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Meet James Johnson – The Man With A Plan To Take Out Gillard

3 Jul

In a departure from the usual themes here at BarnabyisRight, I’d like to take a brief time-out today.

By introducing you to a rare, and very interesting individual.

A man who – I am coming to understand – is most worthy of the attribution “James is Right”.

Mr James Johnson.

The man with a plan … to take out Julia Gillard in her own seat of Lalor.

The man with a very different – and deeply insightful – view of the many issues that confront both our nation, and our society.

Now, it is only in the past two months that I have had the considerable pleasure of making James’ acquaintance, thanks to the remarkable serendipity of Twitter.

And I must confess, that I myself am only beginning the journey of discovering more about James, and the unique qualities that he is offering to bring to the genuine service of the nation.

So with due prudence, I will refrain from “talking him up” too confidently just yet 😉

However, I can say with confidence that James has caught my attention for this primary reason.

His appearing to me to possess many of the same fine, admirable attributes as Senator Joyce.

Like Barnaby Joyce, James is – I venture to say – another of those startling and stellar souls known as the “Maverick”.

Now, I am one who believes that history demonstrates many invaluable life lessons for us all.

One of the most valuable being, that great and positive change most often arises through just such contrarian, innovative, and insightful thinkers.

Those with both the courage of their convictions, and also the humility necessary to never be too sure of oneself.

In other words, those with the strength of character to always retain an open mind, while pressing on.

Those who understand intuitively and deeply what it really means … to hasten slowly.

And in pop culture terms, those who have (politically) taken the red pill

The Matrix: "You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes." - Morpheus

I sense that there is rather a decent likelihood that you will be hearing more of James in coming days, months, and years.

And certainly I anticipate bringing some of his ideas and insights to the attention of readers here, where appropriate and topical.

In the meantime, as a brief interlude from our usual fare this Sunday, I wish to commend James – and his thoughts and ideas – to your careful, and considered attention.

Please visit James’ website – JamesJohnson2020.com

… and his blog – JamesJohnsonCHR.wordpress.com (great July 1st article that I recommend as an appetiser – “Government By Caprice: The Senate”)

… and do follow his Twitter feed @JamesJohnsonCHR

We will be back to the usual diet of BarnabyisRight tomorrow.

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