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Gillard Government Praises Its Corruption

3 Apr

“Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges”

Tacitus, Annals, Book III, 27

Translation: The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.

Variant: The more corrupt the state, the more laws.

Original Quote: And now bills were passed, not only for national objects but for individual cases, and laws were most numerous when the commonwealth was most corrupt.

Your humble blogger always finds it bemusing to hear politicians – of all stripes and colours – proudly boast that their passing more new laws is a “record of achievement.” One that somehow proves they are doing a good job.

Indeed, our present ALP government has made it something of go to slogan of self-praise … and self defense. Especially when their manifest incompetence – record debt, endless deficits, bungled “stimulus”, bungled mining tax, failed asylum-seeker policy, et al – is pointed out.

Naturally, the mainstream media parrot the politicians’ crapola without thought:

But is the Gillard government really as ”incompetent” as it seems? Despite the drama, the Parliament under Gillard has passed 485 bills since the end of 2010… Over a similar period, the Rudd government had 409 bills passed, while the Howard government passed 520 in its final three years.

Ok, maybe our politicians are not “incompetent” after all.

Just corrupt.

Reality Bytes

5 Feb

As I Said … This Will End Well

28 Mar

Remember how “the Left” constantly attacked the Howard Government for appearing to be America’s lap dog?

I wonder how “the Left” will respond to the increasingly obvious reality, that the Gillard Government is no different.

Worse, indeed.

From The Australian (emphasis added):

US spy drones may fly from Australian atolls

AUSTRALIA’S Cocos Islands territory could be used as a staging point for spy flights by United States military drones over the South China Sea, according to an US newspaper report.

Citing US and Australian sources, The Washington Post said the Pentagon was eyeing the Indian Ocean territory’s coral atolls as an ideal site to launch Global Hawk surveillance drones, as well as manned surveillance flights.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith has previously revealed Australia’s Cocos Islands territory could be used “down the track” for a jointly-operated Australian-US air base.

But it is the first time the territory has been suggested as a base for unmanned spy flights.

“Aircraft based in the Cocos would be well-positioned to launch spy flights over the South China Sea,” The Washington Post notes.

According to the newspaper, US officals are also “intrigued” by the potential offered by Australia’s HMAS Stirling naval base, at Perth, and a possible new fleet base at Brisbane.

It says HMAS Stirling “could service US aircraft carriers, other large surface warships and attack submarines”.

The US is anxious to expand its reach in the Indian Ocean amid a strategic pivot towards South-East Asia.

The apparently well-sourced report will further arouse the suspicions of China, where military planners are already concerned about the growing US military presence on Australian soil.

The report comes as Australia prepares for the arrival of the first of 2500 US Marines for deployment in Darwin.

Under the plan announced by US President Barack Obama and Julia Gillard, the troops from the Hawaii-based Third Marine Regiment are expected to be based at Darwin’s Robertson Barracks.

They will spend months training at the Australian Defence Force’s Bradshaw and Mount Bundy training areas in the Northern Territory.

A US Marines air-ground taskforce is designed to fight at short notice as a powerful, self-contained force with its own protective air power, able to land on a hostile shore or carry out non-combat operations such as disaster relief.

It will give Washington the ability to intervene in the region quickly in the event of a crisis.

The Marines will eventually bring considerable equipment with them, including amphibious assault ships similar to the two giant landing helicopter docks being built for the Royal Australian Navy, along with Harrier Jump Jets and troop-carrying helicopters.

As I said back in November, when the permanent US Marines base on Australian sovereign territory was announced by Gillard … this will end well.

The Chinese made their views clear back then:

China reproaches Australia over strengthened US defence ties

CHINA has strongly reproached Canberra over strengthened US defence ties, warning Australia may be “caught in the crossfire” if the United States uses new Australian-based military forces to threaten its interests

A strongly-worded editorial in the state-owned People’s Daily said the new Australian-US defence pact posed a security threat to Australia.

“Australia surely cannot play China for a fool. It is impossible for China to remain detached, no matter what Australia does to undermine its security,” it said.

“If Australia uses its military bases to help the US harm Chinese interests, then Australia itself will be caught in the crossfire.”

The editorial admonished Australia for relying on China for its economic interests while turning to the United States for political and security purposes.

“Gillard may be ignoring something – their economic co-operation with China does not pose any threat to the US, whereas the Australia-US military alliance serves to counter China,” it said.

One can only imagine how the Chinese Government will view this latest development.

The word “escalation” springs to mind.

As I said back in November… more brilliant strategy from our government.





Still, look on the bright side.

Things could be worse.

Tony Abbott says he would “go even further” in bending Australia over for “the most benign, the least self-interested superpower the world has seen”.

Oh, wait … about all those Newspolls showing a comprehensive win for the Abbott Coalition at the next election.

This will end well.


Apparently Gillard has been secretly negotiating an increased military “presence” in Australia for over a year:

THE expanded US military presence in Australia is likely to include giant unmanned patrol planes using the remote Cocos Islands and aircraft carriers, and nuclear-powered attack submarines based in Perth as part of efforts to refocus American defence resources in the region.

Top US defence officials are considering Australia’s major naval base, HMAS Stirling, south of Perth, as a “sorely needed” place for the US navy to refuel, re-equip and repair its surface warships and submarines in the Indian Ocean.

The US Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, is due to visit the base and facilities in Darwin shortly, and reports suggest Australia might have been encouraging the US to increase its military presence. Mr Mabus told The Washington Post: “It’s fair to say that we will always take an interest in what the Australians are doing and want to do.”

US and Australian officials quoted in the article say these arrangements are being considered as part of the major expansion of military ties between the two nations discussed in confidential talks over the past year.

Oh, it is what “Australians” want to do, is it?

The plot thickens.

US “informers” in the very heart of the ALP. A popularly-elected PM who had disobeyed the US, knifed by his deputy at the behest of ALP powerbrokers, including the long time US “informer”. A new PM who attacks a citizen who had embarrassed the US by releasing thousands of US diplomatic cables, and who invites the US to establish permanent military bases on our soil, while at the same time, deliberately weakening our own Defence Force by starving it of funding.

The stench of treason grows stronger by the day.


Senator-to-be Julian Assange is right:

Mr Assange was sharply critical of the federal government and the opposition, saying there was “very little difference between Liberal and Labor, especially once they get into government. Labor suffers more from cronyism, while the Liberals care more for big business”.

On international issues, Mr Assange said Australian diplomacy must take into account the likelihood that the US faced “serious decline” during the next 15 to 20 years – indeed “collapse of its superpower status”.

In these circumstances he supported much more regional engagement and an increased defence and intelligence budget “to reduce our reliance on the US”.


“Look look Mr President! We can bend Aussies over even farther than the ALP!!”:

A COALITION government would be “very positive” about any proposal to lease Australia’s Cocos Islands territory in the Indian Ocean to the US for use as a military base, Opposition Defence spokesman David Johnston says.

Could This Be Gillard’s Biggest, Most Epic Fail Yet?

21 Nov

Remember how your humble blogger described the Gillard “deal” to base US troops in Northern Australia?

In just a few words … “This Will End Well”:

More brilliant strategy from our government.





And sure enough, barely four days later, and it is already becoming clear that I was right.

What has been achieved, is another Labor epic FAIL.

They have antagonised not only China, but Indonesia as well.

Not that you would think so from the government and media “spin” lies about those nations’ reactions:

Smith downplays US-China crossfire claim

Defence Minister Stephen Smith has downplayed suggestions of China’s displeasure with a new military arrangement between Australia and the United States, saying the official response has been measured and appropriate.

Under the new arrangements announced during US president Barack Obama’s visit to Australia, US marines will start training in the Northern Territory from next year, increasing to a force of 2500 by 2016.

Liu Weimin, a spokesman of China’s ministry of foreign affairs, said the move may not be in the interest of countries in the region and questioned the expansion of military ties while global economics were still shaky.

But an editorial in China’s state-run People’s Daily goes further, saying if Australia uses its military bases to help the US hurt Chinese interests, then “one thing is certain … Australia itself will be caught in the crossfire”.

Mr Smith said media commentary should be “divorced” from China’s official response.

“And the official response has quite frankly been a measured one,” he told Network Ten on Sunday.

“It hasn’t been over the top.”

Ahhhh … Steve, ‘ol son. Two points.

One. The Chinese are famously circumspect in their language. An official response saying that our government’s decision “may not be in the best interest of countries in the region” is a pretty big red flag.

Two. The People’s Daily is state-run. The regime can, will, and does, make clearer statements in its media organs, than it ever does in official diplomatic comments. So you can probably take as gospel that if The People’s Daily speaks of Australia being caught in “crossfire”, that is exactly what the regime is really thinking.

Indeed, they said a little more than that, didn’t they?

A strongly-worded editorial in the state-owned People’s Daily said the new Australian-US defence pact posed a security threat to Australia.

“Australia surely cannot play China for a fool. It is impossible for China to remain detached, no matter what Australia does to undermine its security,” it said.

“If Australia uses its military bases to help the US harm Chinese interests, then Australia itself will be caught in the crossfire.”

The editorial admonished Australia for relying on China for its economic interests while turning to the United States for political and security purposes.

No question about it.

You have antagonised the Chinese. Best get yourself a copy of Sun Tzu’s “Art Of War”, Mr Smith. It might help you get a clue.

And what about Indonesia? We’ve long had a tetchy relationship with them.

Did our government consider the possibility of “blowback” from our nearest big neighbour?

Gillard reassures Indonesia in bilateral talks

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the Indonesian president understands Australia’s growing military ties with the United States are not a threat.

Ms Gillard says she discussed the issue with president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on the sidelines of yesterday’s East Asia Summit and during their bilateral meeting in Bali today.

Yesterday Mr Yudhoyono told reporters that both Ms Gillard and the US President, Barack Obama, had guaranteed they had no intention of disturbing Australia’s neighbours.

Ms Gillard says Indonesia has no reason to be concerned.

“President Yudhoyono certainly understands that this is a step forward in our defence cooperation with the United States,” she said.

“We are a long-term ally of the United States. That this step forward in our defence cooperation is not aimed at any nation in our region.”

The very fact that reassurances have had to be given, proves two things.

1. The prospect of a US-Australia military deal was not discussed with the Chinese or the Indonesians prior to announcing it. FAIL.

2. They are concerned … else there’d be no need for reassurances. FAIL.

This grandstanding decision by Gillard, part and parcel of nauseatingly brown-nosing the warmongering Peace Prize winner Obama during his flying visit Downunder in order to get a desperately-needed lift in the polls and save her leadership during “killing season”, may very well turn out to be Gillard’s biggest, most epic fail yet.

Big call.

But then, so is pissing off (1) your biggest customer, (2) your biggest creditor, and (3) your biggest neighbour, all just to lift your own beleaguered standing within your own party.

Barnaby: Support Mike Smith

18 Sep

Message From Barnaby:

As you know I have spoken to Michael Smith quite a bit over the last few years.

Mike was on 4BC Drive in Queensland and went to 2UE in Sydney, but it now appears he has ruffled the wrong feathers as I haven’t heard him on the radio lately.

I hope that this is not the case but there may be certain people in this building in Canberra who are a bit upset with Mike.

Well, as one maverick to another and a pretty keen supporter of free speech in the Fourth Estate, I ask you to sign a petition in support of Mike.

Here are the details should you wish to do so.




Gillard Is Right … To Speak Freely

2 Sep

Look at all the hypocrites, dear reader.

Look at all the little hypocrites attacking Gillard, for questioning the High Court’s decision on her government’s Malaysian people-trading deal.

How dare she question their decision!

I mean, seriously. Not one of us would even dream of thinking that a court got it wrong if they made a judgment that we didn’t like, now would we?

Oh no.

Each and every one of us would totally and unquestioningly accept that the judge/s know better than us, are infinitely wiser, all-knowing and all-understanding, infallible gods-made-flesh of truth, justice, and virtue.

Oh yes.

Even if the court’s decision totally f***ed us over … say for example, in a Family Court decision over parental access rights … we would all, each and every one of us, meekly and unquestioningly prostrate ourselves before the bench and accept our fate.

Give me a break!

Each and every one of us would do far more than think questioning thoughts.

We would all give voice to our dissatisfaction. Long and loud, to anyone who would listen. In one way or another.

Let us be clear. I am making no comment on the Malaysian people-trading deal, or the government’s competence, or indeed, on the wisdom (or otherwise) of Gillard saying what she has said (ie, given the complex and nuanced context of her position as PM, and this particular situation). Regular readers will have a pretty fair idea of my views on those specific points of order 😉

What I am commenting on, is the sheer unadulterated hypocrisy … and even worse, the galactic stupidity … of all those (especially in the mainstream media) who have climbed onto an even higher horse than before, simply because Gillard has dared to express a different view to the High Court.

Our judges are human.

They are also highly pampered, pompous, arrogant, disconnected-from-reality lawyers, for God’s sake!

They are not infallible.  They are not unassailable genii.

It is perfectly acceptable … I would argue, needful … to question all authority.

You are a disgrace to Australia’s heritage, spirit, and traditional values if you do not.

And, you are also an idiot if you do not question all authority.


Because history demonstrates very clearly, that any “authority” left unquestioned for very long, very soon becomes a law unto itself.

Think about it.

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire


The Australian Catholic University’s Professor Greg Craven, author of “Conversations with the Constitution”, agrees that “.. Julia Gillard’s criticisms of it [the High Court] aren’t that scandalous“.

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