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Greens True Colour Is A “Consistent Red”

20 Feb

Paul Kelly tells it like it is:

CHRISTINE Milne’s busting of the Labor-Greens alliance proves the Greens are Labor’s political enemy and that Julia Gillard should never have entered this deal in the first place.

With the Prime Minister in her weakest hour, the Greens have sunk in the boot. Perfect timing. Some friends. Some allies.

With the election near, the alliance has exhausted its utility. Both sides are looking to product differentiation as campaign rivals.

Milne’s decision has nothing to with principle and everything to do with the Greens’ electoral needs. It makes no difference to the parliament, but it shows the Greens are as cynical, expedient and unscrupulous as the major parties. Their claims to superior morality are a joke.

Kelly’s article is headlined “Greens showing their true colours”.

Which got me wondering.

Paul Kelly is right. The Greens’ claims to superior morality are a joke.

Clearly, they are just as self-serving as all the rest.

And so, as the political party of choice for the resurgent religion of paganism, I thought it might be interesting to see just what colour a pagan would assign to “selfishness” in a person’s “aura” –

A Consistent Red: A consistent dark red indicates a violent nature, a selfish and deceitful attitude.

Sounds right.

The Greens have consistently had an aura of deep red about them.


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