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Come Out Of Her, My People

25 Apr

Just stop participating.

Walk away:

Dear Reader,

Thank you to all who have read, commented on, and in particular, shared content from this blog over the past 2-and-some years. I have decided to take an indefinite hiatus from the daily toil associated with identifying and writing content for this blog, to refocus my energies towards higher priorities. These include the pursuit of a long sidelined desire – to write a book.

I have paid for continued hosting of this site’s content for 12 months, so if any readers would be interested to be made aware of future writings or projects, please Follow this blog if you have a WordPress account, or, submit your email address in Comments to the About page (to avoid spam, use format “[name] AT [url] DOT [ ]”). Rest assured that your email address will never be shared, and would only be used to advise of future writing projects that may be of some interest to you.

Regular readers know that a consistent theme of this site has been debunking the government claims, and legislation – and exposing the motives and connections of the prime movers and key beneficiaries – pursuant to so-called “action on climate change” in Australia. And while a minor contributing factor in my decision to cease contributing to this blog is my view that most, if not all, of the content that I have presented in the past regarding debt, economic (mis)management, and government deceit regarding same, can easily be found by the diligent researcher elsewhere, to the best of my knowledge no other commentator or blogger has identified, much less focussed attention on, the Ticking Time Bomb Hidden In the Carbon Tax. For that reason, I see this article (along with the many closely-related articles, and in particular the epic research project The “500 Biggest Polluters” Exposed – Everything The Government Is Not Telling You) as being my only truly unique contribution to public awareness concerning government propaganda/policy, and its consequences.

Gratifyingly, Ticking Time Bomb Hidden In the Carbon Tax is the most shared blog that I have written. I see it as, arguably, the most significant blog I have written.

Regular readers will also be familiar with my personal view that the most important, and arguably the only way to truly transform human society for the better – from a material, rather than the infinitely more crucial spiritual and moral perspectives, I would hasten to add – is by transformation of the “currency” system. By making “money” a true servant of mankind, rather than our master. In that regard, I am perhaps most contented of all with my July 7, 2011 essay outlining how I believe that can (and why it must) be done –

The People’s NWO: Every Man His Own Central Banker

There are 814 posts here, and over 193,000 views of those posts to date (ANZAC Day April 25, 2012).

The most active day was February 25th 2012, with 5,677 views – 3,961 of which were of this post, which actually saddens me. Contemplative readers will understand why. Unsurprisingly therefore, the most active month was February 2012, with 24,599 views.

Once again, thank you most sincerely to all who have read, commented, and shared. Without your support, I doubt that I would have persisted for so long 😉

Vaya con Dios,


“Pride is the root of all evil.”
“Debt is not the new black. It is the old red.” 


Australia’s most decorated active serviceman, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith VC, on ABC Lateline last night (segment “Australia remembers fallen diggers”, from 3:30 sec):

“I don’t think we need to sacrifice any more human beings unnecessarily; so if there is another option, then that is obviously the way to go.”

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