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Barnaby: Greens The New Soldiers Of The Dark Age

11 Nov

Senator Barnaby Joyce writes another corker of a column for the Canberra Times (emphasis added):

This empire is collapsing as the Vandals approach

Curtin and Chifley are the Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus of the Australian Labor Party. Leader’s gifted with character and formed by the most precarious event of our nation’s history.

Keating never really blew my hair back. My initial vision of Keating, on the mentioning of his name, is a man proclaiming to the nation that “this was the recession we had to have”. He was generally the narrator more than the architect. He remains a doyen of the second floor of the Senate, the press gallery, and is now deified in musicals to bookstores, but I am always searching for the ardent navigator inside the incisive invective that the media continually proclaims to the world he possesses. He was good but he was Dean Jones not Bradman.

His forebear does, I believe, hold a far more intriguing narrative. Hawke, the drinker, the Rhodes Scholar, the charmer, the statesman, with an innate sense of the Australian people. Hawke was confident and his love of people put him at ease with the electorate and vice versa. Hawke is the triumph of the America’s Cup, the round of golf and a person who was genuinely Australian yet had that presence which resonated in the faces of other world leaders.

When I think of Kevin Rudd I see a man giving a press conference after being disposed of by Gillard. Later, I see a person being moved by the moment of the mosh pit at a concert in Perth, asking if they want to hear him sing, even though, by his own proclamation, he sung like a cow. My skin goes dank and clammy my shoulders buckle and I want to crawl under the table with embarrassment for Kevin.

Julia Gillard is the Romulus Augustus of the traditional Labor party, merely a figurehead of a fallen empire, there at the discretion and direction of the new soldiers of the Dark Age, who need a banner so they call it Green. Once they arrive in the capital you know the epoch is past and the philosophy is fallen. The Greens are the Vandals attracted by the trappings but lacking the competency to run the country which under their rule will pass to dust.

Julia says she wants 8000 new members but this may be a very telling exercise. Her leadership is soulless, her lieutenants are philosophically lazy and her army are mercenaries motivated by influence rather than cause. Get Up, The Greens, the clandestine conspirators, the ultimate benefactors of an ever diminishing union base, are her battalions. They are not motivated by going to the borders to fight for their true constituency for them their energy is directed to the internal archaic spoils of a lost Rome.

This week epitomised a nation that has lost touch with the fundamental concepts of serious management and been replaced by a creed formulated by the Magnus Opus of such wondrous works as The Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. It was tragically congruous that the carbon tax passed on the same day that the media was dominated in Australia by a trial of a case involving a certain doctor and the death of a certain singer in the United States.

So we are building a $50 billion second telephone network when we are only $32 billion away from our next debt ceiling, the point where on presentation of the nation’s credit card, the checkout attendant says “transaction declined, see bank for details.” We have a global economy that is progressing like a drunk on roller skates on the edge of a cliff. We have issues of tuberculosis in our northern neighbours, an inability to properly control our borders and the IMF predicts that China will overtake the United States as the biggest economy in the world, in purchasing power parity terms, by 2016.

Television is occupied with a voyeuristic indulgence; the trial of a doctor, for which everyone has an opinion but for which no one has any real knowledge.

From the questions on the carbon tax that I have asked Penny Wong there is no understanding of the intricate and long-lasting effects to our economy. Most Senators would not have read more than 10 pages of the 18 bills.

In voting for a carbon tax they are voting on the vibe that we can somehow affect the temperature of the globe from this, genuinely wonderful, town of Canberra, not on the stringent, analytical reality of what we are about to do as the Greens reboot our nation at their new year zero.

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