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Abbott: Low-Growth, High Inflation Future

1 Mar

Tony Abbott also sees the danger signs that so many are warning of:

The danger for Australia, as we enter what could turn out to be a long period of 70s-style low growth and high inflation, is not just that the Rudd government has saddled us with debt and deficits but that it’s undoing the reforms on which a golden age was built.

Rudd Labor have tried to smear Tony Abbott’s economic credentials too, trumpeting that he thinks “economics is boring”. Whether that is true or not is beside the point – just because a subject is boring, does not mean you do not understand it.

Tony Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar, with a degree in Economics.  The Rudd Labor economic team, by comparison, are all uneducated imbeciles. Compare their credentials here.

Barnaby is right. Tony Abbott is right as well.

Thank goodness that at least two people in our parliament are aware of the serious economic problem that lies ahead.

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