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More Lies From Gillard

18 Apr

The lying is without end.

From Yahoo!7 News:

Ms Gillard said both state and federal revenues had been hit hard by the global financial crisis and were in the same boat.

“For the federal government, our revenues have been hit by $140 billion – it’s an extraordinary amount of money.

“(But) we have matched all of our expenditure with savings since mid-2009 – that’s the hard work of government.

No, that’s two lies in two sentences.

First, as we have seen previously ( Wayne’s “Per Cent Of GDP” Lies Debunked, Our Media In $140 Billion Lie For Wayne ), “our” total government revenues have actually gone up, by $23.67 billion in 2010-11 vs 2007-08 (pre-GFC).  And for this year 2011-12, the government’s November ’11 forecast was for an increase in Total Revenue of $37.41 billion vs 2007-08. The truth is, the only thing that has been “hit”, is the Treasury department’s wildly exaggerated May Budget forecasts. You know … those grand annual smoke ‘n mirrors performances, where the Treasurer tells the nation what a great job he is going to do in the next year, using deceitful words that project an appearance that he has already achieved it … and then, never actually does it.

About Gillard’s second lie.

As we have also seen previously, the government’s Expenditure has blown out by a whopping $91.64 billion versus 2007-08. But in Gillard’s statement, she claimed that the ALP has “matched all of our expenditure with savings since mid-2009”.

Oh really?

In the 2009-10 financial year, the government spent $339.23 billion.

In the 2010-11 financial year, the government spent $356.1 billion.

And this year, the government most recently forecast that they will spend … wait for it … $371.74 billion.

So, they spent $16 billion more in 2010-11 than they did in 2009-10. And they expect to spend $31.58 billion more this year, than in 2009-10.

But Gillard claimed that Labor has “matched all of our expenditure with savings” since mid-2009?!

If we took her words 100% literally, we would rightly ask, “Ok, show us where you saved $356.1 billion in 2010-11 and $371.74 billion this year?”

But let us be generous.

Can Gillard show us where the government actually “saved” $16 billion in 2010-11, and $31.58 billion this year? That is, savings equivalent to the extra government spending in those years, versus the year she referenced, 2009-10?

Of course not!

The simple truth is, this government has spent more (borrowed) money, every single year since coming to power.

Far more.

And, they are bringing in more Total Revenue than ever before.

This government’s mode of lying about the budget is very simple.

Every claim they make about “falling” revenue, or “write-downs” to revenue, or “hits” to revenue, or revenues supposedly “lost” to “global economic turmoil” or “the floods” or this or that or the other, is a lie.

Actual government revenue in total, is UP.  It is only “down”, or “lost”, by comparison to their wildly exaggerated annual May budget “forecasts”.

And every claim they make about government spending, is also a lie.

They are spending literally tens of billions more money now, four (4) years after the GFC, than any Australian government has ever spent.

Every statement uttered by this government about the budget, and its economic management, is a lie, distortion, or misdirection.

I have never witnessed a more corrupt, more blatantly and repeatedly dishonest pack of politicians in this country in my lifetime.

Julia’s Delusional Disorder Diagnosed In 23 Seconds

31 Mar

Fruitlooping Swan: Every Word A Lie

27 Jul

Recently I commented to a Twitter follower that, after my 3-weeks-of-work-in-1 spent on researching the government’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting department’s entire Register of “polluters” (results here), I now consider every single word that this government utters to be a lie.  By default.

And here comes Wayne Swan talking lying about the economy, confirming that I was right.

From the Australian (emphasis added):

Treasurer Wayne Swan has played down an inflation surge as he defended the government’s productivity agenda, saying its benefits would not be realised overnight.

Mr Swan said a summer of natural disasters and higher fruit prices were responsible for a stronger than expected increase in Australia’s consumer price index, which he accepted was making life harder for struggling families.

“These events are one-off events and they have a one-off impact on the CPI,” he said.

The Treasurer said a 27 per cent increase in fruit prices had contributed 0.4 per cent to the total 0.9 per cent inflation rate.


Not “fruit” prices.

“Food” prices.

From the Australian Bureau of Statistics, whence cometh said CPI figures fraudulently misquoth by the completely despicable truth-avoidance expert, Treasurer Swan (emphasis added):


Mar Qtr 2011 to Jun Qtr 2011
Jun Qtr 2010 to Jun Qtr 2011
Weighted average of eight capital cities
% change
% change

Alcohol and tobacco
Clothing and footwear
Household contents and services
Financial and insurance services
All groups
All groups excluding Housing and Financial and insurance services

Contribution to quarterly change – June Quarter 2011


* The most significant price rises this quarter were for fruit (+26.9%), automotive fuel (+4.0%), hospital and medical services (+3.4%), furniture (+6.0%), deposit and loan facilities (+2.1%) and rents (+1.1%).

FOOD prices increased by 1.4% in the quarter (table, in red).

FOOD price increases contributed almost half (0.4%) of the 0.9% increase in the CPI.

“Fruit” alone did NOT contribute 0.4% of the 0.9% increase in the CPI.

Not unless the entire nation bought fruit and only fruit to eat during the March to June quarter.

Wayne Swan lied.


Yes Prime Minister – You Lied

15 Jun
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