New World Order.”

Wise words from a young lady who understands the catastrophic failure of the Western powers’ political class, who have now completely turned our world upside down; where the very worst and most malignant criminals have infected governments and private power structures, be it in Washington, New York, London, and Paris, or in Berlin, Rome, Bogota, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires or Riyadh.

If sometimes Hollywood serves as a showcase that reveals the darkest recesses of the Western power elite’s sick group psyche, we might even say that they are playing our the ‘Planet of the Apes’ saga, where a weird and hellish genetic inversion places horrendously destructive animals in places of world power, whilst noble vanquished humans are enslaved and thrown into cages.

Is this today’s metaphor best describing the US against Syria drama?

The eight points mentioned above are as good a guide to get all our countries back on course as we can muster in today’s troubled, out-of-control world.

Whether American, European, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or Shinto, the time has come for ‘We the People’ to make our voices heard on the streets, with neighbors, family and friends, work and school colleagues, through social networks, demanding that Western so-called ‘democratically-elected’ governments – all of which are the direct result of the will of money-sloshing elites that financed their climb to top government posts through their favorite lie they call ‘democracy’ – stop doing what they are doing, and start doing what we demand they do. Now; immediately: we must take our countries back.

Our young Syrian friend has certainly set an example for all of us to follow.

Here is the clip from SBS’ “Insight” last year:


Interestingly, it appears that SyrianGirl forewarned of a likely “chemical weapons” false flag event more than a year ago –

14 Responses to “Syrian Girl: “Top 8 Reasons Why They Hate Us””

  1. Kevin Moore September 27, 2013 at 1:01 pm #
    “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Israel Shamir
    “…..In 1962, “Look” magazine invited founder of the Jewish state David Ben-Gurion to picture the world 25 years into the future. He predicted that World Government would already be in place by 1987, with the Supreme Court for Mankind (the higher ecclesiastic body) would be established in Jerusalem, along with a shrine there commemorating the Jewish role in the bringing-together of mankind. He was mistaken by only a few years. The world is not fully subdued yet, but it already knows its new master……..”

  2. mick September 27, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    Seriously BI, you are going from bad to worse.

    >>TBI: Your opinion. Backed by zero evidence.

    The civil strife appears from all accounts to be a religious struggle which has spilled over for control of the country.

    >>TBI: “From all accounts”?? Errr… this is an account. From a first hand observer. A native citizen of Syria. And her account argues that it is NOT just “a religious struggle which has spilled over…”. There are many such accounts, that all similarly argue this is NOT just a religious struggle, but a western-instigated and sponsored proxy war, to take control of Syria and its resources. Exactly the same modus operandi as was used in taking over Libya. Strewth Mick. Please try to think first, before typing.

    I find it more than a bit difficult to believe that Iraq was ordered to only use only GM seeds. Sounds like imagination gone wild.

    >>TBI: “Sounds like..”?? That’s not evidence. It’s your preferred belief. Do you have any evidence to contradict her claim? Clearly you have never done any research on this topic; if you had, you would quickly see that there are mountains of first hand evidence from people working in agriculture, of Monsanto’s predatory and controlling business practices. In so-called “developed” countries like ours, not just places like Iraq.

    One thing you said did surprise me and that was the oil reserves. I was not previously aware that Syria had so much so you have now found the motivation for the US to charge in. Like Iraq it will shore up its oil future and do “whatever it takes”.

    >>TBI: “… you said”?? I didn’t say anything. This is an article copied from RT. That is clearly stated at the beginning. Seriously Mick, if you cannot pay close enough attention to what you read in order to get even the simplest facts like this correct, it is no wonder that your comments so often present as profoundly illogical and foolish.

    At least you do not blame climate change as being the reason why the conflict is raging. It will be interesting to see how it all washes up and whether or not the US takes control of the oil deposits. At any rate wars are costing the US zillions so one wonders if the end result is worth the cost and effort, especially now that there is talk of the US exporting gas because it has so much.

  3. Kevin Moore September 28, 2013 at 8:18 am #

    Video Transcript

    You know that stinking hypocrite Obama is frequently seen in churches? Have you seen him creeping Jesus with his hands together praying? Did you see Christianity on his sleeve? Did you know that he used to attend churches in Chicago and sing along all happy clapping for Jesus and for God?
    Obama, the Syrian Christian town of Maaloula is on fire this evening. This evening, its ancient Christian churches are on fire. Its priests and its parishioners are being butchered by Al Qaeda, paid by you. Churches in which the language of Jesus Himself is still spoken. The last churches in the world still speaking Aramaic. The language of Jesus are now on fire. The faithful Christians fleeing for their lives and being murdered by Al Qaeda paid for by you, and you are about to become their air force. You are a disgusting hypocrite Obama. You are a liar when you say you are a Christian. You care nothing about Christians. You care nothing about God. You don’t believe in the Prophets, you just believe in the profits and how to get bigger piece of them from the people that backed you.
    …Or you that disgusting hypocrite Obama happy clapping in Christian churches in the United States. Remember this, that the Christians in Syria are being murdered and massacred by Al Qaeda paid for and armed by Britain and the United States, and France, and the other hypocrites, so called Christian leadership in the world.
    May God Preserve Maaloula. May God Save as many Christians as can be saved from the infernal which has been launched against them. It’s a beautiful village. I’ve been there. The monastery there is one of the most serene places on the Earth. Actually, the best place in the Arab world to be a Christian is Syria, but these hypocrites in the so called Christian-west don’t give a toss about that.
    As I said, their leaders care nothing about the Prophets, but everything is about the profits and how to get a bigger piece of them.

    • mick September 28, 2013 at 10:17 am #

      Understand that Obama is little more than a figurehead. He has little real power. The fact that he was unable to get even background checks in after the massacre of many schoolchildren speaks volumes. The look on Obama’s face in recent times tells me that he is unhappy with his job. Why? Probably because he is a puppet for those who really run government: big corporations and the ultra wealthy.

      • The Blissful Ignoramus September 28, 2013 at 10:33 am #

        “he is a puppet for those who really run government: big corporations and the ultra wealthy.”

        Indeed. Which begs the question why you insult those who point to the evidence that multinational (ie, BIG international) corporations called “banks”, and the ultra wealthy (eg, from privately owned central banking), use that power and wealth to finance wars, “civil” (proxy) wars, and mainstream media-driven “stories” to influence (brainwash) public opinion, either in support of specific plans (eg, wars in the ME), or, into engaging in futile, impotent conflict between ourselves.

        Think about it Mick. Really.

        On the one hand, you say the US President is a puppet of big corporations.

        On the other, you say that those who point to conspiracy between big corporate players (bankers) re topics such as war, climate change, control of food supply etc, are wrong.

        You can’t have it both ways.

        • Ross Johnson September 28, 2013 at 11:35 am #

          I think Mick like a lot of people find the truth too unpalatable. People throughout history have made reference to the military industrial complex who encourage and create wars for profit. Pres Dwight Eisenhower and General Smedly Butler are a couple.

          All the evidence is there with many documented false flag events and contrived enemies to divide and conquer us.

          The terrorist enemy was the best because it could never be defined or defeated. The real terrorists are our own Govts who are controlled by powerful corporate interests.

          Agenda 21 and Bail In scams demonstrates how powerful the banking ,military, industrial complex has become.

          • mick September 28, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

            I just feel uncomfortable that some people pin every bad act in the world on the sacrificial donkey. Remember what Hitler did? You guessed it: he blamed the Jews for everything which was going wrong in Germany. Not sure if the sinking of the Titanic was the fault of the Jews as well. Maybe.

            Whilst I cannot put it past the masters of the universe you and others make it sound like a business decision made at a meeting. This is where we part company. Whilst I can accept that bad people may copy each other I fail to believe that the decisions are made around boardroom tables. This is what you are stating. It is absurd.

            • The Blissful Ignoramus September 28, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

              “I just feel uncomfortable that some people pin every bad act in the world on the sacrificial donkey.”

              Whether someone feels “comfortable” about where the evidence points should — for a rational, logical, mature-minded person — be set aside and not allowed to influence their God-given ability to Reason.

              “Whilst I can accept that bad people may copy each other I fail to believe that the decisions are made around boardroom tables… It is absurd.”

              Seriously? You think it is absurd for others to believe that immensely powerful and/or uber-wealthy people would make decisions to benefit themselves, at the expense of others, “around boardroom tables”?!

              Mick, if you really do think that, then there is little point in your continuing to waste your own and my time coming to this blog every day. Because you may well be the most gullible person I have ever come across. I fear that all my time spent trying to explain the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your repeated errors in logic, is simply wasted effort. Seriously Mick, your comments are simply amazing for the self-contradiction and cognitive dissonance they invariably contain. Think about it: You rail about Big Business influence/control in politics on the one hand, and claim the US president is their “puppet”; but, on the other hand, in a discussion concerning a proxy war by (Big Business-controlled?) Western governments in Syria, you claim it is “absurd” for others to believe that “the decisions are made around boardroom tables”.

              Where do you think the decisions are made, then? The golf course? The brothel? The local pub? The politicians’ offices?

              Or perhaps you think (want to believe? because it’s more “comfortable”?) that no decisions are made — that all the big events in world history just kinda sorta “happen”, magically, all by themselves, and that Big Business people don’t have any interest in trying to influence events for their own benefit? But if so, then why do you claim that Obama is a “puppet” of Big Business?

            • mick September 29, 2013 at 8:46 am #

              “self-contradiction and cognitive dissonance”..

              Better than cock smart verbal diarrhea and conspiracy theory BI. Whilst you continue to spew your aggressive one sided delusional view of the universe you fail to use any sort of checks and balances on your own reasoning. You have none. As I said previously your blog is little more than propaganda and you have little credibility. That’s why you only have a few disciples.

              >>TBI: By “disciples” I presume you mean readers. It’s amusing how you keep trying to belittle me by saying this … and yet, you keep coming back to press your views, apparently for almost no one to read (according to you). Why bother?

              Whereas we may agree that the very rich will do what is in their own interests

              >>TBI: So you agree with my/others basic premise.

              you fail to convince me,

              >>TBI: Oh wait, no, you don’t.

              and I dare say anybody else, that everything is rigged and that all decisions which affect average people are being made around boardroom tables. It is absurd and whilst there may be some manipulation occurring I am yet to be convinced that this is a conspiracy involving the entire planet and that there is a group which meets to vote on all things pertaining to their interests.

              >>TBI: Another Straw Man (misrepresentation of others’ position). I have never stated or implied that “everything is rigged”, or that this is the way the whole world operates.

              I feel sorry for you my freind. You need help.

        • mick September 28, 2013 at 11:52 am #

          I do see your point. If I have ‘insulted’ anybody it may be on the climate debate where debate is being based on conspiracy theory and avoidance of reality rather than facts. Whilst I find the climate denial side of the balance sheet interesting I have to shake my head at the so called “evidence” which is little more than propaganda. Were it a court of law most of this ‘evidence’ would be thrown out as being heresay and the vested interests posing as respectable comment would not be tolerated as anything other than what they are: paid propaganda merchants!!

          >>TBI: No Mick. That is your opinion. Claiming that, on this one topic alone, others are resorting to conspiracy theory, that is your comfort blanket; the one that you have snuggled down into, rather than face up to an uncomfortable truth — that the hysteria of the climate change “debate” too, is all about money and power; that the banksters have financed and are financing that debate too; that they have long been seeking to financialise nature via “putting a price on carbon”; and, that the “evidence” for dangerous man-made global warming is not certain at all, but rather, is increasingly inconclusive and uncertain, with huge credibility problems due to ClimateGate and major errors in the IPCC’s claims (eg, Himalayan glaciers, hurricane frequency/intensity); that the “official” IPCC thus mainstream media claims of scientific “certainty” and “consensus” are actually lies and distortions, presented with the deliberate intent of convincing the public that we need to financialise nature to prevent a supposed climate Armageddon … which just isn’t happening.

          I have never disagreed with your comments about the involvement of extreme wealth and big business with getting their own needs met. What I do not agree with is pinning everything on the planet on these groups. Eddie Murphy said in one of his films “shit happens”. I understood the comment to be directed at life and the way some things worked out, not banksters.

          >>TBI: No one here is automatically, unthinkingly, “pinning everything on the planet on these groups”. When the evidence is there, that is the logical conclusion. Each issue on its own merits. Here, like so often before, you have made a false assumption about others.

          As far Obama is concerned he more than likely went into politics to do some good but has found that he has no real power. But he has brought medicare reforms about whilst the ruling few have screamed and kicked for all that it is worth so maybe he has some limited power on some issues….but not enough to quell the business owned war mongers.

          Whilst you see “the Rothchilds” as the root of all evil I am not at all sure that the behaviour of central banks is coordinated….but I could be wrong too. It appears more likely that one bank makes a move (a la Cyprus) and then a few others think ‘this is a good idea’ and follow suit. Before you know it it is one in all in. That would seem plausible but who of us would ever really know.

          >>TBI: (1) I do not, and have never, seen “the Rothchilds” as the root of all evil. On the contrary, I have said that I personally consider Pride to be the root of all evil. Again Mick, you make a false statement about others. This is what I find most frustrating about you — you constantly draw conclusions that are wrong, largely because you do not take careful notice — and remember — what other people have ACTUALLY said. (2) The behaviour of central banks IS coordinated. This is indisputable. It is done via frequent meetings (every 2 months) of central bankers at the “central bank for central banks” – the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). See

          I apologise if I am insulting. It is not normally the way I live my life, although I can be, as a friend of my wife once commented, abrasive. I do find it frustrating dealing with people who take a strong position based on whim, dubious facts and normally getting their own way.

          >>TBI: Mick … you have just held a mirror up to yourself. Can you see it? The reality of YOUR comments here, are reflected crystal clear in your own sentence, right there.

          I was once subject to a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses who visited my wife and I. Lovely people really. The tact was: get the foot in the door, run through the spiel, come to conclusions based on the lack of knowledge from the audience and then reach conclusions which agreed with their beliefs. The trouble was that some of the so called facts along the way were the subject of fierce debate for those who do have a detailed knowledge of scripture. This is how I sometimes feel with some of the posts on this site.

          I commend you on the information you have discovered from APRA. This is not in dispute. It is fact and it shows what we are being set up for in a worst case scenario. Like gold confiscation it may never happen. But because it is being put into place one might conclude that we are heading for time where the legislation is going to be used.

          I am certainly not having it both ways.

          >>TBI: Yes, you are. Or rather, you are trying to.

          But I have been involved in conspiracy theory before and have learnt to stand back and not judge too quickly lest I get egg on my face.

          >>TBI: Err … Mick, that is clearly not true. You do this all the time. Especially on the topic of climate change. Why do you think I have pointed out many of the dozens of times you have used Straw Men in your statements? It is not because I’m trying to be an arsehole … it is to try and show you the truth about YOU: that you are NOT standing back and reserving judgment at all; that (on that topic in particular) you are instead always rushing in, without carefully and thoughtfully reading what is presented, NOT taking careful note of who has actually said what, NOT following links to read the full background, NOT even reading all my blogs in their entirety (you have even admitted this!); and because of those bad habits, you are as a consequence making ill-informed statements and accusations that are, frankly, transparently idiotic and illogical, thus making yourself appear to be a fool. I’m sure you are not a fool. But alas, as a result of your hasty, careless, unresearched and ill-thought through comments, you make yourself appear to be one.

  4. Kevin Moore September 29, 2013 at 7:07 am #

  5. Kevin Moore September 29, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    I’m impressed by the women who speak so passionately and concisely –

  6. Kevin Moore November 4, 2013 at 8:50 am #
    ………“The struggle of the people of Palestine is our struggle,” she declared.
    South Africa on Friday criticized Israel’s plans, announced on Tuesday, to build at least 5,000 new settlement units including some beyond the security barrier, according to reports.
    “That arrangement there in Palestine keeps us awake,” Nkoana-Mashabane said.
    “The last time I looked at the map of Palestine, I could not go to sleep. It is just dots, smaller than those of the homelands, and that broke my heart,”” she said, referring to the bantustans that existed in South Africa during the apartheid era…………………………………………”

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