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Barnaby: Embracing Crean’s Challenge Of Fewer Employment Opportunities

5 Aug

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 4 August 2011 (my emphasis added):

Carbon tax to hit regional Australia the hardest

Figures released by the NSW Treasury this morning shows that a carbon tax will hit regional Australia the hardest, shadow Minister for Regional Development, Senator Barnaby Joyce said today.

NSW Treasury figures show that the carbon tax will lead to 31,000 lost jobs in NSW but over 26,000 of these jobs would be in regional Australia, including 18,500 in the Hunter, 7000 in the Illawarra and 1000 jobs in the central West.

“If Mr Crean wants to continue his “embrace the challenge” tour of regional Australia he needs to come clean with them how they are meant to embrace the challenge of fewer employment opportunities.

“This should be no surprise to anyone who understands regional Australia. Regional Australia is where most of our mines, factories and electricity generators. A carbon tax will clearly hurt regional Australia the worst.

“The NSW Treasury analysis also shows that electricity prices will increase by 15 per cent, not the 10 per cent promised the Prime Minister. That will amount to an extra $500 a year for the average household in higher electricity costs alone.

“Australian Government Treasury figures show that people in regional NSW pay 25% more for electricity than those in capital cities. That means regional Australia will bear the brunt of these price increases too.

“Why again are the regional independents, Mr Windsor and Mr Oakeshott, supporting this tax?”

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