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Barnaby Teaches Simple Simon Some Basic Accountancy

16 May

Another reason why we must replace the Goose with a proper accountant.

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 16 May 2011:

Pulling a swiftie on regional Australia

Simon Crean announced today that $1 billion worth of projects had applied for the first round of the $1 billion Regional Development Australia Fund. “The problem is that there is only $300 million in the budget over the next four years,” said Senator Barnaby Joyce today.

“I am currently travelling around northern NSW. Northern NSW is actually in regional Australia.

You know what it’s like – trees, wildlife, long distances between pubs, that sort of stuff. Most of the area is kind of dark at night.

Simon, regional Australia does not include the Antarctic, which it does in your regional budget documents, it does not include Perth, where your biggest “regional” project is being funded, and it does not include Adelaide, where migrants can come to live under your Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Now I know Simon you have done a smoke and mirrors trick in the definition of regional Australia, and now you are trying to pull the same swiftie with the definition of money.

You see Simon it’s quite simple, you only had $300 million allocated to the Regional Development Fund in the forward estimates, but now $1 billion worth of projects have applied.

Now to keep things nice and simple Simon, you have only got $300 million to spend, but in your media release claim that $1 billion of projects have applied for a $1 billion fund.

I am having a wonderful time in regional Australia. One day I might actually bump into you.”

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