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And You Thought Barnaby Tells It Like It Is!

18 Nov

The EU is going to the dogs.

And with the recent dumping of Greek PM Papandreou for daring to offer the people a choice, the dumping of Italian PM Berlusconi also without elections (sound familiar Australia?), and the replacement of both with unelected bankers, democracy has died in its cradle.

And once again, up steps the UK Independent Party’s Nigel Farage to tell it like it is (h/t ZeroHedge):

Nigel Farage needs no introduction: the famous Euroskeptic is one of very few men who has had the temerity to question, often in an abnormally high decibel fashion, the stupidity of the Eurozone leaders from day one. Now that he has been proven correct, he has every right to gloat, which he does to everyone’s delightful amusement in the European parliament. The look on the unelected von Rompuy’s face, especially as he watches his decade-long bureaucratic nirvana crash and burn every single day, is quite priceless.

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