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Australians All Let Us Rejoyce

25 Apr

Seriously.  Who wouldn’t want a straight up, stand up, no-BS, battle-scarred country bloke with a heart full of pride in Australia and a mouth full of hilarious one-liners to be our next Deputy PM?

The times certainly are a-changin’ when even a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald’s latte-sipping inner city self-appointed moral elites is jumping for joyce at the prospect –

Sometimes people can’t handle the truth. Haters are going to hate. Not long after making these statements Joyce was cruelly divested of the shadow finance portfolio.

Since then he has railed in a most entertaining manner against the Building the Education Revolution (“glorified garden sheds”), the carbon tax (“a little home-cooked policy cake to cool the planet”) and the national broadband network, which he likes to call a “telephone company”.

This last quip causes the Broadband Minister, Stephen Conroy, to actually twitch with indignation. It’s marvellous.

Joycean press releases are a joy; gleaming gems among the usual dreary transcripts and self-serving announcements that land in the journalistic inbox…

Last week, for something different, he bowled up a press release in the form of a quiz.

“Q. Who am I? Two weeks ago there were 183.8 of me, this week there is 187.3 of me,” it read.

“A. Billions of dollars in gross debt.”

Who else but Barnaby could turn the deficit into a parlour game? Australian politics is the richer for him. He is a constant and vociferous critic of the government, an independent thinker and a fearless advocate for his state. Plus he has a flair for language, something Gillard can most certainly not boast.

For that reason alone, actually for only that reason: Barnaby for Deputy PM.

Joyce With Coalition On Parental Leave

16 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 16 March 2010:

Senator Barnaby Joyce rejects claims that he has “broken ranks” with the Coalition on the Paid Parental Scheme.

Senator Joyce said, “I support the Coalition’s Paid Parental Leave scheme. Unlike Rudd’s Mickey Mouse, re-badged baby bonus, our scheme delivers direct and real financial security for families, not just more forms to fill out.

“Realistically, you cannot compare the effect of a small, modest levy on big businesses with the Government’s ‘great big new tax’ of an ETS. The Government’s ETS will cost $42 billion in the first four years alone. $42 billion to do what? It won’t give us anything like the benefits of achieving greater participation in the workforce by women. It won’t give families the income stability to raise a family.”

Larger businesses have the capacity to absorb this levy in the best interest of the nation. As many members of the Coalition have stated, after we have sorted out Labor’s debt problem, and after we’ve been able to reduce personal tax, the Coalition will seek to reduce the rate of company tax over time.

More information- Jenny Swan 0438 578402

Joyce Stops Labor’s Mad Cow

15 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 15 March 2010:

Coalition Stops the Labor Mad Cow

Today the Senate overwhelmingly endorsed the Food Importation (Bovine Meat Standards) Bill introduced by Senators Colbeck and Joyce. This legislation will ensure that meat from countries with Mad Cow Disease (BSE) will undergo the same rigorous standards as Australian beef.

Even though the Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke performed one of the greatest feats of aerial gymnastics, worthy of a Winter Olympic gold medal, Labor’s conceit in the Senate precluded them from supporting this bill. The Labor Party have back-flipped on the decisions, but they did not have the conviction to put it into legislation. The coalition has delivered a real and tangible action plan to stop the importation of beef without proper risk analysis, labelling and traceability.

Once more the Australian public have found the Labor Party wanting on their desires to keep out Mad Cow Disease, just as the public found them non-responsive to stopping the ETS… a massive new tax on every working family.

The Bill now goes back to the House of Representatives and it will be interesting to see if they have the conviction to give the public the assurances they want on country of origin labelling and traceability.

This result demonstrates the merit of having an upper house that not only reviews but introduces legislation for the betterment of the Nation.

More information- Jenny Swan 0438 578402

Hockey Supports Joyce

8 Mar

From The Australian:

Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey has been forced to defend fellow frontbencher Barnaby Joyce amid speculation the Nationals Senate leader will be dumped from the finance portfolio in the lead-up to the budget.

Love the biased opening statement – ‘forced to defend’.

I watched the interview on ABC1’s ‘Insiders’. Mr Hockey simply answered a question, posed near the end of an interview focussing on multiple other issues. On that basis, you could say that a politician is ‘forced to defend’ something every time they are asked a question!

The bush accountant asked for the finance position when Tony Abbott offered him a frontbench job after the former took the Liberal leadership in December.

More deliberate anti-Barnaby bias. ‘The bush accountant’. Right. A deliberate attempt to imply that, somehow, Mr Joyce’s accountancy credentials are inferior to those of a city accountant.  The University of New England, where Mr Joyce attained his Commerce degree, and CPA Australia, of which Mr Joyce is a Fellow, might just disagree with the implication that their standards vary depending on the locale of the applicant!

But the Joyce homespun style has been ridiculed by the government, and influential Liberals fear he has failed to make a mark with voters as the opposition tries to focus on economic management before the pre-election budget.

Oh really? These ‘influential Liberals’ – if existing, rather than just another figment of the msm’s anti-Barnaby imagination – must not yet have noticed this blog. Or the frequent pro-Barnaby comments on blogs and forums all over the internet, and in Letters to the Editor sections of major newspapers.

Mr Hockey insisted Senator Joyce would remain the opposition’s finance spokesman, describing him as a “very qualified, very focused individual”, and dismissing criticisms of his style.

A spokesman for Nationals leader Warren Truss praised Senator Joyce for “a brilliant job“.

Abbott Backs Joyce

1 Mar

From the Sydney Morning Herald

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has defended Barnaby Joyce amid questions over the coalition finance spokesman’s economic credibility:

Barnaby Joyce has not been responsible for the actual disasters in people’s lives that (Environment Minister) Peter Garrett has been responsible for,” Mr Abbott told Network Ten.

Mr Abbott said he was happy with Senator Joyce’s performance.

“Every member of the team including Barnaby is doing a good job. That doesn’t mean that all of us can’t on occasions lift our game but I’m confident in the team.”

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