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Soros: Euro ‘May Not Survive’

8 Mar

From Bloomberg:

The euro is being “severely tested” and “may not survive” the Greek deficit crisis, billionaire investor George Soros said.

The European currency’s construction is “flawed” because there is “a common central bank, but you don’t have a common treasury,” Soros said on CNN’s “Fareed Zacharia GPS” program.

“The exchange rate is fixed. If a country gets into difficulty, it can’t depreciate its currency, which would be the normal way,” Soros said.

The sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone is far more serious than Australia’s economic authorities at Treasury and the Reserve Bank are admitting. A collapse of the Euro – and the European Monetary Union – would clearly have huge impacts for the global economy, including Australia.

Barnaby is right.

Greece Now, UK Next

3 Mar

From Bloomberg:

While the eyes of the world focus on Greece’s debt crisis, investors in Edinburgh are busy preparing for the U.K. to be next.

Turcan Connell, which caters to rich families, expects the pound to lose between 20 percent and 30 percent against the dollar once investors turn their sights on Britain as the government sells a record amount of debt. Sterling slid to a 10- month low versus the U.S. currency today.

Alarm bells were ringing in Greece for a long time and when it happened, it happened very quickly,” Haig Bathgate, head of strategy at Turcan Connell, said at the company’s offices in the Scottish capital. “The U.K. is in a similar predicament. It could be hit very hard.”

The Rudd Labor government is currently borrowing more than a billion dollars a week.

And we can’t pay it back.

Rogoff Warns of China Crisis

25 Feb

Former chief economist of the IMF, Ken Rogoff, warns of a regional crisis when the China “bubble” collapses:

China’s economic growth will plunge to as low as 2 percent following the collapse of a “debt-fueled bubble” within 10 years, sparking a regional recession, according to Harvard University Professor Ken Rogoff.

“We would learn just how important China is when that happens. It would cause a recession everywhere surrounding” the country, including Japan and South Korea, and be “horrible” for Latin American commodity exporters, he said.

The impacts on Australia – a leading commodity exporter – arising from a collapse in demand from China are obvious.

Rogoff was one of very few economists who predicted the GFC.

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