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Why You Can NOT Believe The Media On North Korea

11 Apr

From the Dollar Vigilante we learn that – exactly like the fabricated “rumour of the century” putting words in the mouth of Iranian President Ahmadinejad – the political parrots in the media are now telling us massive porkies about North Korea too –

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One could be forgiven for thinking that some high-ranking Western sociopaths want to lay the “public opinion” groundwork for another dramatic, live-on-TV, all-out military conflict – a la Iraq – in another instalment of the so-called “War On Terror”.

Must be getting boring for them, working behind the scenes with drones, and sponsoring “insurgents” in “popular uprisings” against their leaders in Egypt, Libya, Syria, et al.

And of course, the media are always happy to oblige, by reporting whatever cut-n-paste press release comes across their desks from on high.

See also Hope Remains – MSM The Most Distrusted “Institution” In Oz:

Only one organisation in Australia is viewed, statistically speaking, as totally untrustworthy: the media. The scoop in the 2010 Australian Election Survey, published this week, wasn’t so much that the messenger finished last but that the gap between us and the political institutions we are supposed to hold to account was so wide.

Only 17 per cent of voters polled at the last election had confidence in the press…

The World Is Worth Saving From Darkness

30 Mar

This article cross-posted from Andy’s Rant, with kind permission of Andy Semple. You can follow Andy at his blog, and on Twitter.

The annual let’s sit around in the dark for one hour is on again this Saturday.

It’s actually a glimpse of what our future is like thanks to the Gillard government’s Carbon Tax.

Earth Hour is EVERY hour in North Korea.

So don’t sit in the dark this Saturday night. Turn all the lights and recognise the incredible accomplishments of the human race. The world is worth saving from darkness.

The only good thing to come from Earth Hour is all the new future taxpayers that will be born in December.

Green is the New Red.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above article are the author’s own. They should not be interpreted as reflecting any views held by Senator Barnaby Joyce or The Nationals … though your humble blogger is fairly confident that he/they would agree!

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