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Conscience Vote A Sick Joke

10 Apr
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A conscience vote or free vote is a type of vote in a legislative body where legislators are allowed to vote according to their own personal conscience rather than according to an official line set down by their political party.

In many liberal democracies, particularly those that follow the parliamentary system of government, the elected members of a legislature who belong to a political party are usually required by that party to vote in accordance with the party line on significant legislation, on pain of censure or expulsion from the party. Sometimes a particular party member known as the whip is responsible for maintaining this party discipline. However, in the case of a conscience vote, a party declines to dictate an official party line to follow and members may vote as they please.

Conscience votes are usually quite rare…

Source: Wikipedia

Our politicians and media laud these rare occasions as somehow representing a wonderful beacon of light, a shining example of the intrinsic excellence of our parliamentary democracy.

Never do they pause to consider the obvious truth.

Every vote is a choice.

And every choice is either Right or Wrong.

It is when we act according to Conscience that we do what is Right.

What do you think that implies for every vote that is not a Conscience vote?

Our very system of governance is a sick joke.

And the joke’s on us.

Australia is a parliamentary democracy. This means that our political system is based on the idea that Parliament is supreme, or sovereign.

I don’t know why we believe in government.

I do know, we will never know freedom … or peace … until the only government is Conscience.

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