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Governments To Sue Climate Change

12 Apr


Is there anything they can’t do (h/t Homer Simpson):

The inaugural COAG Business Advisory Forum has agreed on six priorities, including national environmental reform, as a way of cutting government red tape.

The other areas include the treatment of major development proposals, the rationalisation of climate change litigation programs, further energy market reform, development assessments, and best practice approaches to risk-base deregulation.

“We are determined to get this done,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard told reporters in Canberra on Thursday.

The priorities will be put to a leaders’ meeting of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) on Friday.

Julia’s Education Revolution sure has worked wonders with the Australian Associated Press (AAP).

Barnaby: Tomorrow Is D-Day For Anna Bligh

18 Aug

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 18 August 2011:

Bligh’s day of delivery for Queensland looms

The carbon tax heat will turn to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh when the Council of Australian Governments meets in Canberra tomorrow.

Leader of The Nationals Warren Truss and Nationals’ Senate leader Barnaby Joyce – both Queenslanders – are calling on the Premier to make good on her pledge to ‘put Queensland first’ by rejecting the carbon tax.

On May 22 the Premier told reporters: ‘I think Queenslanders, like other Australians, want to see the details of the carbon tax’. She then pledged to put the interests of Queensland first, adding: ‘I look forward to (seeing) those details and when we do we will be putting Queensland first’.

“Tomorrow is D-Day for the Premier,” Mr Truss said. “Anna Bligh can put Queensland first by putting Julia Gillard and her carbon tax last.

“In fact, Federal Treasury figures reveal that the carbon tax will have its biggest impact on Queensland, with the state’s bottom line gutted to the tune of $250 billion – the equivalent of losing an entire year out of the state’s production.

“Even Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser has conceded the asset value of the state’s electricity generators will plummet by $1.7 billion. The Queensland Resources Council estimates that the state stands to lose $1 billion in coal royalties, as well as shedding more than 13,000 jobs.”

Senator Joyce added: “The epicentre of the effect of a carbon tax is Queensland. Our state’s major export is the major export of the nation, it is coal, it is carbon.

“Why should the person in Ipswich pay more for power for something that is not going to change the climate? Nobody wants this tax and Anna Bligh is crucial in trying to stop it. She can make the difference and stop this tax.

“All she has to do is to stand up for Queensland, not for Sussex St, in Canberra tomorrow.”

Today’s release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ employment data shows that unemployment in regional Queensland has increased by almost 1 percentage point over the last year – climbing from 5.4% in July 2010 to 6.3% today.

Areas that have been hardest hit include:

§ Townsville / Mt Isa area rose from 2.9% to 7.5%.

§ Wide Bay up from 6.5% to 10.7%.

§ Gold Coast increased from 5.6% to 6.7%.

§ The unemployment rate in Cairns remains high at 8.2%.

This is the wrong time to impose a carbon tax on regional Queensland.

Anna Bligh needs to join with Ted Baillieu, Barry O’Farrell and Colin Barnett in telling Julia Gillard to dump her destructive tax. If the Premier is fair dinkum about the interests of Queensland she’ll reject the carbon tax tomorrow.

Cost of Living Pressures Increase

28 Apr

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 28 April 2010:

Senator Barnaby Joyce noted today that the release of the latest consumer price index figures show that electricity prices have increased by 26%, in real terms, since the election of the Rudd Government. These results are partly due to their Minister for Infrastructure’s complete failure to build on the Howard Government’s legacy of successful National Competition Policy, as shown by reports in the Australian Financial Review today.

Senator Joyce said that “The Labor party are incapable of decisive outcomes because of their insatiable desire to put polls ahead of statesmanship. Even their own core issues, such as the ETS, are jettisoned as the need requires.

“This government has shown that they cannot deliver on bread and butter issues such as infrastructure. The implausible and pathetic episodes of spending on the home insulation program and the building the education revolution are part and parcel of Australia’s debt currently reaching almost $137 billion. But real investment to bring real outcomes in power, water, roads and rail has been left wanting.

“Minister Albanese’s claim yesterday that the infrastructure reform agenda was “as full as it ever was” simply reflects the Rudd Government’s inaction in this important area. The COAG Reform Council has reported that this government is failing to progress reform in 4 out of 8 competition areas, including energy and transport.”

Reports today in the Australian Financial Review today suggest the government is trying to reinvigorate National Competition Policy.

In response Senator Joyce commented, “What has taken them almost three years? This government has been busy announcing flashy projects and big spending but ignored the hard work necessary to get more out of our existing infrastructure stock. We have waited 12 months for the National Freight Strategy and where is the greater transparency and cost-benefit analysis that this government promised? Greater efficiency, not bigger spending, is what will help reduce electricity, gas and water prices.”

Electricity prices have increased 11 per cent a year on average, in real terms, since the election of the Rudd Government. In comparison, during the Howard Government, electricity prices increased by an average of 0.5 per cent year, in real terms.

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