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Owed To Me – Gillard vs Rudd (Reprise)

21 Mar

A moment or two of deja vu:

When Frustration Over Politicians’ Deceit Spills Over

19 Apr

Regular readers know that there is far, far more to the story of the mining tax, and the knifing of popularly-elected PM Kevin Rudd, than what has been presented by politicians and the mainstream media.

[see Swan’s Anti-Australian Rant A Smokescreen For Treason; also The Galactic Hypocrisy Of Wayne Swan; also What Your TV Will Leave Out Of The Clive Palmer “CIA” Sound Bites]

Indeed, it is a veritable cesspool of international intrigue, plutocratic coercion and bribery, treason, and geopolitical manipulation.

So I am confident that many readers will, as I do, closely identify with the profound sense of frustration felt by all those who are awake to the far-reaching implications of the lies and deceit at the core of Australian politics; a frustration well enunciated here by Daily Telegraph writer Joe Hildebrand (h/t readers “Kevin Moore” and Twitter follower @Prronto for the link):

Owed To Me: Gillard vs Rudd

24 Feb

My thoughts on the Labor Party’s leadership contest. Sing along now:


Thank you to all who have shared this little video, which has now (midnight Saturday) provided amusement over 10,000 times both here and on YouTube since posting late on Friday afternoon.

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Barnaby: “Julia Has Cooked Her Own Goose”

3 Feb

Barnaby Joyce was in cracking form today on radio MTR1377:

“The carbon tax is the biggest scam since … a pyramid scheme that if I mention its name I’ll get a suit”

And so much more. Unmissable.

If only we had many more plain-speaking, no BS, down-to-earth Aussies like Barnaby in Parliament.

Listen to The Man after the jump.

An Average Aussie Unloads On The Average Labor Pollie

30 Dec

Reader “Tomorrow’s Serf” has a thoughtful word or many for modern Labor:

And so this is Christmas, and what have we done? Another year over……

We been forced to watch as our fantastic country has been poured down the toilet towards economic disaster by a bunch of, at best, incompetent, and at worst, treasonous fools and morons.

We have housing going down, retailing going down, mining slowing down, shares and stocks going down, (and up a bit and then down some more) economic activity everywhere going down, employment going down, happiness going down.

And interest rates, they’re going down……but not for long. And when they too start going up, that’s when the S will really H the F!!

Well something’s got to be going up! That’s right, government debt levels (last check, it was $228 billion??), unemployment, mortgage stress, senior executive salaries, politicians salaries (did Craig Thompson get a 40 percent pay rise too for his contributions to the sex industry?). Food prices, fuel prices, electricity prices. Then there’s the increasing number of useless bureaucrats, increasing taxes and surchages, fees and tariffs. Fines and penalties too. Yep, there’s lots of things going up.

I sit here in chilly old Bremen, Northern Germany, suffering from catastrophic global warming (BRRRRR!! NOT), enjoying my front-row seat watching first hand the implosion of that brilliant piece of social and economic engineering, the european union, implode in real time. Who designed this mess? Probably a politician, a bureaucrat or a banker. Probably a mix of all three!! And to think that the silly old Greeks jiggled their books, with the help of our old friends from Goldman Sachs (Hi Mal, we’re watching you) to be allowed in. I wonder if, now that the european credit card has been thoroughly maxed out, and the bill is now due, whether they think, with the benefit of hindsight, that it was such a good idea to join. Anyone for an Austerity Riot??

Which makes me wonder about the wisdom of we Aussies allowing ourselves to be dragged into the next great social and economic experiment, APEC. The Asia Pacific Economic Council. But Julia seems to think it makes good sense. She was recently running around the Pacific somewhere, minding someone else’s business, as she does, bleating about Free Trade, and closer ties. You know, all the usual stuff.

But this is the same woman/politician who thinks other things are good ideas too. Things like NBN’s, Pink Batts, BER’s, MRRT’s (just as the mining boom busts), MDBA’s (because you can’t let farmers have water to irrigate – hell, they might grow some food), Carbon Taxes (sorry, make that a Bankster generated, Carbon Dioxide Derivative Trading Platform), shutting down the live cattle trade in the NT, shutting down the coal mining industry, stopping logging activities in Tassy, flip-flopping on flogging uranium to India, blowing out the Federal Budget to around $230 billion in 4 years, giving cash handouts to support Asian electronics industries, encouraging people smuggling, and appointing a global corporation like Serco (who the hell is Serco, anyway??) to run our Gulags for us, again at considerable cost to the long-suffering taxpayer.

If you wanted to destroy the economic structure and fabric of a nation, you couldn’t make a better choice than appointing the current Labor government.

Not that I think this is really a “Labor” government. Labor was the party of the working man. The guy who rolled his sleeves up and worked hard, played hard, drank hard. You know who I mean. The bloke you couldn’t help but admire. So he voted for his political team, like my tradie mates still do. Fair enough. But they mis-spelt “Labor”. They are being conned by the modern Labor politician. Today’s Labor pollie has never handled a shovel, can’t wire up a house, couldn’t fix an engine, can’t change a washer or a light bulb, and has certainly never milked a cow or driven a tractor.

What he/she can do is think up smarmy one-liners to insult his constituents, he can stare straight into a TV camera and lie with conviction about giving a rats arse about the average punter. Today’s Labor politician is adept at explaining unusual official Credit Card activity at brothels and restaurants (Craig), is not above threatening staff members at hospitality venues with the loss of their jobs if a table isn’t immediately made available for them (eh Belinda), is a master of the “late night meeting” with “business associates” hoping to secure “NO BID” mining leases all over the country side. He is a whizz at lining his own pocket at the expense of the citizen. He/she are charlatans.

This mob is not the Real McCoy. It’s a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. It’s a cobbled-together mish mash of self interested “Save the Worlders” with a bunch of political opportunists with economics and law degrees and stints at the UN (like Craig Emerson our Trade Minister) Anthony Albanese (remember him with his smarmy side swipe at “the Convoy of NO Confidence” calling it instead “the Convoy of No Consequence”.)

It’s a mob trading on the fond memory of probably well meaning and patriotic Labor politicians of days gone by. Chifley, Curtin. Those guys. They’d roll over in their graves if they could see this current lot.

No, I’m afraid this lot aren’t there for us. Nobody could be THIS bad by accident. And if it’s not accidental, then it’s deliberate. And if it’s deliberate, then it’s treason.

And that’s a hanging offense (or should be).

We’ve asked for an election. We’ve demanded an election, and they laughed at us and gave us a Carbon Tax. They’ve lied, cheated, given themselves a 40 percent pay rise whilst battlers who voted for them (and those of us who didn’t) struggle.

Maybe we just have to occupy Federal Parliament and have them arrested!!

It’s time to call a spade a Bloody Shovel. Yes indeed, it’s long past time.

I feel better having gotten that off my chest…

Pedal To The Metal – Gillard Shows Rudd How To Drive Up Debt

13 Dec

As an avid motorcyclist and former GT Falcon owner, your humble blogger can certainly vouch for the thrilling adrenalin rush one experiences from serious acceleration.

But it seems I have a thing or two to learn from our flame-haired PM about getting thrust in the back.

Former PM Kevin Rudd knows all about it, as the chart below demonstrates:

Click to enlarge

Interesting, is it not?

The epic acceleration in government debt under Kevin Rudd abruptly halted for two months, immediately after Gillard knifed him.

She was distracted, you see. Eyes off the road.

Too busy bending over trying to quickly tune in radio 1ETS and 2MRRT before the 2010 election.

Election over, and deal done with the Greens and “Independents” to form government … then instant pedal to the metal.

Given it was then 2 years since the first GFC peak had passed us by, one can only wonder just what Julia was accelerating away from.

It is certainly clear what we are now rapidly accelerating towards.

In case you were wondering, that little flat spot about $20 billion below the $200 billion line?

Yep … it’s the period around the May 2011 budget.

Can’t be racking up the debt at a rate of $1 – $2 billion per week when the big Budget night is coming up. Especially when you are trying to distract everyone’s attention from the upcoming record deficit announcement, by lying about jobs creation.

Budget passed, provisions to steal your super enacted, debt ceiling raised by 25%, financial year ended … and it’s pedal to the metal again.

On the fast track to hit the $250 billion debt wall by mid-2012.

The chart above shows monthly CGS outstanding up to end November 2011.

So far this month, Julia has added another $4.5 billion to the total – now $223.4 billion.

With another $3 billion to be added this Thursday 15th.

$7.5 billion in a fortnight.

Forget CO2 … I reckon she’s flicked on the N2O.

Otherwise known as “laughing gas”:

“It Is Australia’s Version Of Watergate”

26 Jun

Journalist Piers Akerman is a certainly a polarising figure. But love or loathe him, one cannot deny that he has been a tireless campaigner in seeking to bring those responsible for the infamous Heiner Affair to account.

As has Senator Barnaby Joyce.

Akerman spoke with Barnaby this week about what has become Australia’s version of the Watergate scandal that brought down US President Nixon:

Fielding ignominiously leaves the Senate at the end of the month — and there is speculation that he may be feted by Labor with a government position in return for his support in blocking the inquiry [into the continuing coverup by the QLD and now Federal ALP Government’s of the pack rape of an aboriginal child in custody, implicating current Governor-General Quentin Bryce and the man who put her there, Kevin Rudd]. Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce said Fielding had acted reprehensibly.

“The Greens are untrustworthy, but Fielding has a job … or thinks he has a job,” the blunt-talking Queenslander said. “The victim really wants to be able to speak publicly but she has been paid $120,000 by the Queensland government to shut up. For me it is quite simple: It is Australia’s version of Watergate.

“This is a blunt and blatant form of cover-up in a deal with the Greens and now, apparently, Steve Fielding. What did the Labor Party say to him?

“Hetty Johnson rang me almost in tears after she had sacked him as chief of White Balloon Day. How could anyone vote against an inquiry into the rape of an Aboriginal girl?”

Joyce accused the Greens and Fielding of being party with Labor to an “organised cover-up”.

“If they think there is nothing there, let the inquiry proceed,” he said. “In life, some things worry you, this worries me to the core of my being. A girl has been raped and there has never been an open and public inquiry. Labor has never disclosed why it doesn’t want an inquiry.”

The Senate, he said, may be peculiar, there may be people with pretty extreme views, but no one ever thought they’d be complicit in outrageously dishonorable activities.

The action this week was dishonorable, he said. Even the Clerk of the Senate, Dr Rosemary Laing, said in a written advice on a submission received on this matter that “there is no doubt the subject matter is very serious”. Which surely begs another important question.

If the Clerk of the Senate, having read a submission, regards the matter as “very serious”, has the Senate acted improperly in attempting to have it swept under the carpet?

Further, the submission which she comments upon publicly has not been released, which must be a parliamentary first. Joyce’s description of this as Australia’s Watergate is most appropriate: It was not the crime that sank US President Richard Nixon, it was the cover-up.

This crime has a victim, a girl, then 14, raped in 1988. The perpetrators haven’t been charged. She received hush money from the Queensland government last year, effectively gagging her from speaking out. She needs to have her voice heard.

This is not about an old crime. It is about an ongoing and disgusting cover-up by shameless politicians and their hypocritical supporters in a ghastly denial of justice.

See Barnaby Joyce’s “outraged” press release on this matter – “Barnaby: Transparency Thwarted By Absolute Hypocrisy Of So-Called Champions Of Transparency”

Barnaby On Heiner Affair: “Transparency Thwarted By Absolute Hypocrisy Of So-Called Champions Of Transparency”

23 Jun

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 23 June 2011:

Heiner Affair Still Under Wraps

Today, the Senate dealt with a matter of grave seriousness involving an incident where a girl who was allegedly raped at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre in 1988 by 2 people.

Today, Senator Xenophon proposed a Senate inquiry into this matter which would have given the victim her opportunity to speak out under the rules of Parliamentary privilege.

It was bitterly disappointing to once more see the process of transparency thwarted by the absolute hypocrisy of the so-called champions of transparency and independence, Senator Fielding and the Greens.

The issues pertaining to the events surrounding an occurrence at a corrections centre in Queensland once more have drawn a dark pall over our Chamber as an unholy amalgam was brought together to preclude a lady from a process that the Parliament of this nation should have given to her.

You can leave this Parliament in dignity or you can leave in disgrace. Senators should reflect strongly on which alternative they choose.

I’d like to refer to a speech I gave on this matter in 2007 when I first attempted to table the Rofe report:

I have crossed the floor on the legal rights of David Hicks. I was part of the reason the legal rights of the West Papuan refugees were preserved. But it is only now, when the people in a position of power are threatened, that there are those who state it is smear and muckraking. Fiat justitia ruat caelum: though heaven may fall, justice will be done. This issue has seen the attempt to use the mechanisms available in Queensland, and they have obfuscated, contrived and corrupted the process. Public ventilation of these crimes is crucial in bringing this issue out of its contrived maze and into the light of conclusion. … A proper investigation may dispel these. I seek leave to move that the documents in the Rofe report now be tabled.

Senate Hansard, 19 September 2007

The response was this:

Leave not granted.

There’s a very good reason why this despicable affair remains hushed up.

It would bring down the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce.

A great mate of the bloke who appointed her.  KRudd.

And mother-in-law of the PM-in-waiting (and the man already planning to steal your super), Bill Shorten.

For more on the Heiner Affair, see here.


From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Family First Senator, and sexual abuse survivor Steve Fielding, has been dumped as the patron of White Balloon Day, an awareness campaign for child sexual abuse victims, on his last day in Parliament, for failing to support a Senate inquiry into sexual abuse.

Greens and government Senators also failed to back Independent Senator Nick Xenophon’s motion for a Senate committee to investigate the alleged pack rape of a 14-year-old girl at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre in Queensland in 1988.

An inquiry into the case was shut down by the Queensland Goss government in 1990, with documents controversially shredded. Last year the victim was paid $120,000 in ‘‘hush money.’’ There has been four investigations into the case to date.

Leader of the Nationals in the Senate Barnaby Joyce was outraged Senator Fielding and the Greens did not support the bill.

Malcolm’s Motive: His ETS Lie Unravelled

24 May

Did Malcolm Turnbull lie about the real reason for changing his mind about his decision to quit politics, barely two weeks after announcing it?

From ABC’s Sunday Profile, May 28 2010:

Mr Turnbull is my guest on Sunday Profile. Welcome to the show. I’m Monica Attard.

When he rescinded that much publicised resignation from parliament Malcolm Turnbull says it was Prime Minister Rudd’s decision to shelve the ETS (emissions trading scheme) until at least 2013 which spurred him on.

Got that?

It was Rudd’s decision to delay the ETS that spurred Malcolm to go back on his decision to quit politics.

So, when exactly did Kevin Rudd announce his decision?

From ABC News, May 4 2010:

Rudd confirms ETS delay

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the Government’s emissions trading scheme is being delayed until 2011.

He has also cut the price of carbon from $40 to $10 for the first year of the scheme.

From Nine News, May 4, 2010:

The federal government will delay the start of its carbon pollution reduction scheme by a year and could seek deeper cuts to emissions than originally planned.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd cited the recession, a need to give certainty to business and a chance to negotiate a global agreement in December as the reasons for the decision.

This decision was a momentous decision for Australian politics.

Careers have risen and fallen as a result. More will.

Now consider.

Kevin Rudd’s big decision was kept so secret, that not even Peter Garrett, the government’s own Environmental Protection Minister, was told about it in advance.

From ABC News, June 5 2010:

Peter Garrett has admitted he was kept in the dark over the scrapping of the Federal Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme.

The Environmental Protection Minister told Sky News today he found out the scheme had been dropped when he read about it in a newspaper report.

Now, let’s review the dates of news reports concerning Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement of (1) his decision to retire, and (2) his rapid change of mind.

From the SMH, April 16 2010:

Turnbull quits politics

From the Herald Sun, April 25 2010:

Former Liberals leader Malcolm Turnbull is seriously reconsidering his decision to quit politics.

From the SMH, May 1 2010:

Former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull has made a dramatic return to politics, sparking a rethink on leadership and climate change within his party.

Hang on.

Didn’t Rudd announce the oh-so-secret decision to delay the ETS three days later, on May 4?

Even the Environment Protection Minister Peter Garrett says he didn’t know about the decision until he read about it in the newspaper on May 4.

So, how could Malcolm Turnbull possibly have known about it before April 26, in order for the Herald Sun to publish their story saying that he was “seriously reconsidering” his retirement decision?

Malcolm allegedly changed his mind sometime in April … while “overseas” … because he was “spurred on” by Rudd’s decision to delay the ETS.

A secret decision, announced on May 4th.

I think it is abundantly clear what the real reason is for Malcolm’s change of mind:

The Australian, March 13 2009

HIH score settled for Malcolm

Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull looks set to emerge from his long court case over HIH Insurance with his former employer, the Goldman Sachs merchant bank, making a confidential settlement on his behalf.

Learn more about Malcolm Turnbull’s real motives here – “Compassion For Malcolm: He Just Wants His Balls Back”.

Finally, it is interesting to note that many on the left of politics admire Malcolm Turnbull as a man of integrity, precisely because of his consistent strong stand on emissions trading. Malcolm Turnbull consistently polls better with Labor/Green voters on the question of Preferred PM, than he does with conservative voters.

In the interview mentioned above, Malcolm Turnbull was questioned about Tony Abbott’s famous Kerry O’Brien interview, where it is said that he “gaffed” regarding politicians and truth-telling.

This is what Malcolm had to say about it:

MONICA ATTARD: Have you ever in an unscripted moment said something that wasn’t the entire truth?

MALCOLM TURNBULL: I believe that politicians should speak the truth all the time. Invariably there will be occasions when you make statements that are factually incorrect due to an error…

But then there’s the occasion when politicians will say things that are simply not true … That is something that I think should not happen. That’s a no-no. That’s a third rail that you shouldn’t touch.

MONICA ATTARD: And that’s not what Tony Abbott was doing though in relation to the taxation that he was being questioned upon?

MALCOLM TURNBULL: I believe politicians and everybody for that matter should aim to be accurate and truthful in what they say at all times.

Now you can be truthful and inaccurate but what you shouldn’t be doing at any time is saying things that are untrue

The Real Reason Why Gillard’s A Spinster

1 May

Why is Julia Gillard really an unmarried, childless, career politician spinster?

The answer may surprise you.

Take a look at the following chart, showing Commonwealth Treasury Note auctions from March 2009 through this past Friday (click to enlarge):

Source: Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM)

Since Ms Gillard took over the nation’s top job, the size of weekly Treasury Note auctions has jumped dramatically.  Under Gillard, the government has auctioned $46.7 billion worth of Treasury Notes in just 10 months.  By contrast, the Fairy Ruddfather sprinkled $50.2 billion in the preceding 15 months, before Gillard banished him to the spare bedroom:

Now, it’s important to understand the special significance of Treasury Notes.  According to the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM):

Treasury Notes are short-term debt securities used primarily to meet within-year funding flows. Issuance decisions are made weekly and depend on the Government’s projected daily cash position for the weeks ahead.

Then there’s this:

Treasury Notes are not expected to make a major contribution to overall funding for the 2010-11 financial year as a whole.

Right. With 2 months to go, she’s already auctioned $11.1 billion (31.5%) more in Treasury Notes than the Fairy Ruddfather did in the previous financial year.


Clearly, a Gillard-led government is incapable of managing the weekly cashflow.  The kitchen’s closed, the children are running amok, the House is a shambles, and the budget is out of control, ever since she took over the purse-strings.

Which explains once and for all, why she’s an unmarried, childless, career politician spinster.



P.S.  I thought it apropos to reveal Gillard’s big secret today.  A day so very close to Julia’s heart.  International Worker’s Day.  Labour Day.  Otherwise known as May Day.

That’s also why I’ve changed this blog’s theme colour for today – in honour of the occasion.  Though I’ll admit it was rather difficult to decide whether it was more apropos to go red or …

“Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.”

– Margaret Thatcher, 1976

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