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War On Obesity: “Have We Now Smited The Fat People? Oh No, We Lost!”

26 Sep

Senator Joyce’s brilliant speech on the economy and the national debt.

Whatever you do, don’t miss Barnaby’s hilarious genius towards the end:

All these endless “wars on …” remind your humble blogger of his little inspiration on that May day when they told us that they’d topped Osama Bin Laden. Without deigning to give us a smidgen of proof (again), of course:

The War On Error

Osama is dead.
There’s been enough said.
Now the war on terror needs a new figurehead.
I declare War on Pollies who can’t lie straight in bed.

The Australian Cognitive Dissonance

25 Jun

Interesting front page to The Australian online today.  The following lead stories displayed as shown below:

BUSINESS LEADERS: Boom fracturing our country

PAUL KELLY: Alarm bells sound on economy

GEORGE MEGALOGENIS: Our economy’s fine

IN DEPTH: Stop complaining, our economy’s fine

And this is widely considered to be the premier national newspaper?

No wonder the country’s a mess.

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