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Raising The Ruddy Standards

8 Jul

Still Losing Money On Pink Batts Rorts

17 Feb

Now it’s official.

Some 445 “companies” have succeeded in ripping off the government – that is, taxpayers – to the tune of nearly $14 million.


Simply by shutting down while still owing debts to the government under the GFC “stimulus” pink batts home insulation scheme:

THE Government has written off nearly $14 million owed by companies believed to have wrongly claimed subsidies under the failed home insulation program, a senate estimates hearing has heard.

And it has decided to reverse $10.2 million in “potential debt”, deciding it may have been owed the money but it would have difficulty proving and collecting it.

The botched scheme was plagued by dodgey practices and was linked to the deaths of four installers and 224 house fires.

Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Department deputy secretary Subho Banerjee told the hearing that 671 debts from 516 installers totalling $6.69 million was still owed to it, but even that might not be recovered.

“The experience in these debt recovery operations across the Commonwealth is that the expected recovery rates are generally very low,” Dr Banerjee said.

“That’s our advice in this case as well.”

He said $1.89 million had been recovered.

But the hearing heard $13.77 million of debts were written off – seven because companies were declared bankrupt, one because of death, 445 because the companies ceased operating and 35 deemed “uneconomical to pursue”.

Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham asked what lengths the Government had gone to to chase down those 445 cases.

“Or was it just the case that people managed to set up companies, fleece the taxpayer of $13.7 million and then close down their companies and get away with it?” he said.

Remember this, should you ever have the tax man breathing down your neck for a miserable few hundred or thousand bucks.

IMF Gives Goose His Cue To Lay Their Golden Egg

16 Dec

It’s not that Wayne needs much convincing to create more debt.

One need only look at the epic, world-beating rise in Australia’s public debt under The Goose, using the GFC as the excuse.

Now, just when he might be beginning to run out of excuses, here comes the IMF with the cue Wayne needs:

IMF boss says no country in the world is immune from the crisis and all must take steps to boost growth, with risks of inaction including ‘isolation and other elements reminiscent of the 1930s depression’.

Regular readers know that the IMF has decades of ‘form’.

It will always call for nations to “stimulate” growth. Why? The deeper in debt, the sooner the IMF is called in to “bail out”.

Taking the nation’s infrastructure (airports, highways, ports, railways, telecomms, electricity grids, etc) as collateral.

And, the nation’s sovereignty.

Wayne is just the Goose to lay the IMF’s golden egg.

QLD Government’s “Green” Showerhead Scam In NSW Too

21 Nov

(h/t Andrew Bolt’s blog)

Funny isn’t it.

How the mainstream media begin to highlight the direct connection between “green energy” scams and carbon credits, only after the Green-Labor government has rammed its carbon derivatives scam legislation through the Parliament.

It is almost amusing that this story concerning a NSW Government “showerheads” scam, has come out just 6 days after this blog’s popular and widely-read exposé of the Queensland Government’s “ClimateSmart” scam. A scam which includes flogging (amongst other eco-gimmicks) low-quality “energy saving” showerheads to the public without clearly revealing that the Federal Government was accruing carbon credits for them, and without clearly revealing to the customer that they were signing over all rights and entitlements to any carbon credits accruing from “or related to” energy savings in their household.

Here’s the story of the NSW scam, from The Sunday Telegraph (emphasis added):

Dodgy door-to-door salesmen cash in on yet another green scheme

DODGY door-to-door salesmen have cashed in on yet another green scheme in a replica rort to the Federal Government’s bungled pink batts scandal.

In a secret report obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, the state’s independent power regulator has demanded the multimillion dollar scheme be shut down immediately. The NSW Government yesterday also promised to investigate suspected widespread abuse.

The little-known scheme has proven a bonanza for operaters selling showerheads to households in return for up to $30 million in tradeable energy certificates which have also driven up the state’s power bills.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that the sale of showerheads has exploded since the Federal Government ended the pink batts scheme.

“We suspect many of the same operators who were involved in the sale of pink batts were involved in the sale of showerheads,” one industry source said. “When pinks batts was suspended, there was a big jump in the production of energy savings certificates from showerhead sales.”

The supension of the pink batts scheme in February last year saw a surge in the number of energy-saving certificates produced by selling showerheads from 37,032 in 2009 to a staggering 406,755 in 2010.

More than than half the certificates created by the scheme are now generated from the sale of water- and energy-saving showerheads.

The Department of Fair Trading has also been flooded with complaints about dodgy showerhead installations.

These include door-to-door salesmen encouraging customers to buy two showerheads, others encouraged to sign forms to state their showerhead had been replaced when it hadn’t, as well as numerous complaints about dodgy installations which led to water leaks.

A yet-to-be released Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal report on the Energy Saving Scheme, obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, found the issuing of energy-saving certificates from the sale of showerheads was open to manipulation, and threatened the integrity of the entire scheme.

The regulator said it was concerned about the potential for “inaccurate, and possibly purposefully manipulated” certificates. “We are also concerned that the new showerheads are mostly replacing previously installed low-flow showerheads.”

Under the scheme launched in 2009, a market is created in tradable energy efficiency certificates which must be purchased by the state’s energy operators as part of a government push to reduce energy consumption.

The report shows the scheme cost more than $20 million last year — $10 million of it just for showerheads — which had to be paid for by households in their quarterly power bills.

The certificates cost more than $30 million this year because their value increased. [TBI: how? why? as per the guaranteed-to-rise carbon price, right?!]

The Government is likely to move quickly to wind up the showerhead component of the scheme. Energy Minister Chris Hartcher said: “The NSW Government is extremely concerned by yet another botched Labor scheme and will be giving serious consideration to IPART’s recommendations.”

[Note to News Ltd: for crying out loud, get a sub-editor who can spell … or at least use a spell-checker!]

The print version of The Sunday Telegraph also featured these extra inset pieces:

Enact Energy Suspended

> Enact Energy earned zero certificates in 2009 and 274,899 in 2010
> Earned more than $5m from trading certificates
> Suspended from Energy Saving Scheme in June this year after an audit uncovered allegedly questionable bookkeeping


In hot water over showerheads

Western Sydney business partners Mustafa Ali Khan and Kamran Mirza were set to make $1.5 million from the shower head replacement scheme.

However, the directors of Regents Park firm Combined Force have been barred from further participation after an auditor questioned their records.

Mr Khan and Mr Mirza, who set up their business to take part in the pink batts insulation scheme, claim they have been unfairly done by.

“There are some companies making lots of money,” Mr Khan said. “We have been operating honestly. We are a small company and we are suffering. I am not happy.”

Mr Khan and Mr Mirza claim they had generated 13,500 certificates, qualifying the business to create a further 50,000, which they estimate would have been worth about $1.5 million.

However, an IPART-appointed auditor claimed Combined Force had improperly created certificates.

The company has now stopped installing showerheads in NSW, while it remains in dispute with IPART. It continues to sell rof insulation, solar hot water systems and energy efficient lighting.

Combined Force owners deny any wrongdoing.

“We don’t criticise the scheme, it is a good scheme, but the audit system is wrong,” Mr Mirza said.

“We did the right thing.”



> Get accredited to earn energy-saving certificates
> Use door-to-door salesmen to persuade families [TBI: and especially old folk, no doubt!] to let you fit showerheads for them, for ‘free’
> Each showerhead earns you ‘certificates’: 1.5 for a gas water system, more than three for electric hot water systems
> Certificates worth about $30 and are traded to power companies
> Power companies use the certificates to offset their energy use

Observant readers will notice the vital inconsistency in the above articles, all on the same page of the same newspaper! I have underlined them for emphasis. On the one hand, it is said that the companies cashing on on this scheme qualify to “create” energy-saving certificates. But in an adjacent piece, it says they get accredited to “earn” the certificates.

This slack, lazy reporting pisses your humble blogger right off.

Because this very inconsistency actually points to the root of the fraud. Any half-decent journalist (or Editor) should notice this inconsistency, question “What is the truth here?”, and investigate.

Whereupon they would eventually discover what barnabyisright.com readers have known for a long time.

Only governments can “create” the green religion’s new form of electronic “money”.

So it is governments – not dodgy salesmen – who should be the focus of these stories.

Let us be clear, dear reader.

This “showerhead scam” is not the work of dodgy door-to-door salesmen.

It is a government-mandated program.

It began with the government forcing state energy suppliers to buy “energy efficiency certificates”.

Sound familiar?

Sounds exactly like the much bigger, much grander, Federal Government Clean Energy Future carbon derivatives scam to me.

The basic operating principle, is exactly the same.

By bankster-financed government decree, Company A is forced to buy some form of “green” energy “certificate” / carbon “credit”, from Government Z.

As a result, Company A looks for ways to reduce (not their energy usage but) the number/cost of those “credits” they have to buy … while making extra profits at the same time.


A very slick “ClimateSmart” scam in Queensland.

A not so slick Energy Saving Scheme scam in NSW.

In the case of the Federal Clean Energy Future scam, Company A looks for ways to reduce (not their “emissions” but) the number/cost of carbon “units” they have to buy, in the following ways:

1. Conveniently underestimate (‘misreport’) their emissions, in their annual self-reporting to the government;

2. Buy much cheaper international carbon “credits” from shonky offshore sellers;

3. “Hedge” their carbon credit liability, by “investing” (ie, betting) in all manner of speculative carbon derivative financial “products”, designed by the bankstering industry.

By the way, on these showerhead scams.

It is worth noting something else too.

In these examples of state-based green rorts, the “Company A” that is being “forced” to aid and abet the government-mandated “green energy” scam … just happens to be a government-owned company.

The electricity generators in NSW and Queensland are mostly state government-owned.

And in the case of the Queensland “ClimateSmart” scam, it is run by a Pty Ltd company owned by the Queensland Treasury Corporation.

So let us not be too angry with those chaps featured in The Sunday Telegraph.

Unlike most of us, they were bright and cunning enough to have an eye out for the main chance.

The real culprit in all these green schemes scams, is the originator.

International finance.


The creators of computerised “money” (debt).

The creators of the concept of computerised carbon “credits” (debt).

The financiers of everything … including the Great Global Warming Hoax.

Aided and abetted by our self-serving, clueless, sell-my-mother-for-votes-or-just-a-better-portfolio politicians.

Except Senator Joyce.

Barnaby Joyce has long described trading in carbon permits as “The Greatest Scam On Earth”.

Barnaby is right.

The Inevitable Deceit

2 May

It really is now or never to stop the carbon tax.  So it’s worth reprising Barnaby’s original fighting response to Gillard’s pronouncement back on February 25th:

Now that we’ve all picked our jaw up off the ground, because Ms Gillard and Mr Swan have precisely done what they said they wouldn’t do and are bringing in a carbon tax, we have to organise the fight to stop it.

Yes, we are going to have to go through all the arguments again and we will win again.

Let’s start from these. The people who couldn’t get fluffy stuff in the ceiling for the rats and mice to sleep on without setting fire to 190 houses; the people who decided to go on some manic building spree in the backyard of every school, whether the schools liked it or not and in many cases in multiples of the cost of the true price on the structures; these same people who thought they could reboot the global economy with the purchase of imported electronic goods with $900 cheques; the same people who have got you into $181 billion in gross debt; yet the same people again who looked down the barrel of a camera to talk to the Australian people and stated categorically they would never bring in a carbon tax in the term of their government; they are the people who are going to bring in the carbon tax because they have the quite evident expertise, despite all the history to the contrary, to cool the planet from a room in Canberra.

Not surprisingly, what they have changed is the temperature of people’s disposition. There is a palpable white fury from the deceit that people feel. People can hardly afford and in some cases not afford at all the power bills they currently have. They do not need any more motivation to use less power. They are totally focused on this because they can’t afford to pay for their current usage.

People understand that you either have cheap power or cheap wages. There is another alternative, no jobs and Australia’s manufacturing industry, or what’s left of it, is well and truly in the sights of this absurd decision of Ms Gillard. I look forward to AWU Secretary, Mr Howes, in his next Mussolini impersonation behind the podium, to go into bat for these jobs, but I haven’t heard boo from him today.
In the background, literally and photographically, are Mr Windsor and Mr Oakeshott. Mr Oakeshott, well you can just make your own mind up about him, but Mr Windsor’s statement at the press conference is peculiar. He said, “and please don’t construe through my presence here that I will be actually supporting any scheme”. Well, Mr Windsor, what were you doing there? Did you get lost on the way to the toilet and just stumble across the Prime Minister doing her press conference and decide to stand in on it?

Please don’t tell me that we have to go through this teeth pulling agony as you stand at the front of the political church in the big white fluffy dress saying,”I don’t know how I got here and I don’t know whether I shall say I do. Don’t construe that this dress means I’m getting married to another Labor/Green party decision.

I was not in the least bit surprised about the white fury I’m hearing in Sydney and how some of the illuminati misread that there would be such an overwhelming reaction against the announcement of the carbon tax. I am not surprised in the slightest by the almost monastic silence of Mr Bill Shorten as he sits back salivating on Ms Gillard and her Green cohorts happily mounting their own political pyre.

Day one, round one, and we, the National Party and the Liberal Party are ready for the fight.


There is only one way to stop the carbon tax.  That is to force a change of government, before the Gillard/Green/Independent Alliance can legislate it. The only way that can happen, is by the sheer volume of people power.  Quite literally “volume” – you must make your voice heard.  By Labor.  And the Independents.


The Coalition do not have the power to force a fresh election.  And, even if they were to win the next general election in 2013, they would have to wait till the following election (2016) to have a real chance at winning back the balance of power in the Senate from the Greens, in order to repeal the tax.

So if you want to stop the carbon tax, now is the final opportunity.

Back in late 2009, tens of thousands of us were angered enough to get politically active for the first time. We phoned and wrote and emailed every single member and senator in the Parliament.  Repeatedly.

We told them exactly what we thought.  And, what we’d do if they allowed the Rudd-Turnbull emissions trading scheme to be foisted on us.

We only won the first round.

Now the Gillard/Greens are back for Round 2.  They openly admit that the carbon (dioxide) tax is just a stepping stone to an ETS three years later.

It’s all up to you. What will you do?


There’s big cracks showing in the mask of Labor solidarity:

In the week before the PM left for a 10 day trip to Japan, Korea, China and the UK, several Labor backbenchers privately spoke of how they thought the Julia Gillard experiment was going.

“Put us out of our misery now,” said one. “It can’t go on.”

“Clearly it hasn’t worked,” said another. “The experiment has failed.”

And this:

This group of MPs fear for the future of their party. And it is more than just short-termism thinking that infects them.

That is to say, they believe the best thing that could happen for Labor’s long-term prospects is to lose Government now and rebuild its support in the community. They would be punished but perhaps not as badly as they might in two years time.


The Greens too, are revolting:

Bob Brown has warned of further tensions between the Greens and the Gillard government if it rewards big business over households in the upcoming May budget.

The Greens leader acknowledged that his relationship with Julia Gillard had now changed, describing her criticism of his party last week as a “serious turning of events”.

Time to move in for the kill.

Labor Can’t Balance Fiddled Books

28 Apr

It seems Rudd Labor’s massive, panicked, and bungled response to the first wave of the GFC – roof insulation, the horrendously wasteful school buildings rort – is now making it difficult for them to keep yet another promise, to keep spending growth below 2% of GDP.

From The Australian:

The government is facing a battle to keep costs under its self-imposed 2 per cent growth cap, with blowouts in some programs and higher interest payments adding to the deficit.

Spending in the federal budget, to be released in two weeks, could be at least $10 billion higher in 2010-11 than was forecast when Treasury updated the government’s accounts last November.

Government officials confirm that the budget will forecast economic growth in excess of 3 per cent, which will trigger the rules devised by Treasury for returning the budget to surplus.

These rules dictate that once growth returns to normal, the government will keep spending growth below 2 per cent after allowing for inflation. They also require it to cover the cost of new spending with savings elsewhere in the budget and to bank any increase in tax revenue.

When the mid-year budget update was released six months ago, it looked as though the spending growth target would be easy to reach in 2010-11 because spending on the stimulus program was expected to fall by about $9bn in that year.

In one of the most popular articles I’ve written – “Labor Fakes GDP By 4.5%” – I showed from the government’s own budget documents how Rudd Labor have “revised” the historical data to artificially increase Australia’s GDP figures. Why is that important?

Because it has allowed the government to hoodwink the public and the lazy “we-check-nothing” media that they can keep spending growth below 2% of GDP.  That seems like an easy promise to make, when you’ve simply faked the GDP numbers upwards.

I also showed in “Labor: Hide The Increase” that, according to the government’s own “adjustments”, if they were required to abide by the previous traditional deflator method for calculating the effect of inflation on government spending, they would fail to meet their own 2% spending cap.

Now, we see from today’s article in The Australian, that even with all their massive fiddling of the nation’s accounts and historical records, the government is still struggling to balance their books.

Perhaps they might ask for the assistance of a qualified, experienced, and honest Accountant?

Joyce: Rudd On Risk

1 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 1 March 2010

On the weekend I was flattered by Mr Rudd making a statement about myself and risk.  I heard the statement whilst driving from a major protest in Armidale about the decision to bring in beef from countries with mad cow disease, which I think is very risky and so do most Australian consumers.

Whilst driving there was blanket coverage on the radio about Mr Rudd’s insulation program, a program responsible for the deaths of four young men, a program which has burnt down approximately one hundred houses and created deaths traps in about another 1000. According to James Tinsley from the National Electrical and Communications Association  it could cost tax payers almost half a billion dollars to fix.

Yesterday I heard Mr Rudd asked about fixing the health system and he said, “We didn’t anticipate how hard it was going to be to deliver things.” Now he wants us to give him more time to do a proper job on it. Let us not forget that Mr Rudd continues to pursue the Emissions Trading Scheme. This is where he reconfigures the whole of the nation’s economy based on a colourless, odourless gas while taxing every Australian household at the power points in their rooms. This is on the belief that Minister Wong can single handedly change the temperature of the globe from her room in Canberra.

Surely Mr Rudd can see the paradox of his statements on risk and national management. I’ll have to inform Mr Rudd, that as I drive around the country I am told constantly about the parody that his government is becoming. I think the best summation of the Labor Government was given by two people, a worker in a mine talking about discussions with his union colleagues and a service station operator. The first one said we just do not understand anything Mr Rudd says and we are very concerned about our jobs and his position on the ETS. The service station operator said people just start laughing when they see Mr Rudd now.

That, Mr Rudd is the fair dinkum reality. It is like the mechanic who, asked to service your car has done nothing to it except mount up a huge bill. After a couple of years bits and pieces of the vehicle are strewn around the shed and now Mr Rudd rushes out the front to talk to you with his little note book and says, I know I’ve stuffed up but I just want you to give me a couple more years to do a proper job on this.

More Information- Jenny Swan 0746 251500

Abbott Backs Joyce

1 Mar

From the Sydney Morning Herald

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has defended Barnaby Joyce amid questions over the coalition finance spokesman’s economic credibility:

Barnaby Joyce has not been responsible for the actual disasters in people’s lives that (Environment Minister) Peter Garrett has been responsible for,” Mr Abbott told Network Ten.

Mr Abbott said he was happy with Senator Joyce’s performance.

“Every member of the team including Barnaby is doing a good job. That doesn’t mean that all of us can’t on occasions lift our game but I’m confident in the team.”

Joyce: Rudd ‘A Deadly Risk’

28 Feb

Barnaby Joyce has returned fire at Kevin Rudd on Saturday, after the PM suggested that Barnaby should be sacked:

“Surely Mr Rudd must see the paradox of his statement,” Senator Joyce told AAP.

“The person who has now admitted responsibility for a program that has burnt down 100 houses, killed four people, electrified 1000 houses and created fatal death traps and is going to cost $100 million just to fix, is stating that I may appear a risk.

“Quite evidently he is absolutely a risk, a deadly risk.”

Earlier on Saturday, PM Rudd had again tried to discredit Barnaby over his warnings late last year concerning the possibility of the USA defaulting on its massive debts:

“It’s now, I think, 87 days since Mr Abbott took the reckless decision, the risky decision, of making Barnaby Joyce the alternative finance minister of Australia,” Mr Rudd told reporters in Adelaide.

“In just 87 days he said that America could default on its sovereign debt, he said that the Australian states could or would default on their sovereign debt, he has said that the Australian government could or would default on its sovereign debt.

Kevin Rudd is a liar.  Barnaby Joyce never said that Australia could or would “default”.  Instead, he questioned whether we could repay our debt, if the Government continues on its present rapidly-rising trajectory of wasteful (and deadly) spending with borrowed money –

Kevin Rudd is oblivious to the warnings of many acclaimed international economists who share Barnaby’s concerns.

Kevin Rudd also appears ignorant of the deep concerns about US sovereign debt that were expressed by none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just three days ago.  She warned that the US deficit is a risk to national security:

“We have to address this deficit and the debt of the United States as a matter of national security not only as a matter of economics,” Clinton said. “I do not like to be in a position where the United States is a debtor nation to the extent that we are.”

Having to rely on foreign creditors hit “our ability to protect our security, to manage difficult problems and to show the leadership that we deserve,” she said.

The moment of reckoning cannot be put off forever,” she said. “I really honestly wish I could turn the clock back.”

Kevin Rudd is a proven liar, an economic imbecile, and an arrogant, financially reckless fool.

Barnaby is right.

UPDATE: Abbott backs Joyce, happy with performance

UPDATE 2: ‘Fix the stuff ups’, Joyce Tells Rudd –

‘I am flattered that Mr Rudd would come out on Saturday to go after little old me but I really thought he had other things to do and if he has spare time my humble suggestion is to concentrate on fixing up your stuff ups.

‘If he wants me to make suggestions for his little notebook I will forward my mobile number later.’

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