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Joyce With Coalition On Parental Leave

16 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 16 March 2010:

Senator Barnaby Joyce rejects claims that he has “broken ranks” with the Coalition on the Paid Parental Scheme.

Senator Joyce said, “I support the Coalition’s Paid Parental Leave scheme. Unlike Rudd’s Mickey Mouse, re-badged baby bonus, our scheme delivers direct and real financial security for families, not just more forms to fill out.

“Realistically, you cannot compare the effect of a small, modest levy on big businesses with the Government’s ‘great big new tax’ of an ETS. The Government’s ETS will cost $42 billion in the first four years alone. $42 billion to do what? It won’t give us anything like the benefits of achieving greater participation in the workforce by women. It won’t give families the income stability to raise a family.”

Larger businesses have the capacity to absorb this levy in the best interest of the nation. As many members of the Coalition have stated, after we have sorted out Labor’s debt problem, and after we’ve been able to reduce personal tax, the Coalition will seek to reduce the rate of company tax over time.

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