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If You Don’t Support An ETS, You Are “Ungodly”: Rudd

28 Jul

Ring of Solomon 01

Two standout observations, for mine, regarding today’s Kevin Rudd interview on Channel Ten’s ‘The Bolt Report’.

First, Rudd’s defence of his failed border protection policy introduced in 2007 was to, in essence, blame the Australian people. How so? By pointing out that we are a “democracy”, and arguing that he was following the “democratic mandate” given by the people at the 2007 election.

Apparently, his designing and spruiking of that policy as a reason to vote for him, before and after the 2007 election, is irrelevant. If enough people were stupid enough to vote for the ALP based on that policy, then its failure is the peoples’ fault.

Second, in defending his planned move to an ETS ahead of schedule, Rudd argued that the reason an ETS failed to be legislated much earlier (in 2009), was due to “an ungodly cabal” of conservatives and the Greens.

Apparently, if you do not support CO2 emissions trading, you are “ungodly”.

Makes one wonder which “god” Rudd serves.

And reminds one of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s claim, that bankers are “doing god’s work“.

Videos of the interview will be available here.

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The Financialisation Of Nature


From the transcript –

ANDREW BOLT: They’re snowing you, Prime Minister. To finish off, in 2007, Labor under you promised to turn back the boats. It promised to stop reckless spending. In 2010 Julia Gillard promised no carbon tax, and a budget surplus. This year all of those promises and a lot more were broken. What are you going to do to make people trust your promises now?

KEVIN RUDD: The first thing I would say is that climate change, building on where we’ve just been in this discussion, is real. It requires action, putting a price on carbon. What I put forward was a floating price way back when – rejected by an ungodly cabal of the Liberals and the Greens. And subsequently, Julia Gillard at the beginning of the last parliamentary term – or this parliamentary term.

The Rich “And Everyone Else” – Citigroup Global Strategist

27 Jul

“The earth is being held up by the muscular arms of its entrepreneur-plutocrats, like it, or not.”

– Citigroup ‘Plutonomy’ memos, 2005

“A plutonomy is a form of capitalism that is designed to make the rich who control a nation’s government and its economy—aka, the plutocrats—even richer.”

– Rational Wiki

Here is the result of the creeping cancer of usury — the root of capital-ism — and the usurer class.

As told by one of their own — a “global strategist”, for Citigroup.

From the Wall Street Journal, 2007 (my emphasis added):

It’s well known that the rich have an outsized influence on the economy.

The nation’s top 1% of households own more than half the nation’s stocks, according to the Federal Reserve. They also control more than $16 trillion in wealth — more than the bottom 90%.

Yet a new body of research from Citigroup suggests that the rich have other, more-surprising impacts on the economy.

Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Citigroup, and his research team came up with the term “Plutonomy” in 2005 to describe a country that is defined by massive income and wealth inequality. According to their definition, the U.S. is a Plutonomy, along with the U.K., Canada and Australia.

In a series of research notes over the past year, Kapur and his team explained that Plutonomies have three basic characteristics.

1. They are all created by “disruptive technology-driven productivity gains, creative financial innovation, capitalist friendly cooperative governments, immigrants…the rule of law and patenting inventions. Often these wealth waves involve great complexity exploited best by the rich and educated of the time.”

2. There is no “average” consumer in Plutonomies. There is only the rich “and everyone else.” The rich account for a disproportionate chunk of the economy, while the non-rich account for “surprisingly small bites of the national pie.” Kapur estimates that in 2005, the richest 20% may have been responsible for 60% of total spending.

3. Plutonomies are likely to grow in the future, fed by capitalist-friendly governments, more technology-driven productivity and globalization.

Of course, Kapur says there are risks to the Plutonomy, including war, inflation, financial crises, the end of the technological revolution and populist political pressure. Yet he maintains that the “the rich are likely to keep getting even richer, and enjoy an even greater share of the wealth pie over the coming years.”

All of which means that, like it or not, inequality isn’t going away and may become even more pronounced in the coming years.

Little wonder then, that politicians who support “protectionism” of national sovereignty — Barnaby Joyce and Bob Katter spring to mind — are mocked, smeared, and pilloried in the media as “populists”.

That “immigration” is such a vexed issue — with the general public concerned about it, and politicians (despite their rhetoric) enabling it.

That “financial innovation” presses relentlessly onwards, aided and abetted by both “sides” of politics — think covered bonds (to prop up the banks’ debt-financed housing Ponzi scheme), “emissions” trading (a gigantic derivatives time bomb), and most recently, the Rudd government’s sole idea for “managing the economic transition”; to turn Australia into a “financial services centre” for the region:

Encouraging competition and efficiency would improve the range and choice of financial products available to consumers and promote increased exports of financial services.

…Labor knows that increased trade in financial services will increase Australia’s growth prospects and standard of living.

We know positioning Australia as a financial services centre in the region means that we would be able to offer increased job opportunities for a range of skilled workers in the financial sector.

For those with eyes to see, it is perfectly clear that both “sides” of Australian politics — and the Greens too — are simply puppets of the Plutonomy.

Citizens who vote for any of them are — whether they realise it or not — actually voting for their own continued enslavement, and, gradual destruction.

The following video featuring white collar criminologist William Black, is a must-watch:


Usury is the root of the plutocrats’ power.

It is their most powerful weapon.

Like cancer, it is a silent, invasive killer. One that consumes the living, healthy cells of its host.

To feed its own relentless “growth”.

Anyone talking “solutions” who is not talking about eliminating usury, is not worth listening to.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one striking at the root.”

– Henry David Thoreau


TIME: Carbon Markets May Be Finished

24 Apr

White Flag: Last Lap

The banksters and their hordes of related societal parasites will fight on to the bitter end. Even so, the conclusion to this article in TIME magazine suggests the possibility of a white flag being rolled out by some of their influential media supporters:

…the hope that we may be able to reduce carbon emissions the same way we cut pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide—through a well-run cap-and-trade —seems to be dimming, a victim of its own complexity and a sluggish global economy. That might leave the door open for other policies, including a straight carbon tax, more support for renewables or increases R&D funding for carbon-free power. We could use all three, but carbon markets may be finished. If carbon trading can’t make it in Europe, it can’t make it anywhere.

Scrap The ETS: Growing Global Movement Calls On EU To Abolish “Major Obstacle” To Emissions Reduction

11 Mar


I despair for this country.

Contrary to what politicians, lobbyists, and media cheerleaders for popular causes often tell us, as usual, we are behind the times.

Remember the great public argument between these hubristic folks we had to endure that preceded the introduction of our “carbon tax”, as to whether or not we were acting ahead of the rest of the world, or behind the rest of the world, with our Green-Labor government’s post-election “broken promise” decision to “put a price on carbon”?

In the last few days, we have heard a major business lobby group petition our government to cancel the carbon “tax” – it’s only been running for 8 months – and immediately make the transition to a full Emissions Trading Scheme:

Mar 7, 2013 – Ai Group has called on all sides of politics to support the immediate removal of the fixed price carbon tax and move directly to an internationally linked emissions trading scheme.

The same environmental benefit can be achieved at a lower cost and it can be achieved simply by bringing forward by two years the date of Australia’s already-legislated move to emissions trading,” said Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox.

Meanwhile, 3 weeks earlier, over in Europe a growing global movement of (now) over 100 civil society organisations began petitioning the EU member states to abandon attempts to try and fix their much-vaunted – and much-rorted – Emissions Trading Scheme, and just scrap it altogether.

From Carbon Trade Watch:

18 Feb, 2013 – A growing group of civil society organisations is calling on the EU to abolish its Emission Trading System (ETS) to open space for truly effective climate policies. Today they release a joint declaration that highlights the many structural loopholes the ETS is facing, that the proposed reform proposals put forward by EU policy makers will not be able to fix.

Tomorrow (19 Feb.) the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament will vote on the Commission’s backloading proposal. “Although advertised as a way to fix the failing ETS, it is nothing but a drop in the ocean. The EU’s flagship policy to address climate change has diverted attention from the need to transform the system’s dependency on fossil fuels and growing consumption, resulting in increased emissions. After seven lost years, it’s time to make space for effective and fair climate policies,” says Joanna Cabello, from Carbon Trade Watch.

More than 90 organisations, networks and movements from all over the world launch today the joint declaration ‘It is Time to Scrap the ETS’. It lists the structural flaws of the ETS and the risks of trying to fix it.

One of the flaws is the use of offset projects which allows companies or governments from the North to buy credits from a project in the South instead of reducing emissions at source. “The offset projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the biggest offset scheme, has actually increased emissions while causing land grabs and human rights violations, community displacements, conflicts and increased local environmental destruction,” says Isaac Rojas, from Friends of the Earth Latin America and Caribbean (ATALC). “Other new market mechanisms and related financial products (such as forest carbon offsets and biodiversity offsets) follow the same logic which allows, and offsets, deforestation, forest degradation, biodiversity loss and water pollution,” he adds. In spite of the growing evidence of the problems, offset use in the ETS grew by 85% in 2011.

Furthermore, the EU ETS is costing the public a lot of money without serving a public purpose. Belen Balanyá, from Corporate Europe Observatory says: “At a time when EU citizens are shouldering the cost of the economic crisis, they are also being forced to bear the cost of the legislation, regulation and much of the quantification of emissions that carbon markets require, as well as the costs of measures against fraud, theft, corruption, and tax evasion. Meanwhile big polluters such as Arcellor Mittal and Lafarge make millions of windfall profits with over allocated permits.”

The EU ETS created the biggest carbon market in the world and now serves as a model for other countries. China is setting up a system with EU support and is planning to link it to the EU ETS. Other countries and regions such as Brazil, Korea, Australia, California in the US and Quebec in Canada have similar plans. The failures of the ETS will also be exported to other areas, as it will be used as a model for trading other ‘ecosystem services’ such as forests, biodiversity, water, soils and landscapes. In the meantime, civil society groups from around the world are demanding to scrap the ETS so that market mechanisms stop being used as a model for environmental protection.

The organisations supporting this declaration conclude: “It is time to stop fixating on ‘price’ as a driver for change. We need to scrap the ETS and implement effective and fair climate policies by making the necessary transition away from fossil fuel dependency.”

Here is a press release from the ‘Scrap The EU-ETS’ movement, whose logo is the image depicted above:

Brussels, February 26 – As Member States representatives continue discussing their positions regarding the ‘backloading’ of 900 million permits which attempts a ‘quick fix’ to the carbon price in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), a declaration endorsed now by more than 100 civil society organizations, movements and networks from around the world, with support growing every day, believe that this is the wrong debate.

Larry Lohmann from The Corner House, a UK based organisation, says “We need to get our priorities straight. Only by scrapping the EU ETS can we make way for real and effective climate and energy policy that reduces emissions in Europe. The debate should be focused on how to implement strong and just policies that will work for the climate.”

The EU needs to start discussing how to put Europe on a low-carbon pathway, instead of how to save a failed market, explain the campaigners. Markets are a means to an end, not the ultimate goal of climate change policies. If carbon markets fail to address climate change -and the ETS has a track record of failure– they need to be replaced with other means, they argue.

“For seven years we have heard that trading carbon is the ‘only option’. Yet, on closer inspection, the ETS has itself turned out to be a major obstacle to transformative action on climate change in the EU and an instrument to deepen the ecological debt with countries in the South”, says Lyda Fernanda from the Netherlands-based Transnational Institute, who adds “The EU ETS has actively weakened policies such as the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Large Combustion Plant Directive and held back expanding implementation of e.g. feed-in tariff initiatives.”

The ‘Time to scrap the ETS’ declaration takes a fundamentally different stance than that of Business Europe, Eurofer and other big energy intensive industries. Elena Gerebizza from the Italy-based Re:Common says, “Despite all its rhetoric, corporate lobby aims to keep windfall profits while avoiding meaningful emissions cuts at source and necessary structural changes in the European production and economic system. We want a transition from fossil fuels: they don’t. The ETS is an obstacle for this transition and has to be removed.”

In yesterday’s blog I highlighted a simple, brilliant solution for addressing the problem of “man-made” carbon dioxide emissions (and many other important things besides), and expressed my anger and sorrow over the many “otherwise intelligent, educated, thoughtful, well-meaning people [who] have been fooled into supporting” the idea that “putting a price on carbon” or “carbon trading” is the best way to “save the planet”.

I describe such people as “bankers’ stooges”.

Such people typically appear to be completely unaware – or, choose to willfully ignore – the undeniable and well-evidenced fact that carbon dioxide trading schemes all over the world are simply awash with rorts, scams, frauds, and worse … quite literally in some cases, these schemes are responsible for genocide of the world’s poorest people.

Here are just a few examples of the many carbon “credit” trading rorts, frauds, scams, and gross exploitation and human rights violations – by individuals, small companies, huge corporations, major global banks, the World Bank’s private investing arm, and even national governments – that one can easily find, simply by spending 5-10 min with Google Search:

Dec 20, 2012 – Last year, Clean Green Fuels in Maryland was accused of selling 32 million fake biodiesel RIN credits to oil companies and brokers. In June 2012, CEO Rodney Hailey was convicted of wire fraud, money laundering, and of violating the Clean Air Act.

Absolute Fuels in Texas, was sent an EPA Notice of Violation in February this year. On July 19, owner Jeffrey David Gunselman was arrested for having allegedly created on his computer more than $50 million in RIN credits that he then sold. He didn’t even have the facilities to produce biodiesel. Earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to a laundry list of charges and is contemplating a maximum sentence of $20 million in fines and 1,268 years in the hoosegow.

Another Texas company, Green Diesel, received a Notice of Violation on April 30. The issue: 60 million fake RINs. By then, CEO Philip Rivkin had apparently skedaddled to Europe, out of harm’s way.

But a small outfit in Toronto, Bioversel Trading Inc., was particularly resourceful in milking the RIN system—and may not have done anything illegal, according to an excellent investigative series by CBC News. Bioversel hired Canadian National Railways (CN) to shuttle the same trainload of biodiesel twelve times across the US-Canadian border without unloading the cargo. All in the second half of June, 2010. For $2.6 million.

To generate RINs from importing biodiesel into the US, ownership of each trainload was transferred to Bioversel’s US partner, Verdeo, which then, rather than selling the biodiesel in the US, exported it back to Canada. But by exporting the biodiesel, Verdeo would have been required to “retire” the associated RINs, instead of being able to sell them. So Verdeo retired ethanol RINs instead, which cost only a fraction. The difference, less the cost of transportation back and forth, was profit.

CBC News contacted the EPA to get some clarity, but the agency refused to comment. And the railroad? Didn’t they have a clue? Nope. “As required by law, [Canada National Railways] CN discharged its common carrier obligation regarding these biodiesel shipments,” spokesman Mark Hallman wrote to CBC News. “CN is not aware of any pending investigation of an alleged fraud. CN has and will continue to co-operate fully with….” etc. etc.

Alas, CBC News had obtained a copy of an internal CN email, dated June 14, 2010, sent by Teresa Edwards, CN’s Sarnia transportation manager. In addition to some technical details, it included these priceless words: “It will be the same cars flipping back and forth and the product will stay on the car. Target is to get at least 25 flips across the border and back by June 30.” And a word of corporate encouragement: “This move has the potential to make a lot of money for CN so need everyone’s assistance to maximize the number of trips we make and ensure that it all moves smooth.”

In a follow-up email, dated June 28, 2010, of which CBC News also obtained a copy, Edwards wrote: “The Bioversal move back and forth across the border at Sarnia has now completed. Records show that we moved 1984 cars total…. This equates to approximately 2.6 million dollars of revenue….”

Though the Canada Border Services Agency and the EPA are investigating, CBC News emphasized that it “has found no evidence Bioversel or its partners broke any laws.” Apparently, regulations at the time permitted importing biofuels to generate RIN credits, re-export the fuel, retire cheaper ethanol credits instead of biodiesel credits, and laugh all the way to the bank…


Dec 14, 2012 – Five hundred German police and tax inspectors raided offices and residences connected with Deutsche Bank in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Wednesday over allegations of conspiracy involving over €300 million in carbon trading tax fraud.


May 1, 2011 – Europe’s biggest polluters have made billions out of the European Emissions Trading System (ETS). But a new briefing by Carbon Trade Watch (CTW) says the scheme will ensure industry will not have to cut its emissions until at least 2017.

The first phase of the ETS ran from 2005 to 2007. It made no dent in emissions. But power companies made about 19 billion euros by charging customers for the “cost” of permits they were given for free.

Manufacturers made about 14 billion euros in windfall profits with the same trick.

…The polluters stand to make more money for doing nothing in the ETS’s second phase. By 2012, power companies will make between 23 billion and 71 billion euros from passing on the cost of their free permits.

The third phase of the ETS, which will run from 2013 to 2020, won’t solve the problems.


Mar 6, 2011 – The environmental performance of the EU ETS is so bad that one wonders if emissions would be lower if the EU had followed the US example and did nothing.

But there are winners from this disaster. Along with traders, investment bankers and financial services providers that profit from a financial market created by government regulation, polluting industries have earned windfall profits.

…But the list of people who profit from carbon trading wouldn’t be complete without mentioning fraudsters.

Rogue traders have managed to buy permits from countries that don’t charge value-added tax (VAT). The traders then sell the permits in countries that charge the tax, pocketing the VAT and disappearing with the money.

Known as “carousel fraud”, it has cost European taxpayers an estimated €5 billion, a December 28 Europol report said.


Feb 25, 2011 – Another more recent tactic for swindling money from the market involves “phishing” scams. In a phishing scam, the criminal attempts to obtain an account holder’s user name, password and any other necessary information to steal their identity. Account holders on the German registry were the first to be hit by a major phishing scam in January 2010. BBC News reported that the criminals involved with the scam obtained access codes for registry accounts through emails that led targeted account holders to forged websites asking them to input security codes. The criminals then accessed the registry accounts and sold the permits held in the accounts on Danish and British registries for $4 million.

In Australia, the Auditor-General’s report into the government’s “OSCAR” computer system used by “polluters” to self-report their emissions, warned that it contained ”significant security vulnerabilities” that could allow an outside person to fiddle the data, and showed that three-quarters of major polluters’ self-assessments – on which the government will depend for calculating how much carbon tax they owe – had errors and 17 per cent had ‘significant errors’. Buried in the footnotes we found the definition of a “significant error” – apparently, a “biggest polluter” has only made a “significant error” in their self-reporting if it is “greater than 40%” of the total annual emissions that qualified them as being a “biggest polluter” in the first place.

The Auditor-General’s report also stated that, “The department [of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency] does not verify the data reported by corporations. It is expected that audits undertaken as part of the compliance and audit program will examine energy and greenhouse data”. It further stated that, “Compliance is defined by DCCEE as: ‘providing the ability for the regulator to encourage affected parties to comply… This definition recognises that the onus for compliance rests primarily with registered corporations.”

And the government’s own Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) tacitly conceded that the auditing process to check whether “polluters” are accurately and honestly reporting their CO2 emissions and energy use, is little more than an exercise in ‘perceptions management’ (ie, propaganda); a Public Relations exercise to maintain public confidence in the scheme. The RIS stated that, “If there was a perception of widespread non-compliance, community support for the scheme would be much harder to maintain (in the absence of community acceptance and support, the long term future of the scheme could be called into question)” … “In closing, it is important to note that, in considering impacts on the credibility of the scheme, perceptions of non-compliance can be more important than the actual level of non-compliance.”

But let us briefly return to the EU-ETS, which clearly doesn’t work, and is a veritable festival of rorts. Including by national governments:

Feb 2, 2011 – This marks the second time in the past year that carbon trading has been shut down. Last year, the U.N.’s carbon market halted for several days when authorities discovered that the Hungarian government had—legally—been reselling allowances that had already been used. In 2009 Europol reported that in certain countries, 90% of the ETS’s trading volume was taken up by value-added-tax scams. Europe’s system has also been plagued by smaller thefts since its founding in 2005, and some companies in the Third World have spewed pollutants simply to eliminate them and sell the carbon allowances to European companies.

And then there are the violations of human rights, including acts of genocide, being imposed on the world’s poorest people by some of the world’s biggest, wealthiest corporations (including the World Bank’s private investment arm); all in the pursuit of profit from carbon dioxide trading schemes:

Sep 21, 2011 KICUCULA, Uganda — According to the company’s proposal to join a United Nations clean-air program, the settlers living in this area left in a “peaceful” and “voluntary” manner.

People here remember it quite differently.

“I heard people being beaten, so I ran outside,” said Emmanuel Cyicyima, 33. “The houses were being burnt down.”

Other villagers described gun-toting soldiers and an 8-year-old child burning to death when his home was set ablaze by security officers.

“They said if we hesitated they would shoot us,” said William Bakeshisha, adding that he hid in his coffee plantation, watching his house burn down. “Smoke and fire.”

According to a report released by the aid group Oxfam on Wednesday, more than 20,000 people say they were evicted from their homes here in recent years to make way for a tree plantation run by a British forestry company…

“Too many investments have resulted in dispossession, deception, violation of human rights and destruction of livelihoods,” Oxfam said in the report.

… Across Africa, some of the world’s poorest people have been thrown off land to make way for foreign investors, often uprooting local farmers so that food can be grown on a commercial scale and shipped to richer countries overseas.

But in this case, the government and the company said the settlers were illegal and evicted for a good cause: to protect the environment and help fight global warming.

The case twists around an emerging multibillion-dollar market trading carbon-credits under the Kyoto Protocol, which contains mechanisms for outsourcing environmental protection to developing nations.

The company involved, New Forests Company, grows forests in African countries with the purpose of selling credits from the carbon-dioxide its trees soak up to polluters abroad. Its investors include the World Bank, through its private investment arm, and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, HSBC.

And this:

Nov 30, 2011 AGUAN VALLEY, HONDURAS – At 3,000 square miles, the Aguan River Valley in northeastern Honduras is about the same size as California’s Death Valley. But despite being green and fertile, the Aguan basin is becoming famous as a “valley of death.” Since January 2010, at least 45 displaced peasants have been killed in clashes over land rights in Aguan, and “the actual number of killings is probably much higher,” according to Annie Bird, co-director of the human rights advocacy group Rights Action (RA), who visited Honduras in September.

Bird and other critics say that the violence in Aguan is driven by competition over resources between local farmers and large-scale, biofuel production facilities. The valley is home to more than a dozen African palm plantations that supply “green” energy to Europe and Asia, as well as a pair of biogas plants that operate as part of a United Nations carbon-credit initiative.

“The agribusinesses are after all the prime farmland in Aguan,” Bird says. “That’s what’s driving the conflict here.”

African palm plantations have also been linked to land-based violence in Indonesia, Africa, and elsewhere in Latin America, as worldwide demand for biofuels has soared in recent years. But using arable land for fuels, as opposed to food production, has caused a spike in global food prices. In October 2011, the U.N. Committee on Food Security issued a report citing biofuel production as one of the leading causes of food shortages worldwide.

Ignoring its own committee’s report, the U.N. continues to endorse the two biogas plants attached to African palm plantations in the Aguan Valley as part of its controversial Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) program. A product of the Kyoto Protocol, CDMs allow governments and companies from Western countries to trade carbon credits with businesses in developing nations that utilize renewable energy and other carbon-saving techniques. Critics of the CDM program point to the food-vs-fuel dilemma, as well as the issue of “additionality” – that is, whether or not a given CDM would exist without U.N.-sanctioned investments. But Bird says there is a moral component as well.

“By approving investment in these projects, the U.N. has made itself an accomplice to a human rights crisis,” Bird says. “It’s just shameful.”

Is it any wonder that there is a growing global movement calling for the abolishing of Emissions Trading Schemes?!?

And yet, here in behind-the-times Australia, our leaders (and cheerleaders) still want to press on with “moving forward” to an internationally-linked ETS.

Weep, laugh, and gnash your teeth along with me, dear reader.

What a risible tragi-comedy our leaders and “experts” are staging here in behind-the-times Australia.

For bankers’ benefit.

At our expense.

Hey You, Bankers’ Stooge! THIS Is How To Save The Planet

10 Mar

This morning I am really angry.

And deeply sorrowful.


Because I watched this inspiring, brilliant, contrarian-thinking, must-watch TED talk, by someone I had never heard of before:

Did you weep a little watching that?

I did.

Seriously. I did.

But why the mixed emotions, you may well ask. Whence cometh your humble blogger’s anger, and sorrow? Surely this is good news, hopeful news, inspiring and joyful news?


I am angry because so many otherwise intelligent, educated, thoughtful, well-meaning people have been fooled into supporting the idea that population control – fewer human beings (notable exception: themselves) – is critical to the future of life on the planet. Hence, all manner of genocidal ideas wearing the mask of “environmentalism” gain support – such as reducing the world’s numbers of cattle, a major protein source in human food consumption in developed nations, and an aspirational one in developing nations.

I am angry because so many otherwise intelligent, educated, thoughtful, well-meaning people have been fooled into supporting the idea that allowing central bankers to create literally trillions of dollars out of thin air to bail out the private bankstering system from 2007-08 onwards, was and is “necessary” … but creating just $175 billion a year to end “extreme” poverty in the world, is not.

I am angry because so many otherwise intelligent, educated, thoughtful, well-meaning people have been fooled into supporting the idea that global CO2 trading schemes – “putting a price on carbon” – will save the planet from global warming; that the politically-legalised financialisation (by bankers) of carbon dioxide “units” – created as electronic digits in a computer, just like money – in order to make carbon dioxide a tradeable “commodity”, is mankind’s best hope for avoiding “catastrophic”, “runaway” climate change, because – so they claim – globalised trading in electronic carbon dioxide “units” (not to mention, their derivatives) will reduce global emissions.

It isn’t –

The world emits 48% more carbon dioxide from the consumption of energy now than it did in 1992 when the first Rio summit took place.

And it won’t –

…the new game in town, the next bubble, is in carbon credits … The new carbon credit market is a virtual repeat of the commodities-market casino that’s been kind to Goldman [Sachs], except it has one delicious new wrinkle: If the plan goes forward as expected, the rise in prices will be government-mandated. Goldman won’t even have to rig the game. It will be rigged in advance.

… Well, you might say, who cares? If cap-and-trade succeeds, won’t we all be saved from the catastrophe of global warming? Maybe — but cap-and-trade, as envisioned by Goldman, is really just a carbon tax structured so that private interests collect the revenues. Instead of simply imposing a fixed government levy on carbon pollution and forcing unclean energy producers to pay for the mess they make, cap-and-trade will allow a small tribe of greedy-as-hell Wall Street swine to turn yet another commodities market into a private tax collection scheme.

I am angry because so many otherwise intelligent, educated, thoughtful, well-meaning people think it is a good thing that powerful lobby groups are now pressuring the government to bring forward the date when our own carbon dioxide “tax” scheme transitions to a full cap-and-trade scheme…

“The Australian Industry Group today called on all sides of politics to support the immediate removal of the fixed price carbon tax and move directly to an internationally linked emissions trading scheme,” Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

…which is exactly what the bankers have wanted from the very beginning:

Australian banks are eyeing opportunities to cash in on the proposed carbon tax by developing new financial products and services that capitalise on a market seen to be worth billions of dollars annually, according to a report by the Australian Financial Review.

Australian financial firms that have experience in European carbon markets, such as Macquarie Group Ltd, Westpac Banking Corp Ltd and ANZ Banking Group Ltd are particularly keen to establish their presence in the Australian market.

The initial three-year fixed carbon tax period from 2012 will serve as time to prepare for the release of ETS permits by 2015, when opportunities will really open up for banks to capitalise on the carbon market.

ANZ’s head of energy trading said the value of the derivatives carbon market would dwarf the $10 billion initially raised by the government, according to the AFR.

I am angry because so many otherwise intelligent, educated, thoughtful, well-meaning people have fooled themselves into believing that the recent history of unlimited, unregulated, unmonitored, off-balance sheet, “shadow” market derivatives creation and trading by the world’s bankers that led directly to the GFC will not repeat itself – think Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS), Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDO), and Credit Default Swaps (CDS); that allowing the bankers freedom to set up a new unlimited, unregulated, unmonitored, off-balance sheet “shadow” market in CO2 derivatives creation and trading is not a recipe for an even greater global financial Armageddon; that the massive “moral hazard” caused by declaring the world’s biggest banks to be “Too Big To Fail” – and now, “Too Big To Prosecute” – is a chance worth taking, in order to “save the planet” from rising CO2 emissions.

I am deeply saddened because simple, commonsense, natural, human-life enabling and enhancing ideas – practical, cheap, non-predatory solutions to the popularly-alleged imminent planetary threat of runaway global warming – from virtually unknown people such as Allan Savory – and one of my favourites, Austrian forester/forest warden, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and Biomimicry experimenter Viktor Schauberger* – continue to be ignored or belittled. And most often by … yes, those very same otherwise intelligent, educated, thoughtful, well-meaning people who, despite their intelligence and learning (and often, because of it, and the pride that follows), on this subject, are simply too dumb to see that they are really just stooges for the bankers:

1. Stooge

Someone who is used by others to get what they want, a clown, a follower.


Whether you are labelled a “denialist” or an “alarmist”, matters little.

Ideas such as those of Savory and Schauberger are worth placing at the top of our priority tree.

Because, unlike the legalisation of carbon dioxide “units” for bankers to trade – or even worse, their off-balance sheet creation and “shadow market” trading of unlimited, unmonitored, unregulated derivatives on top of those carbon dioxide “units” – Savory’s and Schauberger’s ideas can make life better.

For every one of us.

And for more of us. Not less.

So if you really, truly believe that we need to “save the planet” .. and even if you don’t … THIS is how to do it.

Electronic carbon dioxide “unit” trading, as the basis for a secondary, “shadow” banking pyramid scheme of unlimited, unmonitored, unregulated derivatives trading, is not.

The bankers are the problem.

Not the solution.

It is their monstrous, worldwide, daily creation and lending-for-interest/profit of electronic digits that we call “money”, that drives all economic “activity” (ie, “growth”).

When there is less “money”, the economy slows, right?

And with less “growth”, less “activity”, there are less carbon dioxide emissions:

US emissions are up for the first time since recession hit in 2008, in a sign of how closely pollution is linked to economic success.

Instead of blaming a morally nebulous, comfortable, dehumanising label titled “population growth” – that’s real live struggling and loving and caring fellow human beings you’re talking about! – for carbon dioxide emissions driving “catastrophic” “man-made” climate change, take a closer look at the real culprits.

Or as some wisely advise, Follow The Money.

Because “money makes the world go ’round”.

It is the bankers who financed the Industrial Revolution.

It is the bankers who have driven national and social (economic) inequality.

It is the bankers who finance all wars – the most unnecessary, wasteful, inefficient, selfish, and costly “activity” of all (can you believe that economic experts unblinkingly “credit” World War 2 for ending the Great Depression? All that lovely new economic “activity”, you see).

It is the bankers who finance – for profit – all the wasteful, inefficient, selfish, unnecessary consumption of ever more and more and more material “goods” (of ever declining quality/longevity) and “services”.

It is the bankers who have, over many generations, grown immensely powerful and unimaginably wealthy by taking advantage of our foolishly granting them the exclusive power to finance – at interest – all “economic activity”, period.

Activity – so much of which is of dubious real necessity, or value – that needs fossil fuel energy to operate.

Oh yes… it is the bankers who financed – for profit – the growth and power of the fossil fuel energy corporations too.

If you actually believe that a solution to the “climate emergency” that bankers unanimously support, lobby for, and stand ready to massively profit from, is a good idea that will achieve the stated purpose – saving the planet – then you really are, beyond any possibility of dispute, a willfully ignorant fool.

A bankers’ stooge.

* P.S. I found Allan Savory’s brief mention of temperature differentials for desertified soils vs non-desertified soils (at 8:10) very interesting, in light of my reading the works of the little known genius, Viktor Schauberger. Central to his observations, insights, theories, and experiments, was the critical importance of temperature differentials within every body of water.

P.P.S. If (like me) you are interested to know more about Allan Savory’s work, then visit the Savory Institute website.

Most Important Video On The Internet

23 Jul

Please watch the following brilliant video, that some wise and alert Aussie soul has had professionally created.

Sums up perfectly the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, behind our government’s push for a carbon tax / ETS … aided and abetted since 2004 by The Goldman-churian Candidate, Malcolm Turnbull.

I apologise that I am unable to embed it here, so you will have to watch it after the jump – http://kzoo.co/VyQHed

Enjoy … and SHARE.

Green Left Weekly: “More Proof Of The Fakery Of Gillard’s Scheme”

16 Jul

Thank you, Green Left Weekly.


For confirming that I was right.

That the Green-Labor-Independent government’s carbon “X” scheme … IS … A … SCAM.

From Green Left Weekly yesterday (emphasis added):

There’s been so much political spin around the Gillard government’s carbon tax announcement. Of course, there’s the predictable hysterical hollering from the Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce and the climate change denier’s camp, but there is also tons of bullshit from the Gillard Labor government.

However, a couple of developments have provided a much-needed reality check.

On July 12, ABC News said: “Coal mining giant Peabody Energy has teamed with steelmaker ArcelorMittal to launch a $4.7 billion bid for Australian miner Macarthur Coal.”

This was the biggest-ever bid for a coal mining company in Australia and the bid was well above market expectations.

Peabody’s bid made nonsense of the opposition’s shrill warning’s that Gillard’s carbon tax, which will morph into a carbon pollution trading scheme by 2015, spelled the end of Australia’s massive and growing coal industry.

Gillard’s spin merchants were quick to crow about the Peabody bid. But all it really proved was that Gillard’s carbon tax is not a genuine or serious atttempt to address the climate change emergency.

The coal mining boom will continue. The government’s modelling for its “carbon tax” impact says coal production will rise by 109% to 150% by 2050. It expects gas-fired energy to rise by more than 200% by 2050.

There will be no serious investment — public or private — into the needed radical transition to a 100% renewable energy-based economy.

And if more proof of the fakery of Gillard Labor’s scheme, there was this other telling news report.

Peter Martin wrote in the July 14 Sydney Morning Herald: “If Australia’s economists had the vote, Julia Gillard’s carbon tax would win a landslide.

“A survey of 145 delegates attending the Australian Conference of Economists in Canberra finds 59 per cent think the tax is ‘good economic policy’.”

These economists were overwhelmingly economic rationaliststrue believers in the corporate profits-first orthodoxy that has dominated that profession since the 1970s.

What they see as “good economic policy” is good for big business profits and not for our common good or good for the environment.

Unfortunately, some very influential voices in the Australian environment movement have jumped on the Gillard Labor carbon tax bandwagon and regurgitated (or at least endorsed through lack of criticism) the deceitful spin Gillard’s salespeople have been generating.


As has been documented at great length on this blog for months.

Let it be clearly understood.

The Government’s scheme has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment.  Or with “mitigating” so-called “man-made global warming”.

The facts are crystal clear.

From the government’s own website detailing the scheme scam.

From the banking sector’s gleeful announcements of their “new market” and “new products”, within days of the policy detail being released.

And now, even from the hard-core “believers” in MMGW.

The Green-Labor-Independent government’s scheme is nothing more than a global-scale, profit-making, wealth-redistributing, bankster-empowering scam.

Designed by … economists (yes, the very same #JAFA’s who could not even predict the GFC).

Loudly supported bythe economists’ of banks (and other stand-to-benefit Big Business).

For the sole benefit of banks (and other stand-to-benefit Big Business).

If you have any remaining doubts that I am right, then please … take the time to read my several detailed analyses of the Government’s “carbon pricing” scheme scam.

That prove – by simply noting the details buried in the “fine print” of the Government’s own documents – that the entire “mechanism” is designed purely for the benefit of the global financial industry.

The banksters –

Our Bankers’ Casino Royale – “Carbon Permits” Really Means “A Licence To Print”

Government Lies Again – Latest NGER Report Lists Only 299 “Polluters” In Total

I Was Right – Our Banks Begin Preparing Carbon Derivatives Market

Please  … go out now, and start belting your card-carrying green cargo cult member friends, relatives, colleagues, and associates about the side of the head with this news.

From one of their own.

And while you’re at it, ask them to stop and think for a change.

Ask them to stop and think about why Bob Brown and Christine Milne’s Greens Party are really so happy about their great scheme scam.

Which even Green Left Weekly has now denounced as “fakery”.

Bankers’ Chief – Carbon Price Is “Essentially Creating A New Market”

16 Jul

From news.com.au (emphasis added) –

Revealed: The real winners of Gillard’s carbon price plan

Big banks, accountants and lawyers are among the big winners to cash in on the carbon plan, as companies wrestle with reporting requirements arising from the tax.

Banks will be involved in trading carbon permits when emissions trading starts in 2015, and will develop new products to help polluters reduce their carbon exposure.

Australian Bankers’ Association chief executive Steven Munchenberg said the Government’s carbon price was “essentially creating a new market“.

“We would therefore expect to see a range of instruments developed to help companies manage their carbon exposure,” he said.


There you have it.

Straight from the Australian Bankers parasites’ mouthpiece.

The grand Scheme scam to “price carbon” is “essentially” – meaning “in essence” – the creation of a new market.

A bankers’ paradise.

The key thing that bankers’ want – an underlying “market” of carbon permits, on top of which they can then create a whole new carbon “securities” (ie, “derivatives”) casino – is actually built into the Government’s Scheme scam from Day 1 –

Table 6 Compliance

Carbon permits

The domestic unit for compliance with the carbon pricing mechanism will be the ‘carbon permit’.

Each carbon permit will correspond to one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions.

The creation of equitable interests in carbon permits will be permitted, as will taking security over them.


The carbon permits can be used as the basis for bankers to create other, new financial “securities”.

Carbon derivatives, in other words. Derivatives (or “securities”) are the toxic financial “products” that were at the heart of the GFC.

It’s worth noting that the above article is wrong in one very important detail.

Like all mainstream media, this story incorrectly reports that –

Banks will be involved in trading carbon permits when emissions trading starts in 2015

Au contraire!

As I detailed in “Our Bankers’ Casino Royale – ‘Carbon Permits’ Really Means ‘A Licence To Print'”, banks will be able to benefit from fees and commissions from trading in carbon permits, right from the beginning. Even during the so-called “fixed price period”.

How’s that?

Because … it is only “purchased permits” that are not tradeable in the first 3 years.

Freely allocated permits“, on the other hand, are tradable.

As with the now-notorious European ETS scheme, many of our so-called “500 biggest polluters” – 201 of whom may not even exist – will receive lots of “free permits”.  To “assist” and/or “protect” our “trade-exposed” industries, you see.

And those “freely allocated” permits are tradable:

Scheme architecture

Table 1: Starting price and fixed price period

Permits freely allocated may be either surrendered or traded until the true-up date for the compliance year in which they were issued. They cannot be banked for use in a future compliance year.

What’s more, Brown-Gillard’s grand design also allows “polluters” to sell their “freely allocated” permits back to the Government.

That’s right.

Lucky “polluters” will get lots of free permits, which they can either “surrender” back again to “pay” for their “excess” emissions – which they report themselves(!). Or, trade their free permits (for profit). Or, sell their free permits back to the Government … who will use your money to buy those free permits back again:

Buy‑back of freely allocated permits

The holders of freely allocated permits will be able to sell them to the Government from 1 September of the compliance year in which they were issued until 1 February of the following compliance year.

Moreover, the Government is not only “essentially creating a new market” for banks to profit from fees on the simple trade in the carbon permits themselves.

And create their new galactic-scale carbon “derivatives” market, leveraged on top of the simple trade in permits.

The news gets even better for the bankers.

Because the Government’s scheme scam will also set up an “advance auction” system, during the so-called “fixed price period”, where carbon permits valid for the later “flexible price” system can be purchased in advance.

Which is essentially nothing less than a Futures trading system for the bankers and speculators to exploit:

Auctions of permits

The Government will advance auction future vintage permits. There will be advance auctions of flexible price permits in the fixed price period.

It’s easy to see why the banksters’ are pleased right now.

The Government’s scheme allows them to:

1. Begin creating and trading in carbon “securities” (ie, derivatives of carbon permits) from Day 1.

2. Earn fees and commissions from trade in “freely allocated” permits during the “fixed price” period.

3. Earn fees and commissions from Futures trading in the “advance auctions” of “flexible price” permits during the “fixed price” period.

4. Create other derivatives products on top of the Futures trade in advance auctions of permits.

And all this before the all-singing, all-dancing “free market” scheme kicks in three years later.

Any suggestion that this is somehow not a mechanism designed to allow banksters’ to begin creating the Australian arm of their new global derivatives monster – the true goal of the push for global “emissions trading” – is simply a blatant lie.

There is nothing in the Government’s scheme that prevents the banksters from doing everything they have wanted, from the moment the scheme begins.

In fact, as anyone can easily see from a careful reading of the Government’s own documentation, it is perfectly clear that the scheme is purposefully designed to grant the banksters’ free reign. All hidden behind the curtain of the misleading and deceptive name of “tax” or “fixed price ETS”.

Prior to the announcement of the Government’s “carbon pricing mechanism”, I argued extensively – including with Opposition Climate Action spokesman Greg Hunt MP – that the scheme is simply “the bankers’ CPRS by another name”.

Now that the scheme details have been announced, almost every passing day reveals new confirmations that I was right.

The strongest argument for my position comes from the Government’s own official documents.

But it is certainly nice to see the head of the Australian Bankers Association come out within days, and tacitly confirm the truth as well.

I rest my case?

It Begins – Opposition Takes Up The Fight Against The Bankster Class

15 Jul

At last, dear reader.

It begins.

The Opposition beginning to highlight the real purpose behind the global push for trading “hot air”.

The enrichment … and further empowerment … of the global bankster class –

Note that well:

But one of the things that I really want to draw people’s attention to today is the fact that we are learning more and more about just how much money is going to go overseas under this tax. It was obvious on Sunday that in 2020 more than $3 billion was going to go overseas to foreign carbon traders to meet the Government’s emissions abatement targets but if you go out just 40 years to 2050, no less than $57 billion of Australian money is going to go overseas to line the pockets of foreign carbon traders. Within a relatively short time, more than one per cent of Australia’s GDP is going to go overseas to line the pockets of foreign carbon traders. Now, all of us want to help the environment but a get-rich-quick scheme for foreign carbon traders is not the kind of environmental assistance that Australians want. So, I just think that as each day goes past and more details of the Government’s carbon tax package become apparent the less the Australian public like it.

I hope that readers will forgive me a little moment of fantasy. A small, petty indulgence.

In my imagining the teensy possibility that my discussion with Senator Joyce just 2 weeks ago may have just a weensy bit of influence on this small shift of emphasis, in the campaign against the carbon “X” scheme scam.

I met Senator Joyce for the first time on July 1, at the Martin Place No Carbon Tax rally. Despite the pressures of so many wishing to speak with him – as you can imagine – he was gracious enough to make time available to speak with me about several concerns.

The chief of those concerns relates to my view that regular readers will be familiar with.

That is, my firm view – now confirmed by the evidence of the final package – that this carbon “X” scam is and always has been a scam designed solely to benefit bankers, from Day 1.

And therefore, it has also been my view that there is great opportunity for the Opposition to take advantage of Julia’s recent to-ing and fro-ing over whether the scheme is really a “tax”, “like a tax”, or … “an emissions trading scheme”.


By emphasising the simple, demonstrable fact that an ETS only benefits the banksters, and speculators.

And further, that emissions trading has been shown to have zero impact on reducing actual emissions of CO2

Why do I believe it is so important to emphasise the bankster connection?

The reason is this.

While calling the scheme a “tax” has been very effective to date, in appealing to those of a conservative mindset – who in my view are generally predisposed to an ideology of lower taxes – I do not believe it is the most effective strategy for appealing to those of a more so-called “progressive” mindset.

It is my experience that “progressives” are not necessarily predisposed against bigger taxes – provided they can be convinced that it is in “a good cause”.

That is exactly how The Final Solution to global warming – the Great Global Carbon Trading Scam – has been sold to those of a “progressive” bent.

That it is “a tax” … or “like a tax” … that is “the best way” to “save the planet”.

A Robin Hood scheme, that takes from the rich, and gives to the poor, saving the planet in the process.

And so-called “progressives” have lapped this lie up.

It is also my experience that, in Australia at least, pretty much everyone … hates banks.

And it is my observation that so-called “progressives” are often their most fervent opponents.

In my discussion with Senator Joyce, I put this argument forward, and whilst congratulating him on his own frequent mentions of “bankers making fees and commissions from pushing bits of paper around”, impressed on Senator Joyce my view that the Coalition should raise the emphasis on the role of banksters in the Government’s planned scheme.

I explained my view that the polls clearly show those of a “conservative” bent are now very firmly against this scheme, irrespective of what title is given.

And that I firmly believe a significant raising of emphasis on the galactic-scale profit-making opportunity that the Scheme scam represents for global banksters – who are driving the push for global “hot air” trading – may be the best way to now begin appealing to “progressives” and the “undecided”. Using a touchstone for nearly all Aussies, conservative or progressive.

Hatred of banks.

I also suggested my view to Senator Joyce, that the Opposition should begin to do so only after a suitable interlude from the day of our discussion, being the day after Julia’s first backflip on what this scheme really is, a “tax” or an “ETS” .

An interlude of a week or two.

And here we are.

Exactly 2 weeks later.

Pure coincidence, I am sure.

But I do trust readers will understand my choosing to enjoy a little moment of vanity indulgence, on seeing the above statements by Tony Abbott yesterday 😉

Please do spread the word, to all you know.

That our Green-Labor-Independent government’s scheme, is nothing more than a global bankster scam.

As I am confident that one former Goldman Sachs Australia chairman (and “confidential” beneficiary of their deep pockets), Malcolm Turnbull MP well knows.

Spread The Word – “Untouchable” Turnbull Is A Goldman-Plated Turd

14 Jul

The public reception to the carbon “X” is somewhat hostile.

So … quelle surprise! … Malcolm Turnbull is at it again.

From today’s Australian (emphasis added):

Liberal colleagues turn on Malcolm Turnbull over his ‘bitter’ mindset

Malcolm Turnbull is being urged by colleagues to reconsider his future in politics after his latest attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

A senior Liberal told The Australian Online that Mr Turnbull had a strong future in the party, but only if he could shake his “bitter and twisted” mindset.

Another Liberal went further, saying it was time for the former Liberal leader to resign.

“For the good of the Liberal Party and the country, Malcolm Turnbull has to leave the parliament,” the source said.

Here on barnabyisright.com, we have long covered the real background story of Mr Turnbull’s strident advocacy for Emissions Trading.

The background story that calls into question everything about Mr Turnbull’s motives, and actions:

Malcolm Turnbull, the former Goldman Sachs Australia chairman, named co-defendant in a $450+ million lawsuit, and beneficiary of a “confidential” settlement made on his behalf by his former employer, believes so strongly in Australia having an emissions trading scheme for a very good reason indeed.

But I personally harbour the gravest of doubts that “saving the planet” has anything whatsoever to do with it…

Your humble blogger has spoken with a number of persons within the Coalition, in seeking to draw widespread public attention to the above.

I believe that the public has a right to be fully informed about all the details of Mr Turnbull’s long involvement with – and possible obligations to – the international banking giant and carbon dioxide derivatives trading advocate, Goldman Sachs.

It has been made clear to me by informed sources that – in terms of our mainstream media, and this particular story – Mr Turnbull is an untouchable.

So dear reader.

It is clear that, if the truth will out, then it is up to you and me.

The people power of Australia.

To spread the word.

Because our mainstream media will not.

So, if you would like to see the Government’s carbon “X” scheme scam detonated, then I am asking for your concerted help, to make that happen.

To blow up the myth that Mr Turnbull is the politician of great integrity, standing stalwart by his beliefs in the need for an emissions trading scheme – and only an emissions trading scheme – as “the best way” to “save the planet”.

I have tried. Others have tried too. But the mainstream media will not touch this story.

In my firm view, if this story were headline news around this nation – as it should be – then the last bulwarks of public support for the carbon “X” scheme scam would collapse.

As the “conservative” hero and “preferred Liberal PM” of the green cargo cult was seen in a fuller light.

Illuminating the public to his questionable past … and present …. actions.

Please be a light of truth today.

And tomorrow.

And the day after that.

Every day, until the truth will out.

Please, share this post with everyone you know … and, those you don’t.

As a favour to your humble blogger.

To yourself.

And the nation.

Thank you.

* Other, related links to help you to be informed, and to inform –

Compassion For Malcolm – He Just Wants His Balls Back

Malcolm’s Motive: His ETS Lie Unravelled

Doing God’s Work – Turnbull An Angel Of ‘Death Derivatives’

“Turnbull Once Said To Me, ‘You Capitalise On Chaos'”


Initiated by a reader and follower of my Twitter feed, the following exchange took place this afternoon between myself and Mr Turnbull, along with some interjections from Twitter onlookers.

I will leave readers to draw their own conclusions:

* Click on the bold ” @____ ” titles to view original tweets.


@nqcowboy_@barnabyisright@getuppr barnabyisright.com is such a courageous website there is nowhere can be found the identity of the author


@TurnbullMalcolm Would you care to offer FULL disclosure re Goldman, HIH, FAI, “confidential settlement” Mr Turnbull? @nqcowboy_ #auspol

(Interjection by) @gtwarrior47

@TurnbullMalcolm @BarnabyisRight @ Politics is a dirty game Malcom.The goal is to get the labor/green coalition off the treasury bench,


@gtwarrior47 Disagree. The goal is to have an honest, open, transparent Parliament, w/out conflicts-of-interest etc @TurnbullMalcolm #auspol

(Interjection by) @makiwa

@BarnabyisRight Agree. Without full accountability and transparency, we will only have an illusion of change! @gtwarrior47 @turnbullmalcolm


@BarnabyisRight@nqcowboy_ and who are you? Or are you as cowardly as you are scurilous?


@TurnbullMalcolm Not relevant, Mr Turnbull. What is relevant are the facts viz GS, HIH, FAI, ur “confidential settlemnt” @nqcowboy_

(Interjection by) @snowytristan

@BarnabyisRight @TurnbullMalcolm @nqcowboy_ We would like to to know Malcolm. Sounds like Gillard and her cover-ups.


@snowytristan @barnabyisright @nqcowboy_ ok whats the question?


@TurnbullMalcolm RU willing 2 provide public w/ ALL documentation viz GS/HIH/FAI “confidential settlement”? @snowytristan @nqcowboy_ #auspol


@TurnbullMalcolm RU willing 2 publish sworn affidavit that u’ve 0 obligations of any kind 2 GS/their CT interests? @snowytristan @nqcowboy_


@TurnbullMalcolm RU willing 2 publish sworn affidavit that u will receive 0 benefit – financ/otherwise – from ETS? @snowytristan @nqcowboy_


@BarnabyisRight a bit rich from someone who wont reveal his name..but I have no obligations to GS re carbon – only a paranoid wd say I did.

(Interjection by) @KeeptheBshonest

@TurnbullMalcolm @barnabyisright MT, we understand your frustration you will never be PM of Aust but calling folks Paranoid is a bit rich!!


@KeeptheBshonest @barnabyisright conspiracy theorists usually are. Especially when they dont have the guts to say who they are.

(Interjection by) @KeeptheBshonest

@TurnbullMalcolm @barnabyisright No Guts is about you sucking it up and “fully supporting your leader” in the fight for govt old mate, JS


@TurnbullMalcolm You are obfuscating Mr Turnbull. Ad hom. is not honest response to the 3 simple Q’s posed, implies guilt. @KeeptheBshonest


RU willing to publish sworn affidavit to that effect? @TurnbullMalcolm “..I have no obligations to GS re carbon” #auspol


@TurnbullMalcolm RU willing 2 provide public w/ ALL documentation viz GS/HIH/FAI “confidential settlement”? @FixNSWLegal @JamesJohnsonCHR


@TurnbullMalcolm RU willing 2 publish sworn affidavit that u, family, assoc’s, will receive 0 benefit – financ/otherwise, from ETS? #auspol


@BarnabyisRight If you are not prepared to say who you are, then I regret our interesting dialogue will have to come to an end.


@TurnbullMalcolm Sir, it appears you are not prepared to openly, directly, & honestly respond to reasonable questions of public record.

(Interjection by) @NOH8ER

@TurnbullMalcolm That’s not reasonable – what matters is the value of what is said, not who says it, Malcolm. cc.@BarnabyisRight

(Interjection by) @maatilda

@TurnbullMalcolm This tweep has a large following and if you dont respond you condemn yourself @BarnabyisRight


@TurnbullMalcolm As I iterated earlier Mr Turnbull, who I am is irrelevant to the facts. You are the public “servant”. Pls answer direct Q’s

(interjection by) @joneschris79

@TurnbullMalcolm @barnabyisright – don’t let it end. Best Aussie twitter 2n and fro ever. Plus…we want the answers.


@KeeptheBshonest @TurnbullMalcolm @barnabyisright I actually wanted MT to be PM but the GS affair is unsettling.


@NOH8ER @turnbullmalcolm @barnabyisright never liked the kid who took his bat & left a game mid way through because a point went against him


@KeeptheBshonest Never liked “public servants” who attack the man when asked simple, direct Q’s of national import @NOH8ER @turnbullmalcolm


@BarnabyisRight @noh8er @turnbullmalcolm you keep asking the tough q’s mate, MT lacks ticker, that’s why Libs turfed him out


@KeeptheBshonest No, disagree. Think Mr @turnbullmalcolm has lots of ticker. Q’s go to issue of obligation, opportunity, not courage @noh8er


@TurnbullMalcolm I looked forward to you as an alternative to Abbott, then I found out about the Goldman Sachs affair. @BarnabyisRight

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