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Like, The Incredible Case Of, Like, Julia And The, Like, 400 Shrinking Polluters

10 Aug

h/t reader Bamftiger

First, it was “1,000 of the biggest polluters”.

Then, it was “500 of the biggest polluters”.


It’s “more in the order of more like 400” of the “biggest polluters”.

Except … even that figure is “somewhat rubbery” (emphasis added):

Prime Minister Julia Gillard originally said the price would be paid by the top 1000 polluters in the country.

But when the $23-a-tonne carbon price was announced in July, that figure was cut in half.

Around 500 of the biggest polluters in Australia will be required to pay for their pollution under the carbon pricing mechanism,” the Government’s policy documents released on July 10 state.

Now the figure has been revised downwards again.

“Under the previous (Kevin Rudd carbon pollution reduction scheme) package the number that we thought was going to be in the system was more in the order of 700,” climate change department secretary Blair Comley said today.

(Now) the number of emitters that we think will be covered is more in the order of more like 400.

Mr Comley was giving evidence in Canberra to a parliamentary inquiry into the proposed carbon tax.

The change of scope was due to the differing treatment of liquid fuels and synthetic gases under Ms Gillard’s carbon price mechanism, he said.

But the 400 figure is somewhat rubbery.

You don’t say?!

barnabyisright.com humbly claims credit as the first (and only) to break the true and complete story of the government’s massive – and perpetual – lying over the real number of so-called “biggest polluters”.

Read the story as broken right here on 25 July. Download and study for yourself the 1.6Mb spreadsheet results of my 3-weeks-work-in-1 research into the government’s “rubbery” (!?!!) National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting department’s official Register of “biggest polluters” –

The 500 “Biggest Polluters” Exposed – Everything The Government Is Not Telling You

“More in the order of more like 400″, they now say?

The government NGER department’s most recent report (April ’11) shows only 299 “polluters” reporting any emissions at all – a story also broken here on 13 July.

And their full Register (775 ABN numbers listed) is chock full of dodgy, unknown/unidentifiable, non-existent, ASIC-unrecognised ABN numbers, liquidated companies, blind trusts, double-triple-quadruple-quintuple-ups, and the “like”.

So Julia … from your own list of “like” 775 company names/numbers, of which only “like” 299 actually reported emissions in your most up-to-date official NGER Report … “like” exactly which “like” 400 “biggest polluters” are you actually going to “tax” in order to legislate the banksters’ carbon derivatives trading platform?

I’ve got the spreadsheet right here – just point out the “like” 400 “biggest polluters” for us.

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