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This Is How We Will Stop The Carbon Tax

19 Sep

Remember the “Malaysian Solution”?

Millions of Australians hated it. And rightly so.

And yet, the government pressed ahead anyway.

What stopped them?

No, not protests.

Not “people power”.

The Malaysian Solution was felled in the Courts.

And I suggest to you, dear reader, that it is the only way to fell the government’s carbon tax legislation too.

Regular readers will know that I wrote a blog nearly two months ago detailing the illegality of the government’s draft legislation – The Carbon Pricing Scheme Is Unconstitutional.

And the final legislation is essentially the same. Indeed, it includes additional key phrases effectively conceding the unconstitutionality of the legislation, and the government’s deliberate structuring of multiple bills in order to defeat circumvent the clear statement and intent of the Constitution.

So, I believe that it can be stopped in the Courts.

Although the government is presently railroading the legislation through Parliament, they have doffed their cap to the idea of “democracy” by appointing a Joint Select Committee to receive submissions on the legislation. Closing this Thursday … get the feeling they’re in a rush?

Below is a draft submission to the JSC that I have written.  Your comments, suggestions, constructive criticisms are invited:

The Secretary
Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation
Parliament House

21 September 2011

Dear Sir,

REFERENCE: Clean Energy Bill 2011, Clean Energy Unit Issue Charges Bills 2011, Clean Energy (Household Assistance Amendments) Bill 2011, and the Australian Constitution s.51(ii) and s.55

We the undersigned would draw the Joint Select Committee’s attention to the above mentioned Bills, insofar as they appear to represent breaches of the Australian Constitution s.51(ii) and s.55.

Should the government press forward with passage of the above mentioned legislation in the Parliament, we the undersigned advise that injunctions will be sought preventing the issue and/or the auction of carbon Units, and also preventing the issue of Clean Energy payments (Household Assistance), until such time as the constitutionality of key points of the legislation can be tested before the Courts.



Thoughtful readers will see the strategic rationale behind this submission.

The government has included “poison pills” in their legislation in order to make it difficult to repeal.

As one example, by clearly stating that carbon Units are the “personal property” of the holder/purchaser, the government aims to confer a property right. One that may require compensation in order to remove.

Seeking a High Court injunction/s to prevent the issuing/auctioning of carbon permits (Units), and also preventing the issue of household assistance (compensation), will serve to neutralise the “poison pills” that the government has included in their legislation until such time as the constitutionality of the legislation can be tested in Court.

(UPDATE: And may serve to delay the carbon tax until after a new election is called, or triggered in May 2012 by Andrew Wilkie?)

If you wish to support this submission, please so advise and give your full name and location in Comments below.  I will add your details to the submission here.

If you are a lawyer/barrister and wish to assist with bringing a motion for an injunction/s, please so advise and provide contact details below.

Many thanks.

The Day We Proved That Australia Has Lost Its Soul

24 Aug

22 August, 2011.

Mark it down on history’s wall.

For it was the day we proved that Australia has lost its soul.

On that day, the Convoy of No Confidence came to Canberra. From every corner of this vast is-land.

11 groups. 300 strong.

These the very same folk upon whom we wholly depend.

And yet, take wholly for granted.

Without whom, we do not eat.

Without whom, the supermarkets, retail stores, and petrol stations, in days have nothing left to sell.

These the folk who are our lifelines.

These the very same folk who represent the 2nd largest industry sector to be punished by a carbon dioxide tax.

To be inflicted upon them (and us all) by the most deceitful and illegitimate government in the nation’s history.

A government with no mandate, under threat of the swear jar.

Voted for not by half, on a monumental lie.

Granted power by two rural “independents” selling out their own electorates.

Steered and puppeteered, by the dictates of just two men – Brown and Wilkie – representing a tiny fraction of the nation’s people.

300 Aussies, futures a-question, came to Canberra to make their voices heard.

To demand a destiny, of a majority’s choosing.

And none were there to support them.

Oh, we lauded and applauded them, sure.

From behind our computer screens, we clicked and we tweeted.

And we cheered and we retweeted.

From behind our keyboards, we waged a vainglorious war of words with opponents not a few.

And prided ourselves on our steely resolve.

From behind our steering wheels, far far away, we turned on our headlights.

And congratulated ourselves on our fine show of support.

Oh how rebellious and activist we felt.

Oh how we imagined ourselves to be their brothers- and sisters-in-arms.

But none of us would trouble ourselves, oh no, not to go the distance with them.

No, not to stand beside them.

None of us would put the pedal to the metal.

None of us would put our feet on the street.

None of us bums would take our bums off the seat.

Oh no, there were just so many good reasons. So many imperatives, and excuses.

We dared not take that day off work. We dared not incur the boss’s wrath. We dared not forgo even 1 days’ pay.

To go so far.  To spend a hundred, or a couple.  To inconvenience ourselves.

To be by their side.

To stand up and be counted for their future.

And our own.

No, that was just too much trouble.

No, we were not as the donkey with a carrot dangling before our eyes.

No, for we Aussie donkey voters, it was a Too Hard Basket that loomed largest in our monovision.

Not for us, the spirit of our ancestors past.

Not for us, the spirit of the Stockade.

Not for us, the spirit of physical rebellion against injustice and illegitimacy.

Not for us, the spirit of The Working People versus The Tax Trough Swillers.


Oh no, no no.

For us, the spirit of apathy.

For us, the spirit of complacency.

For us, the spirit of cowardice.

For us, the spirit of excuse-making.

For us, the spirit of “someone else will do it”.

For us, the spirit of imagining.

For us, the spirit of dreaming.

For us, the spirit of the slave.

Imagine, oh slave, if you will.

Imagine yourself standing in the boots of those 300 free men and women.

Imagine yourself defying your boss.  Imagine yourself defying your “responsibilities”. For just one day.

Imagine yourself investing thousands … in dollars and minutes … to do as they did.

Imagine yourself doing all this, to stand up to their faces and express your vote of “No Confidence”.

Imagine how you would feel.

When for all those emails, all those comments, all those tweets and retweets of support … noone came, to stand beside you on the lawns of Parliament.

Imagine how you would feel.

When for all those great swelling words … they were only words.  Whitewashed noise, in background receding.

Imagine how you would feel.

Having to do it all over.

Just to get back home again.

Imagine how you would feel, being mocked by that illegitimate government.

Imagine how you would feel, when they all jeered and sneered.

And on the floor of Parliament, in the newspapers, on the TV, and throughout the interwebs.

Belittled and declared your Convoy of No Confidence … a Convoy of No Consequence.

Because no one came.

To stand by your side.

It is said, almost 60% of the nation’s voters do not support this illegitimate government’s continuing to govern.

It is said, over 60% of the nation’s voters oppose this illegitimate government’s CO2 tax.

60%. Of 14 million voters.

8.4 million dissenting “adults”.

And yet.

Only 300 brave souls stood tall on 22 August, 2011.

Only 300 showed they still have the true Australian soul.

For shame! Australia.

For shame.

When a nation has lost its soul, then the end is surely nigh.

Poor slave.

Of mind, soul, and spirit; this the course you have chosen to stay.

A choice made for you. And your children.

By your apathy. Your excuses. And your fear.

“Good riddance”, they’ll say, on that green day.

I hope you had the time of your life.

Another turning point;
a fork stuck in the road.

Time grabs you by the wrist;
directs you where to go.

So make the best of this test
and don’t ask why.

It’s not a question
but a lesson learned in time.

It’s something unpredictable
but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind.

Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time.

Tattoos of memories
and dead skin on trial.

For what it’s worth,
it was worth all the while.

It’s something unpredictable
but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

(music break)

It’s something unpredictable
but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It’s something unpredictable
but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Barnaby Supports Convoy Of No Confidence

20 Aug

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 19 August 2011:

Regional Australia is coming to Canberra

I would like to offer my support to those travelling to Canberra for the convoy of no confidence rally next week. I hope everyone takes their time and has a safe trip.

The Australian people everywhere you go are starting to have one retort and it is this – can you please get rid of them?

Whether it’s the secretary at the doctor’s surgery, the taxi driver, the lady behind the till, or the person standing next to you in the queue, they are no longer surprised by just how totally and utterly incompetent the government is.

The convoy of no confidence is the inevitable consequence of a population that is just sick to the back teeth on what is happening to their country.

They are not nasty, they just want them gone. These people are a mere expression of what the majority are feeling. They are regular truck drivers, regular people who are making a political point. They are driving to Canberra to ask the government to do the decent thing and go to an election. It is like when a relationship breaks down and now the Australian people are saying they want out, or more to the point they want the government out.

There are reports today that the Government is planning to gag debate in the Parliament on the carbon tax legislation. After denying the Australian people a vote on the carbon tax, they are planning to deny the Australian Parliament a voice.

But these people can make a difference. People in regional Australia are often frustrated by the lack of a voice they have in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

I want to remind those living outside these centres that they have changed the direction of their country over the past few years.

In 2009, it was regional Australia that first stood against Kevin Rudd’s emissions trading scheme, leading to its eventual defeat on the floor of the Senate. It was regional Australia that last year stood up against a Murray-Darling Basin Plan that was going to destroy the nation’s food bowl. And this year it was regional Australia that stood up against plans to end our live cattle trade, notwithstanding the devastation that was caused during the four weeks in which Four Corners ran the country.

All of these changes came about by the force of ordinary regional Australians standing up against the Green, nihilistic and negative vision that wants to shut down economic activity in regional Australia.

It is only half time in this fight on the carbon tax. There is no messiah coming over the hills to save us. The only way to stop this tax is for everyone to do what they can to make it happen.

Whether that is coming to Canberra on Monday, calling your local Labor or Independent members or writing to your local paper, every little effort helps to stop this tax.

I Remember … Today Is Independents’ Day

4 Jul

Today is the Fourth of July.

That’s Independence Day for our American cousins.

The day that they celebrate their Declaration of Independence from the rule of tyranny.

Today, in Australia our Parliament is being taken over by a new rule of tyranny.

Green tyranny.

And who’s to blame?

The Independents.

The W.O.W.sers.

Spoiling every thing. For every one.

The Unholy Trinity.

Wilkie. Oakeshott. Windsor.

Eighteen months ago, we beat the Rudd CPRS scheme for the first time.

By swamping Canberra with our telephone calls, letters, and emails.

We demanded that the Opposition … oppose.

And they did.

Today, there’s no need to contact every Coalition politician.

There’s only three (3) men* in the country who need to hear your voice.

Wilkie. Oakeshott. Windsor.

Declare your independence from the Green-Labor-“Independent” tyranny … today.

Call them.

Tell them what you think of the proposed carbon “X” scheme.

And demand a new election.

Here’s their phone numbers again:

Parliament House Offices –

Wilkie – (02) 6277 4766
Oakeshott – (02) 6277 4052
Windsor – (02) 6277 4722

Electorate Offices –

Wilkie – (03) 6234 5255
Oakeshott – (02) 6584 2911
Windsor – (02) 6761 3080

Now you have no excuse.

Pick up the phone.

Do it.

Do it now.

Let’s give them an Independents’ Day that they will never, ever forget.

And remember.

You are an Independent.

And Every Day is Independents’ Day.

* If you wish to contact others too, right click and “Save as” on this link for a pdf file of the full list of MP’s contact details. Or visit the Parliament House website.

Be There!!

30 Jun

Click to enlarge

Yes Prime Minister – You Lied

15 Jun

It’s A Big Tax!

22 May

“Com-plete-ly daft!”




“Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull looks set to emerge from his long court case over HIH Insurance with his former employer, the Goldman Sachs merchant bank, making a confidential settlement on his behalf.”







“From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression — and they’re about to do it again”

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.”

“The bank owns a 10 percent stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange, where the carbon credits will be traded. Moreover, Goldman owns a minority stake in Blue Source LLC, a Utah-based firm that sells carbon credits of the type that will be in great demand if the bill passes. Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, who is intimately involved with the planning of cap-and-trade, started up a company called Generation Investment Management with three former bigwigs from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, David Blood, Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris. Their business? Investing in carbon offsets. There’s also a $500 million Green Growth Fund set up by a Goldmanite to invest in green-tech … the list goes on and on. Goldman is ahead of the headlines again, just waiting for someone to make it rain in the right spot. Will this market be bigger than the energy futures market?

“Oh, it’ll dwarf it,” says a former staffer on the House energy committee.

Well, you might say, who cares? If cap-and-trade succeeds, won’t we all be saved from the catastrophe of global warming? Maybe — but cap-and-trade, as envisioned by Goldman, is really just a carbon tax structured so that private interests collect the revenues. Instead of simply imposing a fixed government levy on carbon pollution and forcing unclean energy producers to pay for the mess they make, cap-and-trade will allow a small tribe of greedy-as-hell Wall Street swine to turn yet another commodities market into a private tax collection scheme. This is worse than the bailout: It allows the bank to seize taxpayer money before it’s even collected.

Cap-and-trade is going to happen. Or, if it doesn’t, something like it will. The moral is the same as for all the other bubbles that Goldman helped create, from 1929 to 2009. In almost every case, the very same bank that behaved recklessly for years, weighing down the system with toxic loans and predatory debt, and accomplishing nothing but massive bonuses for a few bosses, has been rewarded with mountains of virtually free money and government guarantees — while the actual victims in this mess, ordinary taxpayers, are the ones paying for it.


Article on Malcolm Turnbull / HIH / Goldman Sachs, CO2-traders’ infiltration of our own government here.


From SmartCompany.com.au –

Turnbull also has a good track record as an investor in early stage companies.

In 1999 he made just under $60 million from the sale of pioneering internet service provider OzEmail, two years after selling his boutique investment bank Turnbull and Partners to Goldman Sachs.

See You There – Barnaby vs No-Shott

15 May

Have a great Sunday.

I’m off to burn about 80-odd litres of fossil fuels and put some more of that lovely carbon DIOXIDE out there to green the planet.  Oh yes, and to show my support for Barnaby and Warren Truss at the No Carbon Tax rally in No-shott’s electorate

Town Green
Houton Street
Port Macquarie NSW
Time: 1pm

Keynote Speakers: Barnaby Joyce, Warren Truss.

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