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Korean’s Use Our Coal, Get Power 30% Cheaper Than We Do

28 Apr

Barnaby on ABC PM yesterday:

One of the most basic necessities of life, the greatest reflection of our standard of living, is the price of power.

I remember that a very salient time for me was having a discussion with my mother-in-law, and talking about the carbon price, and her quietly sitting back and in sort of a disdainful way, which I think reflects the disgust held by so many in the community.

She said look, you know, in winter, in the New England, when she’s working on Meals and Wheels, it’s at times it’s very easy to find out where the pensioner is, because you will find them in bed because that is the only place they can afford to stay warm.

So they’re not there because they’re sick, they’re there because they’re cold, and I find that disgusting that would be happening in my nation now. We’re the nation that supplies coal to the world, yet we can’t afford to look after our own.

Another reflection on that is the people of South Korea manage to deliver power to their people, at 30 per cent cheaper than what we can deliver it to ours, yet they’re doing it with our coal after a journey of, I suppose, around about 10,000 kilometres.

So.  We merrily sell our coal to the world, for them to use in their coal-fired power stations.  But we introduce a big new tax on our own coal-fired power stations.  So that our already-overpriced electricity, will become even more overpriced … by (minority) government decree.

(Oh yes, and we refuse to consider nuclear.  The only viable, base-load power alternative to coal.  But, we merrily keep selling our uranium to the world, for their nuclear power stations).


Labor Racks Up Half-Century On Electricity Price Increases

27 Apr

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 27 April 2011:

Today’s consumer price index figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that utility price increases are accelerating not slowing down under Labor, Senator Barnaby Joyce said today.

“Last week public buildings were burning down in the centre of Sydney while homeless people merely miles away slept on the street. This week we find that good honest hard working people are struggling with the fundamentals of life because the Labor party’s management is incompetent.

“The elixir of the quality of life is the price of power.

“Labor can raise its bat today. Under this Labor government electricity prices have gone up by over 50% in not much more than 3 years. That is a bigger total increase than under the 11 years of the previous Coalition government.

“It doesn’t stop there. Ill-considered investments in desalination have caused water prices to go up by 46% and gas prices have gone up by 30%.

“Last winter my mother-in-law told me that on her meals-on-wheels runs she often finds pensioners in bed, not because they are sick, but because it is the warmest part of the house when they can’t afford the heating.

“Under Labor things aren’t getting any easier and they are not going to with a carbon tax that will push up electricity bills by another $200 per year at least.

“Australians don’t need more excuses to save on power; they have plenty of reasons already.

“But it’s not just household bills that will get hit. Combined with a high Australian dollar, these price increases are hurting Australian manufacturing. Do we want to make life even tougher for them and risk having no manufacturing industry in this country at all?

“All for a plan to cool the planet from a room in Canberra.”

(click to enlarge)

Even after adjusting for inflation:

· Electricity prices have been going up 10% per year under Labor, compared to 1% under previous Coalition government

· Water prices have gone up by 9% per year under Labor, compared to 1% under previous Coalition government

· Gas prices have gone up by 5% per year under Labor, compared to 1% under previous Coalition government

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