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Warren Truss Unplugged: “You All Know That The PM LIED To You”

16 May

Brilliant off-the-cuff speech by Mr Warren Truss MP, leader of The Nationals, in Port Macquarie yesterday.

The man is a class act.

A true elder statesman. Speaking from the heart to several thousand fellow Australian elder statesmen and -women.

My opinion – Warren for PM.

Plug him.

Enjoy (apologies for occasional autofocus problems):

“The Prime Minister hasn’t been dishonest with you once, she’s been dishonest with you time and time and time again!”

The Age Loses Its Grip – 86% Of Readers Oppose Tighter Gun Laws

29 Apr

Our self-appointed moral guardians are really losing their grip.  On public opinion.  And reality.  One can see their lily-white latte cups clattering to the floor en masse.

Mouthpiece of the Left, Melbourne’s The Age newspaper, ran an Op-ed propaganda piece yesterday by the former chair of the National Coalition For Gun Control, commemorating the Port Arthur massacre, and waxing woeful about the alleged “softening” of gun control:

The new laws were a victory for hundreds of public health and legal organisations, domestic violence agencies, youth groups, churches and trade unions which had campaigned for the reforms. The overwhelming majority of citizens, according to opinion polls, wanted much stronger gun laws…

Not any more.

According to the paper’s own opinion poll – run in conjunction with the fear-mongering, anti-gun propaganda piece – 86% of Age readers oppose tighter gun laws.

I’ll say it again … We Used To Care But Things Have Changed.

Australians All Let Us Rejoyce

25 Apr

Seriously.  Who wouldn’t want a straight up, stand up, no-BS, battle-scarred country bloke with a heart full of pride in Australia and a mouth full of hilarious one-liners to be our next Deputy PM?

The times certainly are a-changin’ when even a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald’s latte-sipping inner city self-appointed moral elites is jumping for joyce at the prospect –

Sometimes people can’t handle the truth. Haters are going to hate. Not long after making these statements Joyce was cruelly divested of the shadow finance portfolio.

Since then he has railed in a most entertaining manner against the Building the Education Revolution (“glorified garden sheds”), the carbon tax (“a little home-cooked policy cake to cool the planet”) and the national broadband network, which he likes to call a “telephone company”.

This last quip causes the Broadband Minister, Stephen Conroy, to actually twitch with indignation. It’s marvellous.

Joycean press releases are a joy; gleaming gems among the usual dreary transcripts and self-serving announcements that land in the journalistic inbox…

Last week, for something different, he bowled up a press release in the form of a quiz.

“Q. Who am I? Two weeks ago there were 183.8 of me, this week there is 187.3 of me,” it read.

“A. Billions of dollars in gross debt.”

Who else but Barnaby could turn the deficit into a parlour game? Australian politics is the richer for him. He is a constant and vociferous critic of the government, an independent thinker and a fearless advocate for his state. Plus he has a flair for language, something Gillard can most certainly not boast.

For that reason alone, actually for only that reason: Barnaby for Deputy PM.

Joyce: The Labor Government Is Dodgy

15 Jul

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 15 July 2010:

In trying to think of a metaphor to describe the Labor government in one word, it is this – dodgy! Their figures are dodgy when they talk about a $7.5 billion reduction in revenue but apparently only causing a $1.5 billion reduction in income. Their approach is dodgy when they talk about net debt as if the people who lent us the money don’t want the money back in gross terms and just for the record, we currently owe $150 billion and are currently borrowing an extra $150 million a day.

They are completely dodgy with how they change Prime Ministers in the middle of the night without telling the Australian people. They are even dodgy amongst themselves with the deals they make, such as the one between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard on the process of leadership transition which Julia obviously didn’t honour because the backroom boys told her not to. They are dodgy in how they talk about future surpluses, yet their past prescriptions about current surpluses have been so totally wrong and actually end up as deficits.

They are dodgy in how they describe solutions for the processing of boat people in East Timor when they haven’t actually done the homework to get the deal through East Timor. They are dodgy in how they employ mates such as Mr Kaiser for $450,000 a year without even putting an advertisement in the paper so that other Australian’s can apply for the job. They are dodgy in how they go forward with a $43 billion capital infrastructure program such as the NBN without doing a cost benefit analysis as to whether it will actually work.

They were dodgy in the way that they allowed the importation of beef from countries with Mad Cow Disease until we found out about the deal and then they changed the decision around again. They were dodgy in how they told people that the ETS was the greatest moral challenge of our time, but the person who was crucial in changing that moral paradigm is now enjoying the benefits of the Prime Minsters office. They were dodgy when they inferred that an ETS would change the climate when quite obviously it was never going to.

They were dodgy with how they told the Australian people that they would fix the hospital system by July 2009 or they would take it over and in the end, they did neither. They were dodgy when they decided to build school halls across our nation for $16.2 billion whether you wanted them or not and at three times the price. They were dodgy when they decided to put ceiling insulation into roofs and burnt down over 180 houses causing tragically the deaths of 4 people that we know of.

However, where they are really dodgy is this – they told people that they would assist with the cost of living. They had the dodgy fuel watch scheme and the dodgy grocery watch scheme which were announced with fan fare but achieved zip.

The cost of living in Australia is going through the roof because this crowd in government is dodgy and has absolutely no idea how to get the basics right. You cannot keep borrowing money at the rate they are, putting upward pressure on interest rates, and squeezing the last drop of blood out of working families and then claim to know something about the cost of living.

You cannot talk about reducing coal fired power replacing it with renewables at many times the cost and not expect that this is going to make working families poorer. You can’t fail to develop the inland and not expect the result to be far greater pressure on the social and economic infrastructure of urban Australia. If you don’t develop water infrastructure then you have to expect the price of a limited resource, water, to go through the roof. If you keep on making it difficult for farmers to farm, with continual new laws on vegetation, and everything they do from sunrise to sundown and in between, while at the same time failing to oversee that farmers are getting a fair price at the farm gate, then the farmers will disappear and the price of food will go through the roof. You can’t borrow hundreds of billions of dollars from overseas and not expect that it has to be repaid by people who have to pay taxes, working families, who could have otherwise put that money in their pockets.

In summary, many people at the supermarkets and at the pubs and clubs and at the church on the weekend and at the sport with their kids understand one thing – that they seem to be poorer under this crowd then they were before, they have less money than they did before. They seem to be watching a political soap opera that has more episodes than Blue Hills standing in proxy for decent government.

My statement to the Australian people on behalf of the National Party in the Senate will be this – Do you honestly believe that you can carry on with this crowd for another three years? What do you think will be left of the show if you do?

More Information – Jenny Swan 0746 251500

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