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Swan: Not Drowning, Waving

19 Jun

No, no … everything’s fine!  Really it is!  Just peachy!!

From AAP via Yahoo!7 News:

Economy strong despite global woes: Swan

Treasurer Wayne Swan says Australia’s economic prospects remain strong despite uncertainty about the recovery in the global economy.

Mr Swan said proximity to Asia would continue to fuel the national economy.

“Australia remains well positioned to benefit from robust growth in our region,” Mr Swan said in a statement on Saturday.

“Strong demand for our commodities is underpinning an unprecedented pipeline of business investment, with ABARES estimating a pipeline of $430 billion in resources alone.”

Australia’s economic prospects “remain strong”, ‘eh?

We are “well-positioned to benefit from robust growth in our region”, ‘eh?

An “unprecedented pipeline of business investment”, ‘eh?

Macquarie Bank begs to differ.

As does Michael Byrne, head of Linfox Logistics.

As does Nouriel Roubini, the economist made famous for predicting the GFC.

And many more.

Ever reliable Wayne Swan. Nothing changes.

Same hot air, every time.

Just remember to bookmark this page.

For the day fast approaching, when Wayne’s waving turns to drowning.

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