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Hockey Supports Joyce

8 Mar

From The Australian:

Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey has been forced to defend fellow frontbencher Barnaby Joyce amid speculation the Nationals Senate leader will be dumped from the finance portfolio in the lead-up to the budget.

Love the biased opening statement – ‘forced to defend’.

I watched the interview on ABC1’s ‘Insiders’. Mr Hockey simply answered a question, posed near the end of an interview focussing on multiple other issues. On that basis, you could say that a politician is ‘forced to defend’ something every time they are asked a question!

The bush accountant asked for the finance position when Tony Abbott offered him a frontbench job after the former took the Liberal leadership in December.

More deliberate anti-Barnaby bias. ‘The bush accountant’. Right. A deliberate attempt to imply that, somehow, Mr Joyce’s accountancy credentials are inferior to those of a city accountant.  The University of New England, where Mr Joyce attained his Commerce degree, and CPA Australia, of which Mr Joyce is a Fellow, might just disagree with the implication that their standards vary depending on the locale of the applicant!

But the Joyce homespun style has been ridiculed by the government, and influential Liberals fear he has failed to make a mark with voters as the opposition tries to focus on economic management before the pre-election budget.

Oh really? These ‘influential Liberals’ – if existing, rather than just another figment of the msm’s anti-Barnaby imagination – must not yet have noticed this blog. Or the frequent pro-Barnaby comments on blogs and forums all over the internet, and in Letters to the Editor sections of major newspapers.

Mr Hockey insisted Senator Joyce would remain the opposition’s finance spokesman, describing him as a “very qualified, very focused individual”, and dismissing criticisms of his style.

A spokesman for Nationals leader Warren Truss praised Senator Joyce for “a brilliant job“.

No, We Cannot Pay Our Debt

26 Feb

Here’s another picture that tells a thousand words.

Yesterday Barnaby wrote in The Australian about the annual Budget surpluses needed to pay back Labor’s ever rising debt ($1 Billion more today alone; another $1.8 Billion next week):

Let’s talk about the abundance of faith exhibited by Labor when it tells us of the eight consecutive $19bn surpluses that are required to bring the budget back into orbit when the continued stresses on the international economy are clear and evident, especially in Europe.

On the ABC’s Q&A program on Feb 15th, Barnaby pointed out that Labor’s “plan” to return the Budget to surplus is pure fantasy:

We have always got the view that you should try and reduce tax but the first thing, without harping on it, we’ve got to deal with the debt and because they keep racking up debt, that takes away our capacity to reduce your tax and there’s no other way around it. You either increase your revenues, decrease your costs – they talk about productivity and sort of the cyclical angel descending from heaven and making everything better

Well, just what is the likelihood of that cyclical angel descending?  And even if it does, can it produce eight consecutive surpluses of $19 Billion?

Decide for yourself.

Below is a chart of Australian Government Budget surplus / deficits, dating back to the beginning of the Howard Government. Source is the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Statistics section. Click on the chart to enlarge –

This country has never seen anything like eight consecutive years of $19 Billion surpluses. In fact, the Howard Government achieved it just 3 times… in 12 years… during an unprecedented mining boom.

Barnaby is right.

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