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“Send Me Your Bank Details” – Barnaby Likens Carbon Scheme To Nigerian Email Scam

11 Jul

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 11 July 2011 (my emphasis added):

Send me your bank account details, I’ll send you a carbon credit

Buried under all the information about Tim Tams and a clean energy future, government documents released yesterday reveal that an extra $382 million will be spent on a bigger bureaucracy for this carbon tax frolic.

On page 131 of the Government’s document titled ‘Securing a clean energy future’ the government lists the money it will spend on a bigger public service over the next four years:

– $256 million for a Clean Energy Regulator

– $60 million to regulate synthetic greenhouse gases

– $25 million for a Climate Change Authority, which Bob Brown revealed this morning will be in charge of providing “upward flexibility” to the carbon price

– $18 million for more Productivity Commission reviews, and

– $23 million in miscellaneous governance expenses

So their bureaucracy is more important than inland rail, which is only allocated $30 million over the forward estimates.

Franz Kafka would be proud of the fact that they are spending more on the bureaucracy than the outcome of soil carbon, which only gets $250 million.

They swindle money out of you with one hand, take their cut, give you some of your money back, then hand the rest of your money to their Green righteous causes. In the future, $3 billion a year of your money goes overseas for carbon credit abatement schemes.

Like those dodgy emails you get from the West African coast, only your government will actually start replying to them with your nation’s bank account details.

It is not morally right to ask people to crawl through roofs wiring houses, to get skin cancer working in the sun on farms, to spend monotonous hour after hour behind a till in a shop or to stack brick upon brick at a construction site, so that the money they earn can pay their tax which their government, in an indolent way, then casts like confetti around the world.

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