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So You Don’t Think This Is A “Fix”?

21 Sep


Coalition MPs’ fury over the release of new carbon tax analysis

The release of fresh modelling has sparked uproar during a committee hearing on Labor’s carbon tax bills, with Coalition MPs angry that Treasury analysis was released just minutes before the inquiry convened…

Labor released its updated modelling at 9.09am this morning, just six minutes before the commencement of the joint select committee into the government’s carbon tax bills.

The modelling looks at the impact of Labor’s proposed $23-a-tonne carbon price, following previous studies which used a $20-a-tonne price.

“As expected, the updated modelling shows almost no difference with the previous modelling exercise,” Treasurer Wayne Swan and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said in a joint statement.


The public is given less than a week to review 1,100 pages of legislation, and make submissions to the Joint Select Committee.

The Treasury modelling used as the basis for economic argument supporting the legislation’s rationale, is withheld.

Revised modelling at the true set price is released 6 minutes before Treasury appears to face Parliamentary scrutiny.

And a 15% difference (increase) between the previously modelled price, and the actual price, will make “almost no difference”.


If you believe that, then you’re clearly a Blind Man, and I’ve got a wedding ring to sell you … that’s actually a rat’s arsehole.

A fitting metaphor for this government.


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