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Guest Post – Another Pledge To Not Trust

28 Feb

Submitted by collaborator and stylist, Zeg.


Geez, you really do want to believe her this time. I mean there is nothing healthy or good for our democracy to see such factional in fighting in any Governing party. Alas I naively believed her when she said that “there would be No Carbon Tax under a government I lead” because I just thought that once she said it and it was on the public record that she would not be so bold or stupid as to break that pledge….. well as they say the rest is history and so is she and her party come the next election because you just cannot believe that she will be able to command and control a caucus in which one in three members have lost faith in her leadership, plus the fact that she has lead such a disastrous government so far and that the people have not forgiven her for stabbing their PM in the back. Rudd may not have been any better a choice to lead this country, I still remember all of the mistakes that he made but one thing is for sure, he was the people’s choice and deserved the chance to fight it out with Abbott….. that is democracy!


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above article are the author’s own. They should not be interpreted as reflecting any views held by Senator Barnaby Joyce or The Nationals

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