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#JAFA – Just Another F***ing Academic

26 May

In recognition of last week’s “independent” Climate Commissioners’ report on global warming – handed down from on high by dinosaur bone “scientist”, “Mr Panasonic” Tim Flannery – and in honour of the new anti-carbon tax Galileo Movement, I’m going to make a commitment.

To inaugurate a new Twitter # tag in my future tweets whenever global warming, carbon dioxide taxes/trading, or climate “science” is topical.

#JAFA. Just Another F***ing Academic.

True science has always been about questioning the “consensus” view. Doubting the “experts”.

Perhaps my favourite scientist of all time is 15th century genius, polymath, mystic, and Catholic Church cardinal (!), Nicholas of Cusa.  One of his master works is titled, De Docta Ignorantia.

On Learned Ignorance / On Scientific Ignorance.

In the words of another true scientist, 20th century Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman:

Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts

Hope to see your own ‘learned ignorance’ flowing on the #JAFA stream.

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