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“I F***n Sacked Her”: Gillard’s Boss

31 May

From Michael Smith News:

It was about this time last year when Michael came to Melb to visit me. We had lunch at a great little Vietnamese rest on the corner of Bridge road and Church streets in the Melb suburb of Richmond. (probably the only time that I have shouted Michael a meal, by gosh it was cheap…LOL)

Not long into our soup, (which was a meal in its self) I rang Peter Gordon, former senior partner of Slater and Gordon. Peter Gordon an I go way back to the late 1980s where we both contributed to the save the bulldogs campaign against the then VFL. At the time the VFL were doing everything they could to relocate the Bulldogs and / or force them into a merger with another club. Peter answered my call and told me that he was in Darwin to see the Bulldogs game.

I told Peter that I was being hounded by the media to clarify certain points of my August sworn 2010 Statutory Declaration. I asked Peter what the circumstances of Gillard’s departure from Slater and Gordon were and he offered this comment “I could never go on the record but I f……n sacked her”. Michael was sitting right beside me. Further Peter Gordon told me to keep the pressure on Gillard’s renovations because I had only scratched the surface. This discussion took place long before Gillard’s exit interview was released. More reminiscing of the facts from me from time to time….

Bob Kernohan

Would that the nation had the power to do the same thing — to any politician — without having to endure the damage caused while waiting for an election.

Bring on a Direct Democracy movement!

Barnaby: “This Protein And Chemical-Enriched Abomination”

6 Dec

From Strewth! in The Australian:

A stretch too far

While the [ALP national] conference was heading towards its conclusion, senators Barnaby Joyce and George Brandis were off to the wedding of former 2UE broadcaster Michael Smith on the NSW central coast. Expecting a regular hire car to collect them, they walked out to be confronted by a stretch limousine. Remarked Brandis, “I think that hideous thing is for us.” Joyce asked the driver who he was waiting for. Consulting a piece of paper, the driver confirmed Brandis’s worst fears: “Someone called Barnaby.” As a “tired” Joyce related to Strewth yesterday, “We sat in the back among the changing neon colours of this protein and chemical-enriched abomination, glancing at one another uncomfortably.” The measured Brandis ignored Joyce’s exhortation to “be loud and proud” and disembark in style at the venue, instead waiting inside the limo until any possible eyewitnesses had moved away.

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