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Julia’s Big Lie On Jobs

3 Dec

Back in May, barnabyisright.com was the first (and only?) to debunk Treasurer Swan’s hand waving Big Lie about how many jobs the Labor government have “created” since coming to power. Using their own budget documents. It was Wayne’s pre-budget red herring, to distract the media from the upcoming record budget deficit announcement.

We followed up in June, with conclusive proof of his Big Lie from the Australian Bureau of Statistics official Labour Force data.

Now Julia herself has joined in Wayne’s lying-on-the-jobs action.

Here’s what she claimed yesterday at the ALP’s National Conference, in a speech where she used the word “jobs” over 30 times … a classic snow-them-with-BS propaganda technique that explains why the fourth estate won’t notice or check up on what she claimed (h/t Andrew Bolt):

“We are on track to create 300,000 new jobs over the next two years”

Statements like that prompt your humble blogger to rub his typing fingers together with Monty-esque glee:

Especially after our Treasurer’s claims back in May.

Recall, not only did Wayne falsely claim that “we created 750,000 jobs since we came to office when other nations shed millions of jobs…“.

He went further:

“…and we will create half a million more in the next two years

Let us leave aside for the moment the tiny little matter of Wayne’s “half a million more” back in May, versus Julia’s “300,000” yesterday.

Even though we could well say, “Here endeth the lesson”.

Let us instead take another look at the latest ABS Labour Force statistics, to see whether or not Julia is “on track to create 300,000 new jobs over the next two years”.

Here’s a chart of Full-time Employed Persons from June – the end of last financial year, and the month following Wayne’s original “half a million more” claim – through to October:

Click to enlarge


That’s 5,300 fewer full-time employed persons. In 4 months (end June to end October).

How about Part-time employed persons?

Click to enlarge


That’s 22,700 more part-time employed persons. In 4 months.

And the grand total employed persons?

Click to enlarge


17,300 more “employed” persons. In 4 months.

Or just 4,325 more per month.

At that rate, it would take the government until mid-April 2017 to create Julia’s promised “300,000 new jobs”.

And until mid-February 2021 to create Wayne’s promised “half a million more”.

Of course, that’s only if we are happy to (a) ignore the fall in full-time employed persons, and (b) assume that the government alone, not the private sector, “created” a “new job” for every single one of those 17,300 extra “employed persons”.


“We are on track” to get there “over the next two years”, Julia?

Labor’s lying on jobs would make the stupidest planker blush.

Economic planking.

A fitting metaphor for the most dishonest, idiotic, incompetent government this nation has ever seen.

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