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Barnaby: The Big NBN Con

22 Dec

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 22 December 2011:

The Regional NBN spin, The NBN reality, The Big Con

Senator Conroy stated on 7th September that “the NBN will provide a massive economic boost for the Australian economy, particularly in regional and remote communities.”

Well if you are looking for remote Julia Creek with a population of 500 between Mt Isa and Townsville as your piece de resistance and the Labor Party’s NBN goes right under the town. Surely Senator Conroy would be mugged by logic and lobbied by his regional advocates, Windsor, Oakeshott and Co., to connect to J. C. for Christmas. The town even has the same first name as your boss Stephen! Nope – they bypassed logic and left Julia Creek just as they found it, waiting for wireless, with the vision of Windsor, Gillard and Conroy pushing the big regional telecommunications button in Armidale burning in their retina.

The stoic remote town of Julia Creek, because it has a population of 500, does not qualify for the fibre optic service, even though it runs right under the town. The amazing vision of the Labor Party.

The council has been told by NBN Co that it will cost them $1.14 million to connect and they should just wait for the wireless service.

But why is it that the Town of 1770 with a population of just 80 does qualify for the fibre connection? Why are 30 other towns, many with much less than the magic 500 population figure, getting access to the fibre optic service?

Senator Conroy also said “One of the great benefits provided by the NBN to rural communities will be important eHealth services that will mean people, especially the elderly, will be able to access high end medical support in their own homes and not have to travel great distances to large cities.”

Apparently not if you live in Julia Creek even though the optic fibre cable is just beneath them, so close, as they say, if it was a black snake it would bite you. So what was the point in making all those wonderful promises, only to deny people access when the cable turns up?

It is starting to look like a big con Stephen. There is not much point to a railway line without railway stations.

More information – Matthew Canavan 0458 709433

Labor Fails To Deliver On Two-Thirds Of Its Election Commitments

19 Dec

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 19 December 2011:

Reports today in the Courier Mail, Herald Sun and Adelaide Advertiser confirm that over a year since the election, the Gillard government has failed to give the green light to over two-thirds of its election commitments. Answers to Senate estimates reveal that 54 of the government’s 80 election commitments made to local communities have yet to receive approval in a familiar story of excessive red tape and cost blowouts. *

Lucky for the Gillard government they don’t have a record of breaking promises, because otherwise this could be a real knockout blow for them.

Labor seems to be able to spend money on waste upon waste in record time but can’t seem to meet the simple commitments it made to local areas to get local votes at the last election. How can anyone believe Labor’s promises at the next election?

Julia Gillard told Parliament on 20 October 2010 that:

“I do commit to keeping the promises at a local level that Labor and Labor candidates made at the last election … The reason I am able to say that with confidence is that during the election campaign we had a proper process of costing, which means we understood the costs of the promises that we were making. We made proper provision for them in a context where the budget is coming back to surplus in 2012-13 and where across the election campaign our promises were matched by offsetting savings.” **

If the projects were all costed at the election, why has it taken over a year for these projects to get approval? If Labor truly understood the commitments they were making, why haven’t the projects been given approval? Did the Prime Minister really understand what she was saying when she said that proper provision was made for them?”

On 1 August 2011, Janelle Saffin promised the people of Page that Labor would fund an upgrade of the Ballina Lighthouse and Lismore Surf Lifesaving Club. They are still waiting for the funds.***

On 10 August 2011, Laura Smith promised the people of La Trobe that she would deliver $2 million to the Monbulk Soccer Centre. It hasn’t happened.****

On 14 August 2011, Peter Garrett promised to build the Springwood Centre. Two Christmases have almost passed and the people of Logan are still waiting.*****

These are just three of 54 other commitments made by local Labor members at the last election that are yet to be honoured.

The Government has allocated $165 million to the Community Infrastructure Fund to fund its election commitments made at the 2010 election. The clock is ticking on whether the next election will come before many of these projects.

$26bn Till We Hit Debt Ceiling, At $2bn Per Week

9 Dec

Media release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 9 December 2011:

CO2 Tax to hit H2O Prices

It’s the end of the week. I know it’s the end of the week because we just borrowed another $2.4 billion and Friday afternoon usually brings the news that we have borrowed another $2 billion.

Our gross debt is now over $223 billion, which means there is only $26 billion before we max out the nation’s credit card, which shouldn’t take too long at the rate we are borrowing.

We have borrowed $14 billion over the past two months, almost $200 million per day.

We have also found out today that a report from the New South Wales government’s independent regulatory agency, IPART, has found that the carbon tax will cause a substantial increase in water prices in New South Wales.

This is a fascinating tax we have put on the Australian people. It doesn’t matter whether you are washing your clothes or washing your car, it is going to cost you more money, and the climate will stay exactly the same regardless.

The IPART report shows that the Sydney Desalination Plant’s water prices will increase by 2 per cent next year and by almost 6 per cent over the next 5 years due to the carbon tax.

Water prices have already increased by 58 per cent since the Rudd-Gillard government came to power.

They don’t call desalination ‘bottled electricity’ for nothing. The carbon tax will increase the cost of everything that has to plug into the wall and desalinated water will be no different.

As the hopes for international action on climate change collapse around the beaches of Durban, Australian families can rightly ask why the government is making their living costs higher than they need to be in a futile attempt to change the climate.

If the government were not so focused on Bob Brown they might actually turn their attention to the real issues that face Australian families.

Barnaby On Labor’s People Skills

30 Nov

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 30 November 2011:

Crean confuses consult with insult

Well Tony Burke and Simon Crean are doing a job that would make the United Nations proud. They are such good negotiators.

Tony passed through Deniliquin yesterday at around about 30,000 feet and 700 kilometres an hour on his way to somewhere else in an air force jet. That is his way of covering the ground.

Simon was actually in Deniliquin in a meeting with a select panel of people but he appeared to pass through the room at only a slightly lower velocity as Tony was passing overhead. Reports from those at the meeting say that he spoke to the chosen few for less than five minutes on the basin plan (See Attachment)*.

Simon has obviously come to the conclusion that unfortunately you have to actually go to a place before you put out a media release. He has yet to learn that you should actually make your media release an accurate reflection of the visit.

The bush telegraph is a pretty good honesty serum when it is matched up to his media release.

If you didn’t laugh you would cry because this is the process that is dealing with the mechanism that feeds Australia and keeps the cost of living on groceries down for working families across our major cities.

If they show the same management acumen as they showed with ceiling insulation, when they set fire to 194 houses, or the crisis budget for a crisis government, which has just informed us that we are going to break through our third debt ceiling, or the rollicking fiasco of the carbon tax on our solo crusade to cool the planet from a room in Canberra, then I have a real fear for what is about to happen to Australia’s food basket.

It looks awfully like the Labor dynamic duo of Simon and Tony would find the job so much easier if they didn’t have to deal with people.

*2011 11 30 MGCC Press Release – Crean’s hollow launch (click to download pdf)

Click to enlarge

Another Labor Fiasco For Christmas

24 Nov

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 24 November 2011:

What a surprise another Labor fiasco for Christmas?

On the eve of the Murray-Darling Basin plan it has been revealed that the biggest infrastructure program in the Basin, the northern Victoria food bowl project, has been beset by special deals between Labor mates and riven with conflicts of interest. This must have been the Labor theme for the day.

This is a very ominous sign on the release of the draft Murray-Darling basin plan. On a day they endorsed the character of a member of Opposition, above any of their own, to be speaker of the House, shows that they are truly a dysfunctional, Pythonseque aberration, stumbling head over heels and sinking. For us, unfortunately, the future of all Australians is their responsibility.

Labor can’t install ceiling insulation without setting fire to hundreds of homes, they can’t build school halls without billons of waste, they disposed of their Prime Minister, and if we search between the lines, we find that they have disposed of their own Speaker, they refused to endorse the character of any of their members to the premier high office of Speaker, the position that greets the Queen, preferring instead the Liberal-National member for Fisher, and they have sent our nation hurtling towards its third debt ceiling as they are now $217 billion in gross debt. [TBI: see chart below]

This is the same Green-Labor Independent alliance that 2.1 million people will have to rely on to protect their socio-economic future as supported by the Murray-Darling basin plan. How can people trust them? In fact, how can we even believe them anymore?

It’s been almost five years since the last Coalition government announced its plan for the Murray-Darling. We put aside almost $6 billion for priority investment to upgrade Australia’s irrigation network.

Instead, Labor has spent over $1.5 billion on non-strategic water buybacks and only $250 million on investments in infrastructure that actually deliver more water for the environment and communities in the Basin.

For every 1 bucket of water the government has saved through investment in infrastructure they have bought back 24 buckets.

Over $2 billion has been allocated to projects which have nothing to do with delivering water to the environment, including over $200 million for the bureaucratic expenses of its water manager and the expenses of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, and $8 million for an advertising campaign on the Murray-Darling.

More information – Matthew Canavan 0458 709433

Commonwealth Government Securities On Issue | Source: Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM)

Barnaby: Who Is Running The Show?

21 Nov

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 21 November 2011:

Well I have just watched my nation’s Parliament at work. Not in the Cabinet or the Chamber but in the Senate Courtyard rolling press conferences.

The result of the Mining Resource Rent Tax vote was that it was off  because of some stumbling Windsor position on CSG when in reality, as he always does, he was going to rollover for Labor so as expected he had a chat then he changed his mind and it was back on, then Oakeshott said that he was sort of where Windsor was with something random about the Henry Tax Review, then Wilkie said it was on but different and then Bob Brown said it was off if Wilkie’s different position was on.

Yes we can run a country like this, this is totally politically sane. After another two years of this chaos the best we will be able to say about our government is that it is very entertaining.

Very similar to: What is your surgeon like? Well there are a fair few of them and they argue a lot about what they are going to cut off but they are very, very entertaining.

Sad Day For Australia: Barnaby

8 Nov

Greens leader Bob Brown hugs his deputy Christine Milne after the tax passed through Senate today. Photo: Andrew Meares

Media release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 8 November 2011:

It is a very sad day for most Australians that we are about to “move forward” with legislation to redesign our economy on a colourless, odourless gas that quite obviously will put up the price of power and put pressure on real jobs in the real economy.

It is a very sad day when we approve a new broad based consumption tax delivered to every house whether they can afford it or not via the power points above their skirting boards, via the heater that keeps them warm, via the air conditioners that keep them cool, via the power that cooks their food, via the washing machine that cleans their clothes.

It is a very sad day when a government seems oblivious to the economic turmoil of the world and belligerently sets the ship of state blindly into precarious waters where the carbon tax we pay will be far in excess of any other scheme in the world, and our own government fails to acknowledge that the vast majority of the world has no such scheme at all.

It is a very sad day when the Australian people are taken for granted, deceived with a platitude addendum that “don’t worry about it; they are just simple souls, who’ll forget about our deceit and get over it.”

It is the height of conceit to think that other nations such as India or China, which the IMF states that by 2016 will be the largest economy in the world, will somehow be influenced by the legislation of our nation at the expense of their people.

We are more guided by Al Gore than by common sense and the chambers of this building have become fascinated with a highly naïve view that disregards the reality that we are merely 32 billion dollars away from our debt ceiling, the point at which on presentation of the nation’s credit card the checkout operator will say “transaction declined – see bank for details”.

One would think that we would be doing everything we can at this juncture to make our nation’s economy strong; to dispense with wondrous thoughts and replace them with utter pragmatism. We should look to the core requirements of core Australians which is to keep control of their cost of living and, more to the point, do nothing to exacerbate the loss of real jobs that require cheap power as their only competitive advantage over other nations who have cheap labour in abundance.

Yet today will end in a back slapping, hugging, kiss-a-thon that will be the bitterest of pill for those away from Parliament House who make the ultimate payment on this absurd tax.

Barnaby is right.


And he fights on –

Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce said his party would not stop fighting against the carbon price even after it became law later today.

We can’t give up on this, it is just insane,” he said.

“The Michael Jackson trial is Hollywood and this carbon tax is pure Hollywood.

“It works on the premise that we can somehow affect the climate, and it is absolutely bumpkin.”


Barnaby: Greens Gag Debate

12 Oct

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 12 October 2011:

The Greens party has devolved from the paragon of virtue, a party that once espoused freedom of speech in the Chamber, a party that once had as one of their premier pillars that they would never guillotine debate.

Today, the Greens party supported the guillotine so that the Nationals could not deliver a speech on the introduction of the carbon tax bills into the Senate.

The Australian people should be aware that the sense that Bob Brown and the Greens were inherently decent political operators, in that they had strong views but respected the views of others, is no longer the case. No, the truth is that the Greens party has strong views and deny the views of others.

Even my attempts to make a brief statement to the Senate this morning on this matter were denied. For those who supported the Greens as an alternative, because their views were circumscribed by politics, well now the Green party is doing precisely that.

Possibly, there are those who went from the Democrats to the Greens party who are starting to wonder where they have arrived.

More information – Matthew Canavan 0458 709433

Very Sad Week For Australia

12 Oct

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 11 October 2011:

Any Labor party member who really wants to honour their representation to their electorate should vote in the same manner as their personal commitment that they took to the last election. This a time of immense global uncertainty, where it is not scaremongering to state what we see on TV every night in Europe and the US may spread further. To venture down the path of a recalibration of our nation’s economy based on a colourless, odourless gas is not just indulgent, it is culpable.

We have $211 billion dollars in debt, borrowing another $2 billion last week. Now we are engaging on a program to narrow our economic base, put further pressure on manufacturing, push up the price of power for all Australians, increase the size of the bureaucracy, dream of mythical green jobs whilst knowing this whole carbon tax disaster will do absolutely nothing to the temperature of the globe.

It is as if our nation’s government has completely lost the plot whilst they intently watch their backs in this surreal soap opera which is Labor factional politics. In the meantime the Greens are basking in their new ascendency but nine out of 10 Australians never voted for them.

Labor Underwater On Coal Seam Gas

18 Sep

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 14 Sept 2011 (apologies for delayed posting):

Labor governments underwater on Coal Seam Gas

The National Water Commission has delivered a damning indictment of the Labor government’s record on water reform. Perhaps the most damning revelation is that “COAG has not yet responded to the Commission’s recommendations in its previous biennial assessment, released in 2009.”

In its review the National Water Commission has found that the regulation of coal seam gas developments is not being fully integrated into water planning arrangements. The Commission notes that while the NSW government has introduced reforms which require coal seam gas developments to obtain water licences, Queensland’s arrangements “remain outside water planning and management frameworks.” The Commission has found that the coal seam gas industry could extract around 300 GL per year from groundwater systems over the next 25 years, compared to the 540 GL per year currently extracted from the Great Artesian Basin.

Well yet another Labor Party belly flop. They have been so busy in their concern for CO2 that they seemed to have ignored H2O. COAG has not yet responded to the Commission’s recommendations in its previous biennial assessment, released in 2009. The Labor party is just so busy frolicking that up to 300 GL (300,000,000,000 litres) a year of water from one of the nation’s most precious resources, the Great Artesian Basin, that it seems to have been given away without water licences to coal seam gas operators. Some farmers have lost up to 95% of their groundwater in NSW. Just another one of the mad paradoxes of Labor in its varying guises of incompetence.

We should not be surprised that Anna Bligh is putting the mining royalties over water security. That is what happens when you start heading towards $85 billion in debt.

The Nationals passed a motion at their recent Federal Council which called on the government to ensure that the regulation of coal seam gas developments “are properly evaluated under national water planning processes.” But this government can’t even bring itself to respond a report released in 2009. How can we expect that they can manage the complicated impacts of an industry which will potentially increase the water extracted from the Great Artesian Basin by over 50%?

The National Water Commission also finds that the Commonwealth Government’s progress on recovering water for the environment has been “disappointingly slow”.

This government has delayed the release of the draft Basin Plan three times this year. If it can’t even release a report, what confidence can people have that this incompetent government won’t mess up the Murray-Darling Basin which produces 40 per cent of Australia’s food.

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