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Guest Post – Growing Old Disgracefully

11 Aug

Illustration: Zeg | click to enlarge

Submitted by new collaborator and stylist, Zeg.


If like me, you are a political tragic and are addicted to the weekly Monday night ABC Colosseum like show, Q and A, where Conservatives are thrown to the Leftist Lions in what is nothing more than a bloodsport, applauded by the majority left audience (do not believe the opening audience stats), AND if you are like me and you are of the more conservative mindset, then you probably felt like you had just walked into a sleazy bar and there you saw your favourite school teacher stripping to “You can leave your hat on”!!!

You see, Noni Hazlehurst, Australian actor (I loved her in her her role as Nancy Wake in the 1987 film, The White Mouse) and probably best remembered as the lovable, caring presenter of the long running children’s TV show, Play School, from 1978 to 2001, was rightfully lauded and questioned for her role in a less than ethical book reading satirical piece called, “Go the f@#K to sleep”. If you don’t know what I am talking about then just watch this….

To think that she unshamedly did this, the same woman that we entrusted to entertain, inform and let’s face it, babysit our kids for many years, is in my opinion a slap in face and a betrayal of trust. When asked about her role in this controversial piece, she basically deferred the whole thing as harmless fun that actually helps adults deal with the drama of getting small children to sleep, and then she defaulted to the fact that the real lowering of standards are all about us, on billboards and bus shelters everywhere. I agree that the way women in particular are betrayed in such advertising is sending the wrong messages but what kind of message does this attempt at humour send?

When my former wife and I had our first child, we sought advice on the issue of getting the baby to sleep from family, friends, books on the subject, and even the Tresillian Nurses Organisation. BUT if someone had handed us this book, then I would have handed it back with the comment, “How the hell does a book about swearing at and even threatening a child who won’t go to sleep help us at this time of need?”

What is it with the left and their brand of humour?

They get greatly offended when Alan Jones calls PM Julia Gillard, JULIAR and say that people on the right are disrespecting the office of the Prime Minister by referring to her as just Julia or Gillard, and then go on to say that it’s only because she is a woman that she is being disrespected and yet they hypocritically have no issue with referring to former PM, John Howard, as “Little Lying Johnny”, or leftist cartoonists drawing the foreign minister, Alexander Downer, in a pair of fish net stockings, and comedians constantly ridiculing the current Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, about the fact that he wears speedos because he just happens to want to swim or run on the beach in them. For heaven sakes, they are politicians and are open to such lampooning but just don’t critique our politicians, that right Noni!?!

Seems to me that the hypocrisy of the left has no bounds and there is no measure or line of decency when it does come to satire. This book and the reading of it by Noni Hazlehurst actually did offend me and as a father and hopefully grandfather, I see this as nothing more than either a desperate act by a left over, left out lefty such as Hazlehurst (probably pissed off because they used Michael “I’ll sell my soul for money” Caton and Cate Blank-Cheque instead of her to push the Carbon Tax scam), or just another wink and nod at the anti family movement that we know these Marxist loving “Useful Idiots” so openly mock at their Northern Beaches Cocktail parties!

Sorry Noni, but you are growing old disgracefully and I am sure Big Ted is not impressed either…. in my opinion.


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above article are the author’s own. They should not be interpreted as reflecting any views held by Senator Barnaby Joyce, The Nationals, or by the barnabyisright.com blog author

(although frankly, your humble blog author does wholly concur, and therefore you may feel free to ignore the preceding standard disclaimer in this instance with particular regard to the views of yours truly!)

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