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Socialism Is Not The Answer To Capitalism

26 Nov

Cross-posted from Anthony Migchels’ Real Currencies:

(Left: the deeply troubled Karl Marx was used by the Banking Fraternity to create the evil dialectical twin to Capitalism, for the purposes of organizing the opposition and directing history)

Capitalism redistributes from the many to the few. It is a global monopoly in private hands.

Socialism then goes on to claim private property is the problem. It says this will be solved by nationalizing it. It is a monopoly in State hands.

But what good does it for the poor if the wealth is transferred from the rich to the State? Especially when we consider that the extremely wealthy have always owned the State? It is for that reason they financed Marx and the Bolshevist revolution, after all.

Capital intends to consolidate its private monopoly in State hands, in a World Government.

The problem is not private property. The problem is too much private property in too few hands. The problem is the ongoing redistribution of the private property of the many into the hands of a few. By the creation of artificial scarcity and associated high prices by Monopoly.

And the mother of all monopolies is the monopoly of money. As long as the Plutocracy can control the money supplies of the nations with its global Banking Cartel, and tax it with Usury, which is paid by the poor who need to borrow to the rich who lend, and which globally redistributes up to 10 Trillion per year to the very richest, we will never have either Justice, or Freedom.

Interest-Free Credit Now!


And here is an excellent TEDx talk by Jem Bendell on the problems of our money and the coming revolution in alternative currencies.

Who Can Take Your Money With A Twinkle In Their Eye? The Government Can!

29 Mar

Genius. Utter genius.

Sing along now children:

h/t Andy Semple.

Swanomics – Big Words For A Small Mind

29 Feb

Today in Question Time, our esteemed World’s Greatest Treasurer loudly let us know that he’s learnt a new phrase from his Treasury puppeteers.

“Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation”.

Now that he’s finally mastered the ability to repeat one 4 syllable and one 5 syllable word in the same sentence, Wayne wants you to know that he is a “strong supporter” of it.

Quelle surprise.

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