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Barnaby: The Big NBN Con

22 Dec

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 22 December 2011:

The Regional NBN spin, The NBN reality, The Big Con

Senator Conroy stated on 7th September that “the NBN will provide a massive economic boost for the Australian economy, particularly in regional and remote communities.”

Well if you are looking for remote Julia Creek with a population of 500 between Mt Isa and Townsville as your piece de resistance and the Labor Party’s NBN goes right under the town. Surely Senator Conroy would be mugged by logic and lobbied by his regional advocates, Windsor, Oakeshott and Co., to connect to J. C. for Christmas. The town even has the same first name as your boss Stephen! Nope – they bypassed logic and left Julia Creek just as they found it, waiting for wireless, with the vision of Windsor, Gillard and Conroy pushing the big regional telecommunications button in Armidale burning in their retina.

The stoic remote town of Julia Creek, because it has a population of 500, does not qualify for the fibre optic service, even though it runs right under the town. The amazing vision of the Labor Party.

The council has been told by NBN Co that it will cost them $1.14 million to connect and they should just wait for the wireless service.

But why is it that the Town of 1770 with a population of just 80 does qualify for the fibre connection? Why are 30 other towns, many with much less than the magic 500 population figure, getting access to the fibre optic service?

Senator Conroy also said “One of the great benefits provided by the NBN to rural communities will be important eHealth services that will mean people, especially the elderly, will be able to access high end medical support in their own homes and not have to travel great distances to large cities.”

Apparently not if you live in Julia Creek even though the optic fibre cable is just beneath them, so close, as they say, if it was a black snake it would bite you. So what was the point in making all those wonderful promises, only to deny people access when the cable turns up?

It is starting to look like a big con Stephen. There is not much point to a railway line without railway stations.

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