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Why Do We Jolt The Little Children Out Of Heaven?

12 Sep

Riding my motorcycle on a quick round trip to the local shops yesterday, I witnessed what seems like the very best of our world on the journey out.

And the very worst on the journey back.

I live in a narrow valley, surrounded by mountains. From my home, a view of the panorama of the heavens is pretty much limited to straight up. So it is always difficult to know what the weather conditions are really like until getting out of “my” valley. Many are the occasions when I have discovered myself to be wrongly clothed for the conditions “out there”.

On turning east out of my road yesterday, I was greeted by the sight of a truly spectacular, beautiful, mesmerising (to me) lenticular cloud formation floating over the coast. In all my years, I have never seen quite its like before. If only I’d had a camera. The sight of this cloud formation filled me with a profound sense of awe and wonder. And inner peace.

On the return journey, I noticed two children in school uniform walking on the footpath. A girl, age perhaps 11-13 years, followed by an adorable little boy — presumably her little brother — age about 5 years. As I rode up beside them, I saw the older girl turn abruptly back towards the little boy. Arms rigid by her sides, she leaned forward and down towards the little fellow, in an aggressive, threatening manner, and spat some words at him. Words that I could neither hear nor lip read, thanks to the sound and speed of my motorcycle.

What happened in the next instant sent a sharp dart of pain into the core of my being.

That beautiful little boy cowered.

Like a frightened, oft-abused puppy.

I will share something deeply personal with you, dear reader.

I love children.

And yet … alas … my fate, it seems, is that I will likely not ever have any of my own.

I have many friends with children. I have spent countless hours nursing, playing with, and most valuable of all, observing them as they grow.

It is from observing children — and from many more hours sitting still and silent in nature, simply watching, and listening — that I can wholeheartedly endorse the Truth of these words, attributed to Jesus of the Bible:

And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them, and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn (around) and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:2-3)

Over the millennia, many persons far wiser than I have written many far finer words about the virtues of having a child-like outlook, and disposition, than I could ever hope to conceive.

For the moment, the best I can think to say this.

To frighten a small child out of his living in the heavenly moment of the Present — his natural state of existence — is, I think, in most cases likely a crime against Heaven itself.

The small child lives in a state of time-less-ness — “heaven”, to many — because he lives purely, wholly, and simply in every moment.

There is no past. There is no future. There is only Now.

To jar a little child out of that heavenly state, seems to require an act of violence.

From someone else.

Usually, an “adult”.

As time ticks on, small children continue to be jolted out of Heaven. By the thoughtlessness, and selfishness, of others.

They are introduced — by us — to a new state of experience.


Fear causes the little child, for the first time, to begin to dwell — at least at times — outside of the heaven of Now.

And in the hell of “What if?”

I think that if we adults would all take far, far greater care, to guard ALL the little children of the world against those acts of violence that would jolt them out of heaven, and into our world of fear and “what if?”, then in constantly standing watch for them, we would begin to share in their heaven.

We too, would begin to experience — at least at times — their blessed state of Timelessness.

Real Estate Marketers Now Out To Get Your Kids

23 May

With thanks and a tip of the hat to reader Richo, we will hold our tongue and refrain from railing against the abject greed of our times, the predatory DNA and absence of morality of all in the FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) sectors, and also from invoking the merits of capital punishment, as we instead merely copy verbatim the following news story from the Herald Sun, and let the words speak for themselves:


ONE of Australia’s largest real estate agencies is targeting children as young as four as the next generation of home buyers.

LJ Hooker is following in the footsteps of fast food, toy and clothing giants, planting the seeds of brand recognition in very young children.

The company makes no secret that its educational app and dedicated kids website, launched this week, are designed to encourage kids to become future LJ Hooker clients.

Georg Chmiel, LJ Hooker CEO, describes the digital pitch to kids, predominantly aged from four to nine, as an industry first and a clever initiative to raise brand awareness.

“LJ Hooker is successfully building a positive relationship with the next generation of Australian real estate tenants, buyers and sellers,” Mr Chmiel said.

The app and website’s central character Mr Hooker bear – LJ Hooker’s international mascot – could hardly fail to attract kids. He frequents community events throughout Australia, has his own range of merchandise, and Mr Hooker Bear’s suit is available for school hire.

Since it’s launch almost 2500 have signed up for the app, Mr Hooker Bear’s Letter Pop, which is designed to entertain kids, freeing up parents’ time.

“Children attending open for inspections and marketing appraisals are often bored and cranky, now they can have fun with an element of practical learning,” Mr Chmiel said.

“It’s almost like catching two fish with one rod, the app and site address the distraction element with modern technology to keep kids engaged while at the same time building brand awareness in a nice way.”

The app is available for free.

LJ Hooker said it began cultivating brand recongnition in children with the Next Barbie Dream Home campaign last month.


Marketing experts say brand loyalties can be established as early as age two, and by the time children head off to school, most can recognise hundreds of brand logos.

Digital technology is one of the most desirable marketing mediums to target children as it is part of youth culture, and parents generally do not understand the extent to which kids are being advertised to online.

Question Everything

28 Nov

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The late, great George Carlin (with usual language warning):

“I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me … NOTHING! … ZERO!!”

– George Carlin

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