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Your Super Screwed By The Laboral Party

8 Feb

Oh dear.

The way things are going, your humble Cassandra may be forced out of retirement.

Just to say “I told you so” and “Uh huh, here it comes, folks”.

Superannuation is in the news.  Lots of news.

There’s two “angles” to this super news.

Firstly, the obscene largesse manifest in the retirement benefits enjoyed by politicians (and public servants) at the taxpayers’ expense. For life. Tax free.

Secondly, the hot new story (long predicted at this blog) that these same politicians, not content with leeching off the public throughout their sordid lives of so-called “public service” before retiring to quieter lives of richly undeserved luxury, are … surprise surprise … looking to dip their greedy fingers into your super savings. Why? Well, if for no other reason than that the miserable vermin simply can’t balance a budget, for love nor (borrowed) money.

Let’s resist the temptation to immediately launch into a completely justifiable rage-filled rant on the first “angle”, and begin with a look at the second.

Former regular readers of this little blog will doubtless recall the many proffered warnings that both the Labor and Liberal parties – henceforth to be known as the “Laboral Party” – have their eyes firmly set on stealing your super.  Indeed, their plans are well advanced to do just that –

Stealing Our Super: I DARE You To Ignore This Now
Labor Begins To Steal Your Super
It Has Begun – Labor Steals Liberal’s Idea To Steal Your Super

That was back in 2011. There’s more where they came from (see “Search” function at top right of this page).

The latest news revolves around speculation that the Labor(al) Party would like to fiddle the tax system with intent to grab a larger chunk of “wealthy” Australians superannuation when they retire. Here’s Business Spectator’s Robert Gottliebsen:

Treasury and the politicians are canvassing the taxing of those with superannuation fund balances of over $1 million, forgetting that the $1 million, if invested in bank deposits, would yield only $38,000 in income.

Retiring Attorney General Nicola Roxon’s parliamentary superannuation is worth at least $10 million but she would not be taxed under the proposal being canvassed because her pension (like that of senior public servants) is virtually free so it is not declared “middle class welfare”.

To tax unfortunates who receive no ‘free’ money but set hard earned cash aside to fund their retirement via superannuation, but are now struggling, is simply grossly unfair.

Note well, that was “Treasury and the politicians”. Let’s not forget that arguably the greatest rort of all is not so-called “middle class welfare”. It is UPPER class welfare. And upper class welfare goes largely to the quietly swelling hordes of “public servants”, such as those aforementioned Treasury officials. Here’s The Australian’s Adam Creighton a week ago:

A more blatant example of upper-class welfare is found in Canberra, among the bloated senior ranks of the public service. Thousands are paid exorbitant sums grossly disproportionate to the social value of their output. Taxpayers lavish salaries between $200,000 and $750,000 a year on almost 2900 senior public servants. Another 13,230 are paid about $150,000 a year.

Whole suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne pay tax to support this artificial, taxpayer-created upper class, whose incomes dwarf similarly employed public servants in London and Washington DC.

And that is just their incomes.  Their superannuation “entitlements” (what a multi-faceted word that is, for politicians!) are equally scandalous.  Here’s Robert Gottliebsen last year:

Former superannuation minister Nick Sherry has blown the lid on Australia’s greatest rort, the $210 billion unfunded public sector defined benefit superannuation schemes.

The Canberra public service beneficiaries of this rort are often the very people who are attacking legitimate savers in the private sectors who put money aside to pay for their retirement.

…it is outrageous that “protected” public servants should be plotting against private savers whose level of retirement savings depends on investment returns.

And at that time, many others including The Australian’s David Crowe weighed in:

Labor’s budget strike on wealthy Australians has opened a hornet’s nest of inequity, as politicians, senior public servants and judges are spared the full force of changes that will raise $2.5 billion from superannuation.

The Gillard government scrambled to clarify its tax plans late yesterday as experts slammed the measures for hurting workers trying to save for their retirement without imposing the same penalties on others.

As the Coalition accused Labor of waging “class warfare” with its budget handouts, industry groups declared it unfair to extract tax revenue from superannuation in ways that could not be levied equally on everyone earning the same income.


The latest round of speculation about the Laboral Party dipping their hands into private citizens’ retirement savings has culminated in the usual scramble of hastily issued denials and butt-covering.  But make no mistake, the real war between the ruling class and We The People over superannuation will not go away:

Julia Gillard’s move yesterday to rule out taxes on income from superannuation balances over $1 million may have cut off one new revenue raising option for the May budget, but like a hydra-headed monster, other options to milk the $1.4 trillion industry are set to emerge.

The possibilities now under consideration include new taxes on contributions for higher income earners and a possible increase in the 15 per cent tax on investments in superannuation.

But the increasing anger over the past week at the prospect of a tax on withdrawals on superannuation funds worth more than $1m, or even a mooted $800,000, highlights the political risks of the government’s persistent meddling…

Now here’s the thing.  One of the reasons this is a hot story in the media, is because it is controversial.  It plays beautifully into the “Us vs Them” false paradigm that is the heart of social engineering.  And on more than one level.

It’s not just the broader public “Us” versus the smaller political class “Them”.

The media (and so, much of the public) have engaged in a hot debate about low-middle-income “Us” versus high-income-earning “Them”.

On more considered inspection, what I am seeing is the slow rise and rise of yet another false paradigm.  One that I think is perhaps even more insidious than the old revolutionary standbys, the “workers vs capitalists”, “proletariat vs bourgousie”, and “people vs politicians”.

What I am seeing is a new variation on the theme. Generation X + Y + Z “we don’t have much super yet” “Us” … versus Baby Boomer “those bastards DO have a lot of super” “Them”.

In other words, what we are seeing being fostered here is inter-generational warfare.

It is another very useful weapon in the armoury of social engineers, with which to bring about the “social revolution” needed to usher in their self-serving dystopian fantasies.  It is a subtle weapon that works in exactly the same way as “female empowerment” and “same-sex equality” … by creating and fostering a false paradigm of social dis-harmony and division.

I’ve been seeing the same basic argument raised all over the news comments and financial blogosphere, by poor downtrodden oppressed (note, sarcasm) Gen X-Y-Zers like your humble blogger – that tax concessions on superannuation for “wealthy” baby boomers should be withdrawn.  A common argument being bandied about is that “Sure, $1million may only represent $38K per annum and that’s not much to live on in retirement, BUT that is calculated by NOT drawing down the principal; those greedy, lazy Baby Boomers should be calculating their superannuation drawdowns so they are stony broke when they kick the bucket.”

I take issue with that rationale.

Once upon a time, it was … scary old-fashioned word coming up … traditional, for adults of the species to aspire to leave an inheritance for their children. And for society to consider such aspirations admirable, and conducive to social stability.

(Indeed, our very own Laboral Party politicians all solemnly proclaim that they want a free and independent society of self-reliant individuals, and that they wholeheartedly support the noble and worthy aspiration to succeed in life, save, and so be able to support oneself in retirement, and so NOT become a burden on the taxpayer.  Until they start running out of other people’s money to squander, that is. Then, you are magically and instantly transformed, by the power of self-serving political “necessity”, into an evil “wealthy” person who needs to be taxed more, in order for society to be made more “fair” and “equitable”)

No longer is it fashionable, indeed conscionable, to leave an inheritance for your children, or so it seems.  Now, in these modern advanced times, such notions are deplorable.  Calculate your entire wealth to the last penny, and make sure you die penniless.  Ungrateful offspring be damned.

I do wonder whether those same Gen X-Y-Zers who are eagerly falling for the “greedy Baby Boomers” inter-generational-warfare-as-tool-of-social-revolution-and-control nonsense, and want to see their parents’ retirement savings taxed harder, have really thought this thing through.

But I digress.

What I am most interested in is the obscene, unconscionable hypocrisy of the ruling class in this country.

The politicians, of every bent.

And the armada of “senior public servants” who really run the country.

So, rather than wading into the inter-generational warfare trap that others so readily fall into, let us retain our love of each other, our parents, and our friends’ parents.

And look instead to the real enemy.

Those #&^%$! on the telly –

Retiring MP’s have income for life

Nicola Roxon will leave parliament with a six-figure pension.

The former attorney-general and former Senate Leader Chris Evans will each be rewarded in their political retirement with incomes more than $50,000 above the average wage.

Ms Roxon could receive more than $120,000 a year for life, while Mr Evans’ pension could exceed $140,000 a year.

More Lies From Gillard

18 Apr

The lying is without end.

From Yahoo!7 News:

Ms Gillard said both state and federal revenues had been hit hard by the global financial crisis and were in the same boat.

“For the federal government, our revenues have been hit by $140 billion – it’s an extraordinary amount of money.

“(But) we have matched all of our expenditure with savings since mid-2009 – that’s the hard work of government.

No, that’s two lies in two sentences.

First, as we have seen previously ( Wayne’s “Per Cent Of GDP” Lies Debunked, Our Media In $140 Billion Lie For Wayne ), “our” total government revenues have actually gone up, by $23.67 billion in 2010-11 vs 2007-08 (pre-GFC).  And for this year 2011-12, the government’s November ’11 forecast was for an increase in Total Revenue of $37.41 billion vs 2007-08. The truth is, the only thing that has been “hit”, is the Treasury department’s wildly exaggerated May Budget forecasts. You know … those grand annual smoke ‘n mirrors performances, where the Treasurer tells the nation what a great job he is going to do in the next year, using deceitful words that project an appearance that he has already achieved it … and then, never actually does it.

About Gillard’s second lie.

As we have also seen previously, the government’s Expenditure has blown out by a whopping $91.64 billion versus 2007-08. But in Gillard’s statement, she claimed that the ALP has “matched all of our expenditure with savings since mid-2009”.

Oh really?

In the 2009-10 financial year, the government spent $339.23 billion.

In the 2010-11 financial year, the government spent $356.1 billion.

And this year, the government most recently forecast that they will spend … wait for it … $371.74 billion.

So, they spent $16 billion more in 2010-11 than they did in 2009-10. And they expect to spend $31.58 billion more this year, than in 2009-10.

But Gillard claimed that Labor has “matched all of our expenditure with savings” since mid-2009?!

If we took her words 100% literally, we would rightly ask, “Ok, show us where you saved $356.1 billion in 2010-11 and $371.74 billion this year?”

But let us be generous.

Can Gillard show us where the government actually “saved” $16 billion in 2010-11, and $31.58 billion this year? That is, savings equivalent to the extra government spending in those years, versus the year she referenced, 2009-10?

Of course not!

The simple truth is, this government has spent more (borrowed) money, every single year since coming to power.

Far more.

And, they are bringing in more Total Revenue than ever before.

This government’s mode of lying about the budget is very simple.

Every claim they make about “falling” revenue, or “write-downs” to revenue, or “hits” to revenue, or revenues supposedly “lost” to “global economic turmoil” or “the floods” or this or that or the other, is a lie.

Actual government revenue in total, is UP.  It is only “down”, or “lost”, by comparison to their wildly exaggerated annual May budget “forecasts”.

And every claim they make about government spending, is also a lie.

They are spending literally tens of billions more money now, four (4) years after the GFC, than any Australian government has ever spent.

Every statement uttered by this government about the budget, and its economic management, is a lie, distortion, or misdirection.

I have never witnessed a more corrupt, more blatantly and repeatedly dishonest pack of politicians in this country in my lifetime.

Governments To Sue Climate Change

12 Apr


Is there anything they can’t do (h/t Homer Simpson):

The inaugural COAG Business Advisory Forum has agreed on six priorities, including national environmental reform, as a way of cutting government red tape.

The other areas include the treatment of major development proposals, the rationalisation of climate change litigation programs, further energy market reform, development assessments, and best practice approaches to risk-base deregulation.

“We are determined to get this done,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard told reporters in Canberra on Thursday.

The priorities will be put to a leaders’ meeting of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) on Friday.

Julia’s Education Revolution sure has worked wonders with the Australian Associated Press (AAP).

Julia’s Delusional Disorder Diagnosed In 23 Seconds

31 Mar

Guest Post – Fat Bottomed Girls Still Make The Rockin’ World Go Round

21 Mar

Submitted by collaborator and stylist, Zeg.


If you were unfortunate enough to watch one of the most one sided and non objective screenings of the ABC’s Q and A show last night then you are also privy to yet another disgusting display of  the twisted and bitter mind of Germaine Greer. This once General of the Sisterhood turned around last night and defamed PM Julia Gillard by telling us all with a grin on her smug face “Face it Julia, you have a fat arse.”. Nothing was gained from such a comment except for a quick giggle from the other collection of clowns on the panel.

Can you imagine what the outcry would be like if Abbott or Joyce or really any man had said the same thing? This would be headline news but for some reason this FORMER Feminist ( that is what she is now after this attack ) has managed to get away with this slur with bugger all outrage from the sisterhood and the useful idiots of the left.

I guess when you are that much of a legend in the minds of those who would rather see us all dressed in the same drab green clothes and carrying little red books, then you can just about get away with anything, even if it goes against all that you have claimed to be about for decades.

Seriously speaking though, this proves once again just how irrelevant, self deluded and out of touch Germaine Greer has become and that the Female Eunuch was never about the cause of equal rights for women but more about breaking down the family unit thus weakening the foundation stones of our Western Capitalist society….. MARXISM 101!

Greer is no longer paid to think but rather to cause controversy and to throw a spanner in the works of decent debate when she hasn’t appeared in the headlines for a while.Don’t take my word for it, go to this link if you feel so inclined to download the episode and see for yourself just what a horrible bitter person she really is now and for that matter how such a comment can pass unchallenged on this show of “objective debate???” and with this panel of “experts???”, without a whimper.



Twitter – @Zegcartoonist
Blog – http://zegsyd.blogspot.com/

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above article are the author’s own. They should not be interpreted as reflecting any views held by Senator Barnaby Joyce or The Nationals

Gillard Teaches Lying To 9 Year Olds

4 Mar

New reader Jason Williams writes:

Gillard is a terrible role model for my daughters. Whenever they lie nowadays and get caught out they use her as an excuse!!!! They are not even 10 years old!! They showed me this clip by the way.

The equal rights for women movement must be very proud.



Owed To Me: Gillard vs Rudd

24 Feb

My thoughts on the Labor Party’s leadership contest. Sing along now:


Thank you to all who have shared this little video, which has now (midnight Saturday) provided amusement over 10,000 times both here and on YouTube since posting late on Friday afternoon.

Sharing is caring.

Gillard’s Deficit Of Moral Hygiene

16 Feb

Can you smell that, Australia?

That awful smell is Julia Gillard’s deficit of moral hygiene.

Senator Joyce smells the end for that bad smell, in his column for the Canberra Times:

Gillard’s inevitable end now in sight

As said in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ”for some moments in life there are no words”. Julia Gillard should have pondered this in a far more deliberate manner before staff members started putting words to paper justifying her impending assassination of the then prime minister while she was emphatically denying any knowledge of such.

It was the latest farce in a retinue of quite unbelievable and contradictory statements to add to the ever expanding list of unbelievable and contradictory statements given in her time as Prime Minister of Australia.

It is all over for Julia; it is merely a political sleepwalk to the inevitable cliff. If you have a mortgage and it is based on a politician’s wage and you have a politician’s temperament then you are going to cover your bets and Julia Gillard is full weight on a very slow horse on a very heavy track. Only a fool backs a circus pony on a fine day at Randwick.

No one cares that she is ambitious as all politicians are. They care that on repeated issues she has been shown as not putting any worth in her own word. The PM’s office comes with a great and honourable creed answerable to 22.5 million people and the lives of many more who have passed but whose legacy underpins all we have. Public policy is public business and the higher the office the more esteemed your warrant should be held.

In the opposition of late we are starved of attention as blanket media coverage deals with the issue of not whether but when the inevitable will happen and PM Gillard, like a Roman Emperor, is assassinated for an heir.

So where does Labor go? Kevin Rudd has burnt too many bridges and poisoned too many water holes. He is the bad boyfriend knocking at the door with a fresh bunch of flowers but the same old lines and the same old habits. Kevin Rudd would have to hit the polls before the flowers fade or all would remember why they broke up with him in the first place.

If as a party you are seen as erratic then you have to look boring and Stephen Smith has boring writ large all over him. Bill Shorten has not proved himself away from promoting himself, he was quite obviously a Bill for Bill man and, in politics, we pick that flaw long before any others do because we all have a little bit of that flaw in us.

The storm cloud that hangs over all Labor pretenders and contenders is the carbon tax and how much sway does Dr Bob Brown have in the lives of the nine out of 10 people that did not vote for him or his Greens party.

Parliament has a very bad habit of a fascination in the noble irrelevant cause and the just plain irrelevant. Sometimes an issue carries a fervour that is intense like a bolt of lightning but merely metres away it is no more than light and noise and over the hill it is a distant rumble.

Gay marriage is an issue that is big on ”The Drum” and in the inner suburbs. Away from the lifestyle hub, it is an issue but not a top issue of concern and as a priority is only a fraction of the concern associated with security in a job or the cost of living.

Regional Australia and the outer suburbs are thinking about other things, especially lately if they work for a bank or an aluminum smelter.

Let us be honest how long into the initial conversation of your courtship did you ask ”what do you do for a job” and how long would you of kept the account open if the reply was ”I am on the dole”. All, like politicians, are ambitious for the higher things, such as wages. Ask any union rep if this is not the case.

The romantic recluse from the reality of the world is great company for that bohemian escapade somewhere between the age of 18 and 24 but then they go quickly out of style along with tattoos, cars that don’t start and tacky flats in dodgy suburbs.

The dilemma, have a heart or have a head; which will Labor choose?

Barnaby: “Julia Has Cooked Her Own Goose”

3 Feb

Barnaby Joyce was in cracking form today on radio MTR1377:

“The carbon tax is the biggest scam since … a pyramid scheme that if I mention its name I’ll get a suit”

And so much more. Unmissable.

If only we had many more plain-speaking, no BS, down-to-earth Aussies like Barnaby in Parliament.

Listen to The Man after the jump.

An Average Aussie Unloads On The Average Labor Pollie

30 Dec

Reader “Tomorrow’s Serf” has a thoughtful word or many for modern Labor:

And so this is Christmas, and what have we done? Another year over……

We been forced to watch as our fantastic country has been poured down the toilet towards economic disaster by a bunch of, at best, incompetent, and at worst, treasonous fools and morons.

We have housing going down, retailing going down, mining slowing down, shares and stocks going down, (and up a bit and then down some more) economic activity everywhere going down, employment going down, happiness going down.

And interest rates, they’re going down……but not for long. And when they too start going up, that’s when the S will really H the F!!

Well something’s got to be going up! That’s right, government debt levels (last check, it was $228 billion??), unemployment, mortgage stress, senior executive salaries, politicians salaries (did Craig Thompson get a 40 percent pay rise too for his contributions to the sex industry?). Food prices, fuel prices, electricity prices. Then there’s the increasing number of useless bureaucrats, increasing taxes and surchages, fees and tariffs. Fines and penalties too. Yep, there’s lots of things going up.

I sit here in chilly old Bremen, Northern Germany, suffering from catastrophic global warming (BRRRRR!! NOT), enjoying my front-row seat watching first hand the implosion of that brilliant piece of social and economic engineering, the european union, implode in real time. Who designed this mess? Probably a politician, a bureaucrat or a banker. Probably a mix of all three!! And to think that the silly old Greeks jiggled their books, with the help of our old friends from Goldman Sachs (Hi Mal, we’re watching you) to be allowed in. I wonder if, now that the european credit card has been thoroughly maxed out, and the bill is now due, whether they think, with the benefit of hindsight, that it was such a good idea to join. Anyone for an Austerity Riot??

Which makes me wonder about the wisdom of we Aussies allowing ourselves to be dragged into the next great social and economic experiment, APEC. The Asia Pacific Economic Council. But Julia seems to think it makes good sense. She was recently running around the Pacific somewhere, minding someone else’s business, as she does, bleating about Free Trade, and closer ties. You know, all the usual stuff.

But this is the same woman/politician who thinks other things are good ideas too. Things like NBN’s, Pink Batts, BER’s, MRRT’s (just as the mining boom busts), MDBA’s (because you can’t let farmers have water to irrigate – hell, they might grow some food), Carbon Taxes (sorry, make that a Bankster generated, Carbon Dioxide Derivative Trading Platform), shutting down the live cattle trade in the NT, shutting down the coal mining industry, stopping logging activities in Tassy, flip-flopping on flogging uranium to India, blowing out the Federal Budget to around $230 billion in 4 years, giving cash handouts to support Asian electronics industries, encouraging people smuggling, and appointing a global corporation like Serco (who the hell is Serco, anyway??) to run our Gulags for us, again at considerable cost to the long-suffering taxpayer.

If you wanted to destroy the economic structure and fabric of a nation, you couldn’t make a better choice than appointing the current Labor government.

Not that I think this is really a “Labor” government. Labor was the party of the working man. The guy who rolled his sleeves up and worked hard, played hard, drank hard. You know who I mean. The bloke you couldn’t help but admire. So he voted for his political team, like my tradie mates still do. Fair enough. But they mis-spelt “Labor”. They are being conned by the modern Labor politician. Today’s Labor pollie has never handled a shovel, can’t wire up a house, couldn’t fix an engine, can’t change a washer or a light bulb, and has certainly never milked a cow or driven a tractor.

What he/she can do is think up smarmy one-liners to insult his constituents, he can stare straight into a TV camera and lie with conviction about giving a rats arse about the average punter. Today’s Labor politician is adept at explaining unusual official Credit Card activity at brothels and restaurants (Craig), is not above threatening staff members at hospitality venues with the loss of their jobs if a table isn’t immediately made available for them (eh Belinda), is a master of the “late night meeting” with “business associates” hoping to secure “NO BID” mining leases all over the country side. He is a whizz at lining his own pocket at the expense of the citizen. He/she are charlatans.

This mob is not the Real McCoy. It’s a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. It’s a cobbled-together mish mash of self interested “Save the Worlders” with a bunch of political opportunists with economics and law degrees and stints at the UN (like Craig Emerson our Trade Minister) Anthony Albanese (remember him with his smarmy side swipe at “the Convoy of NO Confidence” calling it instead “the Convoy of No Consequence”.)

It’s a mob trading on the fond memory of probably well meaning and patriotic Labor politicians of days gone by. Chifley, Curtin. Those guys. They’d roll over in their graves if they could see this current lot.

No, I’m afraid this lot aren’t there for us. Nobody could be THIS bad by accident. And if it’s not accidental, then it’s deliberate. And if it’s deliberate, then it’s treason.

And that’s a hanging offense (or should be).

We’ve asked for an election. We’ve demanded an election, and they laughed at us and gave us a Carbon Tax. They’ve lied, cheated, given themselves a 40 percent pay rise whilst battlers who voted for them (and those of us who didn’t) struggle.

Maybe we just have to occupy Federal Parliament and have them arrested!!

It’s time to call a spade a Bloody Shovel. Yes indeed, it’s long past time.

I feel better having gotten that off my chest…

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