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Are These The Women They Want In Leadership Positions?

20 Sep

I have been scrupulously avoiding exposing myself to the degradation of mainstream “news” media of late. Yet despite my best efforts, I did hear tell that there has been something of a political storm in a tea cup brewed up by some, over the new Prime Minister’s appointing only one woman to a cabinet ministry position.

It seems there are many in our community, and particularly those who self-identify as socially and politically “progressive”, who fervently believe that there should be more women in positions of power and responsibility.

I remembered this, while working out at the gym yesterday.

For the first time, I had taken with me the ear plugs I wear while riding my motorcycle. My aim? To block out the soul-destroying, mind-numbing, monotonic noise of the music videos playing on the gym’s entertainment system. With that noise mostly gone, I was able to work out in relative quiet, and peace. And in that near silence, I could not help but notice instead the monotonic images flickering from the ubiquitous TV screens.

Here are just two of the many, thematically-identical music videos that I recall seeing yesterday. Watch both of them. Right through. Take careful note of how the main characters are clothed. Or not. Their physical behaviour. What the videographers repeatedly draw your attention to. And if, perchance, you still don’t “get” the common theme, consider also the lyrics:

Lyrics – Rude Boy

Lyrics – Talk Like That

I do not see “free”, “liberated”, “empowered” females there.

I see debasement.

I see enslavement.

I see two souls. Two beautiful Beings. Whose bodies have been commodified. Used. To make money. For other people.

Alas, what I also see, are role models. For today’s young females.

Tomorrow’s adults … parents … and purported national leaders.

I cannot but wonder at the myopia of those who have selfishly sought to gain political (and/or self-assumed moral) advantage, by making a song and dance about there being only one woman — a “token”, they say — appointed to the new government’s inner cabinet.

Are these gender warriors really, truly concerned about “advancing the cause of women”?

If so, then perhaps we may, some day, witness their abandoning the weight of their double standards, and taking up arms with equal umbrage over the rampant sexploitation of females in music, in advertising, indeed, in just about all forms of modern mass “communication”.

We may even see them actively supporting, rather than viciously mocking — as is their wont — the likes of Melinda Tankard Reist.

Forgive me for saying so, dear reader.

But methinks the latterly-caricatured and ridiculed “home maker” female of generations past, likely enjoyed more dignity, respect, and freedom, than the 24/7 sexploited “working” female of the “liberated”, “progress-ive” present.

“None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Moment When Gillard Jumped The Shark

12 Jun

Conservative blogger Andrew Bolt has called it right – “Is this the most stupid, divisive and dishonest speech in Australian politics?”

Some very interesting comments — from those most un-likely — are quoted at that link. Worth a look.

Guest Post – Fat Bottomed Girls Still Make The Rockin’ World Go Round

21 Mar

Submitted by collaborator and stylist, Zeg.


If you were unfortunate enough to watch one of the most one sided and non objective screenings of the ABC’s Q and A show last night then you are also privy to yet another disgusting display of  the twisted and bitter mind of Germaine Greer. This once General of the Sisterhood turned around last night and defamed PM Julia Gillard by telling us all with a grin on her smug face “Face it Julia, you have a fat arse.”. Nothing was gained from such a comment except for a quick giggle from the other collection of clowns on the panel.

Can you imagine what the outcry would be like if Abbott or Joyce or really any man had said the same thing? This would be headline news but for some reason this FORMER Feminist ( that is what she is now after this attack ) has managed to get away with this slur with bugger all outrage from the sisterhood and the useful idiots of the left.

I guess when you are that much of a legend in the minds of those who would rather see us all dressed in the same drab green clothes and carrying little red books, then you can just about get away with anything, even if it goes against all that you have claimed to be about for decades.

Seriously speaking though, this proves once again just how irrelevant, self deluded and out of touch Germaine Greer has become and that the Female Eunuch was never about the cause of equal rights for women but more about breaking down the family unit thus weakening the foundation stones of our Western Capitalist society….. MARXISM 101!

Greer is no longer paid to think but rather to cause controversy and to throw a spanner in the works of decent debate when she hasn’t appeared in the headlines for a while.Don’t take my word for it, go to this link if you feel so inclined to download the episode and see for yourself just what a horrible bitter person she really is now and for that matter how such a comment can pass unchallenged on this show of “objective debate???” and with this panel of “experts???”, without a whimper.



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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above article are the author’s own. They should not be interpreted as reflecting any views held by Senator Barnaby Joyce or The Nationals

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