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5 Reasons Why Politicians Deserve Their Latest Pay Rise

14 Jun

After much painstaking research, ponderous analysis, and calm reflection, I finally worked why it is that Australian politicians (and senior public servants) deserve their latest 2.4% pay rise … and their next one too, scheduled for December 2013.

So without further ado, here are 5 compelling reasons why the PM deserves an extra $11.9k (now $507k per annum), and why dozy backbench MP’s deserve an extra $4.5k ($195k per annum):

1. Low paid workers were last week awarded a 2.6% pay rise ($821.60 per annum), taking the minimum wage to $622.20 per week ($32k per annum)





Ain’t percentages grand?

Barnaby Is Wrong

21 Oct

From the Herald Sun:

Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce has backed a plan to double redundancy payouts for politicians, saying job prospects for retiring MPs are limited.

The independent remuneration tribunal is considering doubling the resettlement allowance to $70,455 for federal MPs who lose their seats at elections.

Senator Barnaby Joyce says the idea has merit.

“If you leave parliament you have signed a political card which means the opportunities for a job are limited,” he said.

“They’re limited because people don’t like a partisan political figure in their office. It turns off half the client base.”

If true, then perhaps politicians should have thought about that before climbing on board the taxpayer-funded gravy train that is modern politics.

Barnaby has form for making even bigger calls regarding remuneration for politicians (Sep 2009):

Outspoken Senator Barnaby Joyce has called for Kevin Rudd’s salary to be almost trebled to $1 million as MPs yesterday defended another pay rise.

The Remuneration Tribunal’s decision to boost the base salary of federal politicians next week to $131,000 – an extra 3 per cent – comes just months after the Australian Fair Pay Commission refused to give 1.3 million workers on the lowest wage one cent extra.

But staring down tough economic times and volatile poll results, the Queensland Government yesterday said it would stand by its 2009 election commitment and keep state MPs’ salaries frozen.

Senator Joyce told The Courier-Mail that unless pay was comparable with the private sector, Federal Parliament would be filled with “lords, ladies and lunatics”.

Better that, I would argue, than the Parliament filled with clowns, lawyers, and halfwits we have now.

Your humble blogger would point readers – and Senator Joyce – to the fine example of 2012 US Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has just given a brilliant speech outlining a Plan To Restore America, in which he set the standard for what politicians’ pay should be.

If it’s good enough for a US Congressman and potential US President, Barnaby, then it’s definitely more than good enough for our mob (from 7:37min):

“I have taken it upon myself that I will not take a salary any higher than the median* income of all Americans, which is $39,000″

Ron Paul is a real leader.

“To lead the people, walk behind them” – Lao Tzu

* For the Australian PM, that means a salary no higher than $44,146 per annumeven less for the rest.

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