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Barnaby Exposes Labor’s Renewable Energy Fraud

10 Nov

Media release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 9 November 2011:

Clean energy and the affect of yesterday’s vote

Prior to the passage of the carbon tax, the amount of renewable (or as the government likes to describe it ‘clean’) energy that would be generated by our nation by 2020 was 50 terawatt hours, according to a report for the government by SKM MMA.

Yesterday, the Senate passed over 1000 pages worth of law, titled the Clean Energy bills. On the passage of these clean energy bills, the amount of clean energy generated in Australia by 2020 will be 50 terawatt hours.

That’s right it is exactly the same amount. The clean energy bills will encourage exactly zero additional supply of electricity generation from clean energy sources.

So, now not only do you have the pleasure of being poorer, noting that it will have exactly zero affect on the climate, you will also have the pleasure of the clean energy bills producing absolutely no additional clean energy by 2020.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a clean energy bill doesn’t actually produce any new clean energy. It’s like all the democracy that existed in the Democratic Republic of Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin wall, or exists now in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

As the consultants SKM MMA put it to the government in their report:

The level of renewable generation by 2020 is significantly higher only for the high price scenario, which suggests that in the absence of the LRET the carbon prices for the low price and core policy cases at that point ($13/t CO2e and $29.5/t CO2Figure 7e respectively) are not high enough to support widespread new entrant renewable generation.

(click here to download the SKM MMA extracts in pdf format)

Barnaby Joyce is an experienced accountant.

Meaning that, unlike World’s Greatest Finance Minister Wayne Swan, he can add up:

From Senator Joyce's office | click to enlarge

And as we have seen many times here on barnabyisright.com, when it comes to picking up on the important little details that reveal a fraud, Barnaby is the only one on the ball.

Oh yes, lest we forget to remind readers that in order to achieve this zero contribution of additional electricity from renewables, the government intends to set up Greens Senator Milne’s baby – the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

$10 billion of borrowed money.

To pour down the toilet of renewable energy “projects” that no sane investor will touch with a barge pole.

That’s why the government subsidy.

Because real business people (not rent-seekers) already know what Senator Joyce points out.

That “clean energy” cannot generate enough electricity to break even financially.

Unless propped up by the taxpayer.

“Clean” “renewable” energy is just another arm tentacle of the Great Global Warming Hoax.

A quasi-religious movement to enrich (1) bankers, (2) myriad rent-seekers, and (3) politicians (on retirement).

At the expense of (1) developed world citizens’ standard of living, and ultimately (2) national sovereignty (via government debt owed to foreign interests).



The Greens face widespread accusations of hypocrisy after demanding Australia abandon non-renewable energy sources, a day after voting for a carbon tax package underwritten by the continuing long-term use of gas.

The minor party, which helped design the carbon tax package, was unabashed last night, insisting Australia could be 100 per cent reliant on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy within a decade if only its politicians mustered the “political will” to do it.

A picture says it all, where words fail me –

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