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Can You See It?

17 Jul

No new posts today, dear reader.

Busy with mammoth task of collating all the data from the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) department’s Register, and latest Report, into one comprehensive spreadsheet.

Because the Government’s claims about the “500 biggest polluters”, are misleading and deceptive in the extreme.

Especially so, when the Government is counting (eg) universities, hospitals, area health care services, Snowy Hydro Limited, Arnott’s Biscuits, Bega Cheese, Heinz Watties, McCain Foods, Nippon Meat Packers, the Big Four banks, The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Q), local councils, government-owned water utilities, public transport corporations, the NSW Forestry Commission, and more unlikely candidates, in order to come up with as big a headline number of so-called “biggest polluters” as possible.

It appears that in the Brown-Gillard weltanschauung, everyone is a “biggest polluter”.

Which is understandable, when you want a big round number to fear-monger about on the telly (“1000 biggest” … oops, make that “500 biggest”).

I’m collating all the NGER data (and, researching all the missing data) in order to confirm – in detail – that the “around” this and “estimated” that plethora of claims made on the Government’s “500 biggest polluting companies” webpage – claims that are allegedly based on the NGER data – are simply more lies.

Until tomorrow, please enjoy this –

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