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Flannery And The Soggy Bottom Boys

1 Mar

Climate Change Commissioner Tim Flannery – he of the $180,000 per annum taxpayer-funded salary for 3 days a week “work” – in 2007:

“Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems”

From AAP, Feb 29, 2012:

Record rain floods parts of NSW

EVACUATIONS are underway in one town and emergency crews are standing by in three others as large parts of New South Wales continue to be deluged with the heaviest rains in more than 80 years.

Evacuation warnings are current for Cooma in the Snowy Mountains, with up to 300 people at risk, and parts of the southern tablelands township of Goulburn, where the Wollondilly Creek is threatening to burst its banks.

Orders are also in place at Captains Flat south of Queanbeyan, while crews are keeping an eye on the swollen Murrumbidgee River at Cootamundra in the Riverina, an SES spokesman says.

Sydney’s Warragamba Dam is also on the verge of overflowing for the first time in more than a decade.

And from Their ABC (via Yahoo!7 News):

Big wet bears down on NSW

One of the biggest weather events in New South Wales for decades is starting to make its presence felt, with a massive rain system bearing down on southern and central parts of the state.

The region has already seen torrential downpours, evacuation alerts and warnings of flash flooding…

“We’ve got a very serious situation developing in New South Wales, about 75 per cent of the state is flood-affected or in flood watch,” SES spokesman Dieter Geske said.

It is long past time that Flannery was sacked, his Australian of The Year award rescinded, his earnings-to-date confiscated and returned to Consolidated Revenue … and his miserable, lying, gold digging, profit-of-doom soggy-bottomed arse kicked out of town.

Make that, out of the country.

Won’t happen, of course.

So this blogger will live in hope that the waterfront-dwelling Flannery – now lying low in shame, it seems – will suffer exactly the same ultimate fate as that other Man Of Constant Sorrow in O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Carbon-Bagger Flannery Makes 25.37% One Day Profit

14 Jul

$180,000 per year for a 3 days per week gig, preaching the coming of Warmageddon.

Thank you, Mr and Mrs “You-Never-Had-A-Choice” Taxpayer.

25.37% profit in one day on your Geodynamics “hot rocks” shares, following the announcement of the carbon “X”.

Thank you, Mr Brown and Ms Gillard –

Geodynamics Ltd (GDY) | Source: ASX

Let’s not forget, nice fat 16.67% profit on the Thursday, and 19.64% profit on the Friday leading up to Carbon Sunday, as those “Independents” whose decisions to support you already knew, went out and publicly sank the Blundstone into Australia’s jaw.

Thank you, hand picked “Multi-Party” Climate Change Committee –

Date Last % Change High Low Vol *
11 Jul 2011 0.420 25.37% 0.450 0.390 4,002,233
08 Jul 2011 0.335 19.64% 0.335 0.285 2,111,435
07 Jul 2011 0.280 16.67% 0.280 0.240 665,967
06 Jul 2011 0.240 -7.69% 0.265 0.235 556,563
05 Jul 2011 0.260 -8.77% 0.285 0.255 441,931


Nice “work” if you can get it.

Government-guaranteed, to make out like a bandit.

Just like the banksters, now that their fix is in. Government-guaranteed profits, to kingdom come.

A final thought.

What’s the bet that Climate Commissioner Flannery can not only be aptly dubbed with the title “Carbon-bagger Flannery”, but also with Front-runner Flannery too?

#JAFA Insanity – Queenslanders Turn Off Power, So Bills Go Up

1 Jun

A little foretaste of our eco-nutbag future:

Consumers hit with 6.6% power bill increase because we didn’t use enough over summer

Queensland households will be penalised with higher power prices for keeping their air-conditioners off over summer.

The state’s electricity price regulator, the Queensland Competition Authority, has announced a 6.6 per cent increase in power prices from July 1.

The increase will add $120 to the average bill of households already under pressure from an array of cost increases.

Almost 80 per cent of the increase was blamed on growing network costs, the price passed on to consumers for building and maintaining the power system to cope with increasing demand. However, lower than expected power consumption over the disaster-affected summer meant distributors did not recoup their investment costs.

Those costs have now been attached to electricity prices for 2011-12, meaning households will pay extra for not using enough power this financial year.

So, let’s try and follow the insane (il)logic of the green-preaching, millionaire hypocrite #JAFA‘s like Garnaut and Flannery.

If we’re all good little eco-pawns and use less power, our power bills will go up because we used less power!

Germany Dumps Nuclear For Coal

1 Jun

Here’s a fascinating mix of headlines for you:

Germany ‘Sliding Head Over Heels Into Eco-Dictatorship

Germany to be the first major industrialised power to shut down all its nuclear power plants


Despite Climate Concerns, Germany Plans Coal Power Plants


Say what?!

Here in Australia we have our own Greens party advocating (as quietly as possible) a total phasing out of all our coal-fired power generation, and all our coal exports.

At the very same time in Germany, by contrast, we have a move to phase out CO2 emissions-free nuclear power … and replace it with 20+ new coal-fired power stations.

Even though Germany’s Scientific Advisory Council on Global Environmental Change (WBGU) have said that both nuclear and coal must be phased out:

In April 2011, the WBGU presented a report entitled “World in Transition – Social Contract for a Great Transformation”. The main theses of the WBGU are as follows: The current economic model (“fossil industrial metabolism”) is normatively untenable…

The reorganization of the world economy has to happen quickly; nuclear energy and coal have to be given up at the same time and very soon.


Take heart, my friend.

What you see is merely typical of the individual and collective irrationality, illogic, and cognitive dissonance, that are all too frequently on open display by members of the “climate change” cargo cult.

Consider just one example.  Our local High Priest and false prophet/profit of climate change alarmism, Tim Flannery.

He is a known Gaia-worshipper, who has never been able to answer the simple question, “What’s So Gay About Gaia?”

The real danger, of course, is not global warming.

It is the same danger that mankind has always faced when confronted with highly motivated, rhetorically-skilled preachers of irrationality, illogic, and cognitive dissonance.

That danger is this.  History clearly shows us that these traits are typical of all wanna-be Totalitarians:

Germany’s green government advisors admit frankly that decarbonization can only be achieved by the limitation of democracy – both nationally and internationally…

To carry out this utopian new vision, democratic institutions, the freedom of lifestyles and the right to material well-being is to be sacrificed.

The Germans should know better than most what it really means for a nation or society to “sacrifice” itself to a utopian vision preached ever so loudly by irrational, illogical fanatics.

What’s So Gay About Gaia?

13 May

I’m just a simple country bloke. So I’ll admit to finding this whole Gaia thing a bit confusing.

It seems to me that all these folk who are so concerned about Gaia, are a bit confused too.

After all, what’s so gay about Gaia?

The confusion begins with the pronunciation. Some say “GAY-a”. Some say “GUY-a”. Now, this is Mother Earth we’re talking about, right?

By all reports, Gaia is not gay at all. In any sense of the word.

On the contrary, we’re told that Gaia is most definitely a “she”. And that she is not happy, either.

We are told that Gaia has been getting hot and bothered. All steamed up, in fact. And that’s the real problem, apparently. They claim she can’t release it. So they say she’s getting hotter. And crankier.

With us.

In this age when someone else is always to blame for everything, unsurprisingly, “man” is responsible.

The confusion of mixed messages keeps coming. We’re always hearing how all these Gaia-loving folk want to “save the planet”. It seems that not getting some is now a life-threatening condition. Who knew.

If these folk were serious about helping Gaia get her rocks off, then they’ve been going about it all wrong. Frankly, I wonder whether they might not be a little confused about how to get one off themselves.

Could it be that they are suffering from the very condition that they so loudly ascribe to Gaia? It would explain a lot.

Think about it.

If nothing else, it certainly appears that Gaia-savers don’t quite understand the basic laws of physical attraction.

Every creature does things to enhance its pulling power. So you’d think that these lovers of Mother Nature might heed a few examples from … ummm … nature. And perhaps try to help Gaia to follow the example of her most advanced carbon life-forms.

Now I know there’s been a lot of complaining about cutting down rainforests. But we shouldn’t be hypocritical, or selfish. Gaia might just up her chances if word got around the Milky Way that she has a well trimmed Brazilian.

Come at that, why not get her some plastic surgery? I hear it’s all the rage these days. Especially with our most advanced carbon species – the educated, caffeinated, inner city folk. Which does beg the question though, why are they against more plastic for Gaia?

Perhaps they feel that they are already doing their bit, by quietly investing in all those wonderful mining companies. After all, “mining” is just the polite term for “planetary liposuction” in educated circles.

I hear tell that in the original story, Gaia was a “broad-breasted” woman who gave birth to Uranus. Which makes all the more confusing her latter-day devotees’ strange lack of support for sand mining. After all, silica is the essential ingredient in silicone. And how often do we hear ladies complain that gravity is a bitch.

At 4.5 billion years of age, Mother Nature is no spring chicken. So for all the confusion about Gaia in this New Age, one thing is crystal clear.

We all must pull together if we’re going to transform her into a MILF.

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