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Xstrata: We Will Save Money On Showers – Can We Have Our Lolly Now, Julia?

19 Jul

Still working on that NGER data.

I can assure you, the more research one does on the company names and/or ACN numbers that are the only information listed in the full 775 corporation NGER Register, the more clear it becomes what a total pack of lies the government’s “500 biggest polluting companies” page on their new cleanenergyfuture.gov.au website is.

Especially given that right up until a few days before Carbon Sunday, it was actually supposed to be “1,000 of the biggest polluters”. From the same official NGER Register of only 775 listed corporations, apparently.

However, on the happy side, this tedious research is turning up lots of rather unexpected and curious facts.

For example, did you know that in the May Budget 2011-12, the government has planned to spend $3.9 million over 4 years (2010-11 to 2013-14) on expanding its Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism Energy Efficiency Opportunities program? (emphasis added):

Resources, Energy and Tourism

A Cleaner Future for Power Stations

Expense ($m)
2010‑11 2011‑12 2012‑13 2013‑14 2014‑15
Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism 0.5 1.8 0.8 0.9

The Government will provide $3.9 million over four years from 2010‑11 to expand the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program to include the electricity generation sector and to allow the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism to develop new emissions and Carbon Capture and Storage‑ready standards for all new coal‑fired power stations.

This measures includes $3.1 million for the expansion of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program ($0.5 million in 2010‑11, $1.0 million in 2011‑12, $0.8 million in 2012‑13 and $0.9 million in 2013‑14). The program encourages large energy‑using businesses to improve their energy efficiency by requiring them to identify, evaluate and report publicly on cost effective energy savings opportunities. Funding of $0.8 million in 2011‑12 will be provided to determine the scope and application of best practice standards for power stations.

Sounds impressive, right?

One would expect that since they are expanding it, then it must be good, and there is going to be some really significant Energy Efficiencies flow from this $1 million per annum taxpayer-funded “program”, right?

Perhaps not.

Let the recent history of this “program” be our guide.

Would you like to know just what kind of significant Energy Efficiency Opportunities our “biggest”, most evil “polluters” voluntarily reported last year?

By way of one example only, I give you the most recent report to the RET department’s EEO program, by AZSA Holdings Pty Limited.

That’s the Queensland division of international mining giant Xstrata.

And #19 on the latest NGER Report’s list of “biggest polluters” for 2010.

So, what were their three (3) big … and only“significant” “Energy Efficiency Opportunities that have been identified and evaluated” (but not necessarily implemented) in the year 2010?

2010 Opportunity 1 – Use one pump instead of two on the Macquarie Coal Preparation Plant’s clarified water pumping system:

Click to enlarge

2010 Opportunity 2 – Reduce number of dozers at Abbott Point stockpile (by using our brains to avoid double-handling):

Click to enlarge

2010 Opportunity 3 – Use cheaper friction winders on our Tahmoor No. 3 shaft:

Click to enlarge


And the total energy saving opportunity from these 3 “significant” measures that were “identified” and “evaluated”?

6,512 GigaJoules per annum.

When (and if) they actually do it.

Oh … by the way … what was AZSA Holdings’ total energy consumption, as self-monitored and self-reported to the NGER for the year 2010?

Nine million, eight hundred sixty-four thousand, two hundred and eighty-four gigajoules.

9,864,284 GJ.

So these 3 “significant” energy savings opportunities for the year 2010 … equate to 0.066 of one per cent of total energy consumption.

But wait.

Don’t break out the organically-grown sparkling wine just yet, dear reader.

Because AZSA Holdings also did pretty good in the year 2009.

In that year, they identified and evaluated two (2) really “significant” Energy Efficiency Opportunities.

2009 Opportunity 1 – Choose to buy extra dump trucks. For expanded production. And, choose to buy the ones that have the best balance of capital cost/operating cost –

Click to enlarge

2009 Opportunity 2 – Put automatic timers on the Teralba bathhouse. The one we built for 300 miners, but now only has 4 staff, because we closed the mine:

Click to enlarge


That’s a saving of 380 GigaJoules for 2009.

No, not 52,380 GJ.

You can’t count 52,000 GJ of “avoided” energy use per year for extra dump trucks that just happen to be more fuel-efficient than your existing ones as an energy saving, dear reader.

That’s about as logical as saying, “Hey, I’ve decided to buy a new V8 ute, and not a Top Fuel dragster, to drive down to the takeaway for the weekly milk run … look how much petrol I will save!!”

AZSA Holdings reported using 9,205,535 GigaJoules of energy in the 2009 year.

So that light bulb moment of genius in remembering the old disused Teralba bathhouse, represents a saving of … 0.004 of one per cent of total energy consumption in 2009.

(Or 0.56 of one per cent, if you insist on irrationally believing that you can count the purely theoretical saving on the extra dump trucks!)


We save money doing simple, common sense things that any business person worth their salt would be doing anyway.

Increase our profits.

Then run to Uncle Bob and Auntie Julia to tell them what good little boys and girls we’ve been.

And they give us a lolly for “Energy Efficiency”.

Way to go Australia!

We’re really leading the world, with our planet-saving, taxpayer-funded, wankiferous Energy Efficiency Opportunities program, aren’t we.

One can only wonder how many man-hours of valuable executive time is wasted annually in reporting this sort of “significant” nonsense.

And, how many public servants are employed on $80K p.a. to “administer” this highly efficient and useful, planet-saving “program”.

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