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Raising The Ruddy Standards

8 Jul

Hell Freezes Over

18 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 18 March 2010:

Hell Freezes Over: Cameron / Barnaby Agree

For once, Senator Barnaby Joyce agrees with the government. In the Senate today Senator Doug Cameron said, “This government has a good record on tax”.  They have a great record if it is about increasing taxes. Barnaby Joyce says he is glad that they recognise this. The Rudd Government’s ETS is one of the biggest imposts on every aspect of life ever invented.  So it is great that the members of the Senate do recognise that they have a fine record of creating taxes. Remember this is a tax on everything that will achieve nothing. It will not change the weather patterns but it will increase the prices on everything.

Mr Rudd did give us hope that there may be some real efforts on tax reform, but the report is conspicuous by its absence. Perhaps the Henry Tax Report has become a doorstop, a coffee table book or elaborate origami, buried somewhere in Mr Swan’s office?  Without the report, how can the Federal Government expect the states to agree to any change of GST funding for their proposed health plans?

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