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Barnaby: “This Protein And Chemical-Enriched Abomination”

6 Dec

From Strewth! in The Australian:

A stretch too far

While the [ALP national] conference was heading towards its conclusion, senators Barnaby Joyce and George Brandis were off to the wedding of former 2UE broadcaster Michael Smith on the NSW central coast. Expecting a regular hire car to collect them, they walked out to be confronted by a stretch limousine. Remarked Brandis, “I think that hideous thing is for us.” Joyce asked the driver who he was waiting for. Consulting a piece of paper, the driver confirmed Brandis’s worst fears: “Someone called Barnaby.” As a “tired” Joyce related to Strewth yesterday, “We sat in the back among the changing neon colours of this protein and chemical-enriched abomination, glancing at one another uncomfortably.” The measured Brandis ignored Joyce’s exhortation to “be loud and proud” and disembark in style at the venue, instead waiting inside the limo until any possible eyewitnesses had moved away.

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Strewth! He’s Got It … “Joyce The Prophet”

28 Jun

At long last.

Well done James Jeffrey, author of the Strewth column.

From the Australian today:

REMEMBER back in 2009 when Barnaby Joyce pondered aloud the possibility of the US defaulting on its debt?

Just to recap in the concisest way, things went badly for Joyce. We found ourselves pondering this yesterday as we listened to the dulcet tones of the ABC’s Eleanor Hall on The World Today: “. . . the [US] Treasury has warned that Congress has only until August 2 to come up with a compromise to lift the $US14 trillion debt ceiling or risk a default and a default would have drastic consequences, not just for the US but for the global economy”.

Is the time approaching where Joyce must be acknowledged as a clear-eyed prophet?

Strewth found him in a reflective mood.

“Maybe they will retract their pillaging of me and hand back the shadow finance portfolio as the sun is blotted out with the return of the migrating pigs,” Joyce mused.

“Alas, Cassandras are rarely enjoyable company in any party. It was hardly the greatest feat of the prefrontal cortex amygdala [utilised for intuition, he explains] to foresee that one, but politically it had to wait for the economic karaoke to bravely sing all together prompted by the big bouncing cheque.”


Just as this blog has been proving, with news articles and economic information from around the world, ever since Barnaby The Prophet bravely made the Big Call.

Barnaby was right.

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