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If It’s Good Enough For Barnaby, Why Not You?

10 Mar

Something got Barnaby fired up enough to write a Letter to the Editor:

GREAT article, Graham Richardson (“Water, water everywhere, none is saved”, 9/3).

Yes, it’s self-evident that above the baying of the never to be happy bio-degradable economics of the Greens, everyone is asking “how about we store some of this abundance for the obvious and imminent time of privation and drought?”.

Even before Dorothea Mackellar wrote about drought and flooding rains, Jacob was interpreting dreams of seven fat cows followed by seven skinny ones. Neither had heard of global warming nor Tim Flannery.

That’s why the Coalition set up a dams task group. We have travelled to every state and there are plenty of dam sites left, especially in the north. Australia uses just 6 per cent of its available water resources compared to a world average of 9 per cent.

By the way, a Mary River dam was a stupid idea because $4 billion for 150,000 megalitres stored in a glorified swamp was not a good investment. Let’s find the good sites and get going building real infrastructure.

Barnaby Joyce, opposition spokesman for water, Canberra, ACT

When was the last time you cared enough about the future of our country to do the same?

Indeed, when was the last time you stopped to think about whether you and your kids really want to end up drinking other people’s recycled piss during the next (inevitable) drought?

Your humble blogger never ceases to be amazed at the abject laziness and “She’ll be right mate, let someone else worry about it” apathy of his fellow Aussies.

If it’s good enough for Barnaby to sit down and write a letter to the editor, what is your problem?

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